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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 208 - Magic stone shop’s incident

「Your business is doing very good, huh.」


「Yes, it's thanks to Lela-sama.」



 What's going on?


「Thanks to Lela-sama who discovered the tower of sunrise's fourth flour, adventurers flock towards Ikebu town, striving to be the first.

 Since there are adventurers, the monsters around the town have been wiped out,

 furthermore, it has reached the point where a great deal of magic stones has been looted by clearing the tower of sunrise.

 Thanks to it, the goods increases, the customer increases and the business flourishes.」


「Then, are the other shops in the town flourishing as well?」

「Yes, the inn, the weapon shop, and the armor shop as well. The whole town is bustling.」


「I see, so that's why Lela was able to go to the Shinju town with a peace of mind, huh.」

「You're calling Lela-sama w-, without honorifics!?

 Is she by any chance your acquaintance?」


「Y-, You might say......」

「You're amazing, Seiji-san!」


 Well, it is I who found the tower of sunrise's fourth floor!

 I will never say it though!



「That reminds me, I have a lot of new magic stones in stock.」

「Hou hou, what kind of magic stone?」


「It's this!」


 Kiseri-san boastfully lined up three magic stones.



 When I tried to use【Appraisal】......


 They were【Magic stone of night shade】,【magic stone of return】and【magic stone of monster outbreak】......



 they are all just exactly the magic stones the devil-kin had!


「By any chance, these magic stones......

 did you sell them to a suspicious person?」

「Suspicious person?

 That reminds me, a person covered with a hood bought them last time in large quantities.」


 That's something unexpected......



「Ah, the customer my wife is attending right now is that person.」


 In the direction where Kiseri-san was pointing at, there was a suspicious customer who was deeply covered with a hood,

 he was trying to buy magic stones right now.



「That customer, wait a moment!」


 Since I suddenly yelled out,

 Kiseri-san's wife drew back the bag she was going to hand over.

 The suspicious customer tried to snatch the bag but caught empty air.


 When I cast【Appraisal】magic toward that customer―

 that customer jumped back and dodged the magic.





「You are a devil-kin, right!?」


 I purposely shouted in a loud voice which can be heard in the entire shop.


 That customer covered with a hood took out a poisoned knife and took a fighting stance.


 After the adventurers inside the shop saw it,

 some people took up arms and assumed a fighting stance,

 while some took a distance and watched the situation.



「I leave the salesclerk to you, Mai-san.

 Hilda, protect Kiseri-san.」





 They said that they live far away in the north.....」


 Kiseri-san trembled with fear at the sudden development.



『You're a devil-kin, right?』


 This time, I tried to speak to it with devil language.


『Hornless, you bastard!』


 Yep, it's confirmed.



 I promptly sneaked around the back of that person―




 and knocked him unconscious with【Electric shock】.


 And, when I took off the hood of that person―

 it was a female devil-kin with two grown horns.


 Indeed, the horns of the female devil-kin are smaller.

 Their mission is to break into the town, in order to not get exposed as a devil-kin, women with smaller horns are in charge.



「Seiji-san, what's the meaning of this?」

「Actually, the devil-kin is targeting the humans and demonkind towns.

 The demonkind town had already received the devil-kin's surprise attack.

 The devil-kin who attacked the demonkind town were using the magic stones that you showed me a little while ago, Kiseri-san.」


「In other words, I......

 does it mean that I've lent the devil-kin a hand!?」

「Probably, it seems so.」





 When I inspect the body of the female devil-kin......

 splendid huge boo...that's not it!

 She had a【magic stone of temporary language acquisition】.


「Onii-san, where did you touch her?」

「There's no helping it!」


「Well, I'll keep it a secret from Aya-kun.」

「T-, Thank you very much.」




 The female devil-kin have been taken by the town's soldiers.

 I could've performed a little bit more physical examination but......



「Seiji-san, what should I do......?

 Because I've sold the magic stones to the devil-kin......」

「It's not your fault, Kiseri-san.

 Because the devil-kin are to blame.

 If it caused you to become worried, please talk with Lela next time.」



 However, Lela-sama has gone to Shinju town.

 I have to run this shop......」

「I'll do something about that somehow.

 Do you have some【twin magic stones】I've got from you before?」


「【Twin magic stones】is it?

 If it's that, I have about 10 but......」

「Then, please give me two.」

「Y-, Yes.」


 I took out paper cups and sellotape from the inventory,

 I divided the【twin magic stones】up into two and attached each one of the pair at the bottom of the paper cups with sellotape.


 By the way, the other pair of【twin magic stones】is a gift to Lela.



「Kiseri-san, please press it against your ear.」

「Y-, Yes.」


 I speak on the string phone from a slightly remote position.


『Hello, Kiseri-san. Can you hear me?』

『Uwa, a voice!?

 I see! I need to press it against my mouth when speaking.』



「How is it?

 You can talk to Lela who is in Shinju town with this.」


「This is an amazing magic tool!

 Can I make and sell one the same as this?」


 Kiseri-san got a little excited.


「Kiseri-san, please calm down.

 What will happen if the devil-kin got their hands on this magic tool?」

「T-, That's right. I'm sorry.」


「Please mind your surroundings as well when you talk with Lela.

 That's right~.

 There's no problem even if you sell it to Lela and Lyle Gewalt.」


「Lyle Gewalt!

 Lela-sama's otou-sama......

 I see, the relationship of Seiji-san and Lela-sama is already like that......」



 What are you talking about, Kiseri-san?


「Anyway, since I will bring this to Lela,

 the rest, I'm counting on you, 'kay?」

「Okay, I understand.」