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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 210 - Deep-fried katsu

「I'm going to take a bath!

 You come together too, Captain!!」


「Aya, every time when returning to Japan, you always take a bath first, huh.」

「Because it's a different world, I wasn't able to take a bath.」


 Aya and the others, the four people, went into the bathroom happily.


 Well fine, I will try to craft potions immediately.

 I want to craft Elixir and those dangerous potions quickly.




 When I continued to work quietly, I've felt the twin magic stones vibrating subtly.

 This vibration feels somewhat good.

 Does Lela feel my heart beating too?


 I continued to work whilst being enveloped in such comfort.




「Onii-chan, we're coming in~.」


 It seems like the 4 people have just gotten out of the bath.

 They were inside for quite a long time.


 The four people are wearing bathrobes and steam rises from their heads.

 Mai-san is wearing Hilda's spare bathrobe but it is slightly oversized.



 When Aya is drying everyone's hair with dryer magic,

 Hilda is staring at the magic curiously.


「Would you like to try too, Hilda-chan?」


 Hilda has been taught how the magic works by Aya but

 she won't be able to learn it easily, righ-......


 t, she did it!


 Hilda has displayed Aya's dryer magic so easily.

 So Hilda is a genius after all!


 I have to pat Hilda later!



「By the way, onii-chan,

 what are you staring at since a little while ago?」


「N!? Ah!  Y-, You're wrong.

 I'm not staring with ecchi feeling!



「I didn't even say the word ecchi or something like that.

 This is 'letting the cat out of the bag', right, onii-chan?」


 Aya and Mai-san stare at me coldly.

 Hilda doesn't understand the situation well,

 while Elena stares at me bashfully.


 T-, That's not it. It's a misunderstanding!

 Damn, Aya. I will remember this!!



「By the way, onii-chan. What do we have for dinner?」

「Oh, I forgot.」


「It's no good!」


 How is it decided that I'm the one who is going to cook?

 I don't agree!


「Oh, onii-chan, did you make potions?」

「Yes, onii-chan is busy with potion crafting.

 Since I'm too busy, let's order a meal delivery service or something.」



「Then, I will cook dinner.」

「A-, Aya!?」



「I will cook. Hilda will help too.

 Since Aya-san will get tired, please relax.」

「Y-, yeah.

 If you say so, Elena-chan. I will leave it to you.」


 Thanks to Elena stopping Aya, our lives has been saved.

 Elena is really an angel.



「Mai-san, what do you want to eat?」

「Me too?」


「Since it's a special occasion, please eat with us.

 Seiji-sama, is it fine?」

「Oh, since there is a lot of food, there's no problem at all.」

「Thanks, I will do so.

 Then, what I want to eat now is......

 Can you make『katsu-karē[1]』, Elena?」


「『katsu-karē』is it?

 I like『katsu-karē』too but......

 I've never cooked a『katsu』before.」


 Just the thought of『katsu-karē』makes my mouth water.



「Since it can't be helped, I will make the『katsu』,

 Elena and Hilda will be in charge of the curry.」




 I use the『Kagoshima high-class black pig's roast』from the inventory without regret and deep-fry a『katsu』.

 Actually, it should be fried after the curry is finished but I have the inventory.

 The pipping hot, deep-fried『katsu』has been put away into the inventory as it is and is only going to be taken out when we are going to eat.



 When I finished frying the『katsu』, Elena and Hilda have finished cutting the vegetables for the curry.


 I surrender the front of the stove to Elena and the others and went back to potion crafting.




 After a while, the curry's pleasant aroma started to waft from the kitchen.


「Seiji-sama, the curry is finished.

 『Ferment』it please.」


 And, Elena calls me.


「Umu, I understand.」


 I put the pot of curry roux away into the inventory.


「What are you going to do, onii-chan?」

「The curry is going to be delicious if it is fermented overnight, right?

 I can put it in『overnight fermentation state』with magic.」


「Even such a thing can be done? It's amazing, huh~.」


「Seiji-sama, the rice is also done cooking.」



 After operating the time inside the inventory,

 I steamed the rice for 30 minutes and heat the curry up again after letting it idle overnight, everything is done.



 I've placed the deep-fried『katsu』on top of the pipping hot rice,

 and pour Elena and Hilda's roux over there.


 Elena and Hilda have prepared salad and beverages.





 The five people attack the『katsu-karē』all at once.



「Aya, don't talk with your mouth full.」


「'cause it's delish! *gulp*

 Particularly, this『katsu』is too good!

 I love『katsu』!

 It's not an exaggeration to say that I love it!

 No, in fact, I almost want to hug the『katsu』!!」


「Oi Aya,

 even the『katsu』have the right to choose a partner.」


「It's not like that at all,

 because the『katsu』and I have mutual love!

 Right, katsu~.

 『Un, I love Aya very much too』




 Did the『katsu』talk just now!?」

「There's god-like something that dwells inside the『katsu』for sure, it must have talked.」



 When Aya is praising the『katsu』to the heavens―


「Seiji-sama's deep-fried『katsu』is very delicious.」

「Onii-chan is a genius of deep-fried『katsu』.」


 Hilda said that I'm a genius of deep-fried『katsu』.


「Iya, this is also the first time I've eaten such a delicious『katsu』.」




 Everyone is praising the『katsu[2]』.

 There's probably something devil-like that dwells inside the『katsu』and controls Aya and the others to say such a thing.


 I will also try not to go against the『katsu』in the future......

[1] Katsu-karē is a breaded deep-fried cutlet (usually pork or chicken) with curry sauce.

[2] Author’s pen name is ‘Katsu’.