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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 207 - The little girl and the town tour

 We who got the recipe of dangerous potion,

 temporarily made a u-turn and went back to where Lela is.



「I have a favor to ask, Lela.」

「Eh!? W-, What is it?

 Standing on ceremony all of a sudden.」


「I want your holy water!」

「My h-, holy water!?」


「Yes, because I'm going to look for twin magic stone,

 please make as many as possible by then.」



 Getting my hands on the dangerous recipe, I'm in MAX spirits and Lela is losing ground with my momentum.



「Since Aya and Elena are also going to help Lela,

 I'm going to scrape the other ingredients together in the meantime.」

「I understand, onii-chan!」

「Y-, Yes.」


 The workflow is Aya creates the【distilled water】with MAX motivation,

 Elena makes the【magic water】seriously,

 and Lela makes the【Holy water】.



 Leaving the three people of the holy water making unit behind,

 Mai-san, Hilda and I, the three of us,

 have gone to visit each town to scrape the potion ingredients together.


 I will also let Mai-san and Hilda to visit the mana crystal of each place while we're at it.


 Oh, while we're also at it, I'm also going to deliver Lyle Gewalt's letters properly.




 We went to Nippo town first.

 I directly met Rondo and handed him the letter of Lyle Gewalt.


「I see, the devil-kin is targeting the humans' town, huh......

 I'm going to tighten the security.」

「I think that you also understand even if I don't say this but,

 will you strengthen the defense of Rachel-san's pioneer village as well?」


「Oh, I understand.

 I will dispatch some soldiers and

 put up a pioneer village's guards request at the adventurers guild.」


 Umu, after doing this much, the Nippo town doesn't seem to have any problems.



「By the way......

 Is Aya-san...not with you?」

「Since it's just delivering message, Aya has nothing to do with it.」

「Well, that's...right but...」

「This is only what I came here for, since I also have to visit the other towns, I'll excuse myself. 」


 I left the hesitant Rondo and headed to the next place.

 I have to visit a lot of places today.




 We have gone to the【Body reinforcement temple】next.

 They shouldn't be able to visit the mana crystal here if they haven't won the championship in the fighting competition but......

 if they are children, aren't they going to be specially allowed to visit?



 My conjecture was dead on,

 Mai-san and Hilda were able to visit with 10 Aurum per person.


「Am I going to pretend as a child again?」

「Please don't say such a thing, Mai-san.

 Because if you're an adult, you can't make a visit if you haven't won the championship at the fighting competition.」


「Fighting competition!!?」


 Uwa, Mai-san gripped me with a terrible force!


「Next time, I will let you do it next time.

 Because I'm busy today.」

「Umu! For sure, okay!!」


 Mai-san suddenly became hyper and Hilda who watched it warmly.

 The two people finally managed to make a visit and when I used【Appraisal】to Mai-san who dislike it and Hilda who is unconcerned about it―


 Hilda was able to acquire level 1【body reinforcement magic】,

 while Mai-san, although her magic's level didn't change,

 managed to acquire the【Movement speed reinforcement】and【Endurance reinforcement】that she hadn't acquire.




 The next is Suga town.


 I went to the Feudal lord's mansion to deliver Lyle Gewalt's letter but......

 since I'm not acquainted with this town's feudal lord, it was handed over to the gatekeeper and had him deliver it.




 Next is the【Water temple】.


 The admission fee of【Mana crystal of water】was also 10 Aurum with the children's rate.


 Mai-san seemed to have given up as well and made a visit, pretending to be a child.



 When they finished visiting the【Water mana crystal】and【Ice mana crystal】and I used【appraisal】......


 Mai-san's were both level 1.

 While Hilda's were both level 3.


「It seems both of you successfully acquired them but......

 Hilda's are both level 3.

 Perhaps she has aptitude for magic.」


 When I said so and patted Hilda's head―


「It's thanks to Elena-onee-chan who taught me.」


 Hilda seemed very happy and bloomed with a smile.




 Since we had come to【Water temple】,

 we dropped by at the item accessory shop.


「Onii-san, are you going to buy even accessories?」

「Yes, if there's something slightly good.」


 I found the thing I was looking for immediately.


「Excuse me, this necklace, how many do you have?」

「We have four of that.」

「Then, please give me those four.」

「Thank you for your continued patronage~」


 I received the four necklaces and paid 12, 000 Aurum.



「It's an extremely expensive necklace, what are you going to do with that?」

「This is called【Sacrificial necklace】,

 it's a necklace which becomes the sacrifice when you receive a mortal wound.

 And, the two are for Ma-san and Hilda......」


 While saying so, I put the necklaces on the two people.


「Onii-san, is it fine even though it's something expensive?」

「Yes, of course.」


「Sorry for having you get this to me~.

 What are you going to do with the remaining two?」


「I'll give them to Yurie-san and Ringo.」




 Next stop is the『Craftsmen guild』of Suga town.


 We've bought 10【Mandrake root】and 50【Cinnabar】there.

 The【Cinnabar】is the ingredient of the Philosopher's stone.


 Actually, I'd also like to buy medicinal herbs and the like but......

 we weren't able to buy because of the item shortage.


 Well, it's fine since I'll get it myself.




 With that said, I went to the forest near Suga town.

 I really kept on using【teleporation】today......



「Onii-san, what do you want to do bringing a little girl to the forest?」

「Huh? Mai-san is a little girl, huh?」

「I'm not a little girl!」


 Joking aside.


「I've come here to pick up medicinal herbs.」


 This is where I picked up medicinal herbs before.


 I slowly took out the【Magic stone of earth】and poured magic power.


*Nyoki nyoki*


 Seemingly sounds of growing plants can be heard, the plants in the surroundings began to grow simultaneously.


 Hilda and I, the two of us managed to harvest 300【Medicinal herbs】stems, 100 blades of【Ice grass】, and 100 blades of【Purple grass】.



 During that time, Mai-san was......


 playing with the monster bear which attacked on the way here.


「Mai-san, we finished gathering them together~.」

「Oops, it seems I unconsciously have fun playing around.」


 When Mai-san let out a forefist middle thrust toward the bear's forehead―

 the bear let out a cry in its last moment and died.


「Were you able to use the magic you have acquired?」

「Yes, although the water and ice aren't that big of a deal,

 the body reinforcement magic is good!

 My body moves with great speed.」


「Learn water and ice from Elena next time.」

「Un, I will try to do so.」




 Finally, we went to Ikebu town.


 Since I'm also not acquainted with the feudal lord here, I had the gatekeeper to deliver Lyle Gewalt's letter.




 And, this time's last destination,

 is the magic stone seller, Kiseri-san.


 When we went inside the shop, it was crowded with people.


 What's this?

 It wasn't like this when I came before.



「If it isn't Seiji-san, welcome.」

「Your business is doing very good, huh.」


「Yes, it's thanks to Lela-sama.」



 What's going on?