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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 204 - Bond with Lela

Elena's torture was over,

 since it was already late at night, we were allowed to stay in the drawing room of the Demon Lord's castle for the night.


 Then, the next day.



 I came to say hello to Bunmi-san.


「We'll return to the humans' town but―

 Is the devil-kin countermeasure going well?」


「We've received various help from you guys.

 Well, we can't also just rely on you guys.

 We are going to handle the rest somehow.」


 I shook hands with Bunmi-san.


「That reminds me, I didn't pay the remuneration.」

「Well, it's particularly fine.」


「Don't say that.

 However, it's regrettable since we can't decide selfishly in the situation where the Demon Lord-sama isn't here……

 so please show up when you stopped by again some other time since the remuneration is going to be prepared in discussion with the Demon Lord-sama.」


「Yeah, I understand.」


 Bunmi-san is also an honest person, huh.


 Hilda also loathed to part with Cassandra-san.


 In this way, we left the demon town and used【teleporation】toward Shinju town.




「Why did we come to the Shinju town, Onii-chan?」

「For the time being, I'm going to inform Lela about the matter of the devil-kin.」



 Lela isn't in Ikebu town?」

「She seems to be in Shinju town for some reason.

 Well, we'll understand once we meet and ask her.」



 When I checked Lela's whereabouts on the map, it was in Azos' mansion.


 The gatekeeper seemed to recognize our faces, he let us through with face pass and we went directly to Lela's room.



「We've come, Lela.」

「S-, Seiji!」


 Lela rushed toward me with open arms.



 Are you by any chance coming for a hug, Lela?


 As soon as I thought that, she had approached just in front of me and suddenly realized,

 abruptly slamming her brakes,

 she put her hands down dejectedly―


 Whilst looking downward in embarrassment,

 she shook my hands again.


 Umu, this series of movements......

 I don't know what it means.

 What did you want to do?



「Since you suddenly come, I may have been confused.」

「N?  Is that so, I'm sorry.」


 Umu, why do I have to apologize?



「By the way―

 it seems there is one more little child but

 what's going on?」


「Oh, this is Mai-san......

 she's a royalty of a certain country.」



 Well, since she's the grandchild of the previous Demon Lord

 it's not a lie.



「Please forgive me.

 My name is Lela・Lyle Gewalt.

 It's a pleasure to meet you.」


 Lela knelt down toward Mai-san and introduced herself.


 However, Lela is......

 weak toward『royalty』as usual.



「I'm Kawai Mai.

 Lela-kun, please treat me well.」


 Mai-san's way of talking,

 the royalties will find it strange since it has been said like that.



「So, what kind of business does Mai-sama have with me?」

「Ah, that's not it, that's not it. It's me who have business with you.」

「N?  Is that so?」





 I informed Lela about the disturbance in the demonkind town and the schemes of the devil-kin.



「What did you say!? Devil-kin!?」


「Do you know the devil-kin, Lela?」

「I've never seen one in person but......

 I've heard that they live in the north and uses dubious magic which confuses the hearts of the people.」


 Dubious magic, huh~.

 It's certain that they use a lot of dubious magic stones

 such as【Magic stone of night shade】,【magic stone of monster outbreak】,【magic stone of return】and so forth.

 Is there a guy who uses magic and not magic stone?



「For the time being, it's better to reinforce the security of the town.」

「That's right, thank you for the important information.」


 With that said, it's unknown which town they plan to attack specifically.

 It seems to be necessary to inform the other towns as well.



「I have a favor to ask, Seiji......」

「W-, What is it?」


「Can you inform otou-sama about this too?」


「Where's Lyle Gewalt?」

「Otou-sama have returned to the『Royal Capital』.

 So it will take a week if I rely on a common message.

 There's a possibility that the Royal Capital is being attacked during that time.」


「Huh? He went back to the Royal Capital?

 Wasn't Lyle Gewalt governing this town?」



 I took over......」



「Took over?

 In other words......

 Lela is now called the『family head』in Shinju town?」

「That's right.」


「That seem to be difficult too.

 Huh? Then, what happened to Ikebu town?」


「Since the tower of sunrise's fourth floor was discovered,

 a lot of adventurers have also been gathered in the Ikebu town,

 it didn't have any problem in terms of defense.

 So I entrust the maintenance of peace and order to the new family head.」


「I see,

 then, who became the new family head of Ikebu town?」

「The younger brother of the previous family head took over as the new family head.」


 Well, the younger brother of the guy who used【appraisal】on the Demon Lord and created an uproar......

 what kind of guy will he be?

 Is he a fox-faced like his older brother?



「So, about the message to otou-sama......

 can I leave it to you?」


「Umm, it's troublesome~.」



 Ask without saying such a thing.

 I-, I'll do anything you want......」

「N?  Did you just said anything just now?」



 When Lela and I stared at each other for a while......


「Onii-chan! And Lela too!

 You two are giving off a love love atmosphere!」


「Aya, don't say something stupid!

 There's no such thing!

 If you have seen it, how does the love love look like!?」


 When I turned toward Elena for help―

 Elena was also looking at me with reproachful eyes......




「I understand, I'll pass the message.」

「Really!? Thank you.」



「But, Lela.

 You have properly become separated from Lyle Gewalt,

 don't you feel lonely?」


「S-, Such a thing......」


 It seems like it hit the mark,

 Lela looked downward.




 I've handed you a magic tool before that you can use to talk to someone even if he is far away―

 do you have it even now?」

「Oh, I have it!」


 When I said so, Lela held a luxurious treasure chest protectively and brought it.

 And, when the treasure chest had been opened......

 there was the twin-magic-stone-style string phone I've made before,

 It was carefully kept like a legendary treasure.


 It's not such an exaggerated thing in particular~.



「If you have it then it's fine.

 Well then, since I'm going to hand the one I have to Lyle Gewalt,

 so you, father and daughter can contact each other.」


 B-, But, this is......

 the proof of yours and my bond……」


 Bond! It's exaggerated, huh~.


「Even though you've said such a thing, you have never used it once until now, right?」

「T-, That's......

 B-, But......

 there may be a time when I need to contact you......」


「Then, I will bring the twin magic stone I will get next time,

 is that okay with you?」

「Twin magic stone...... That, lover's......

 Understood! That's fine!

 No, that's good!」


 I don't get it well but it was good that Lela understood.



 When I managed to go through that situation peacefully and praised myself for my negotiation ability,

 some kind of a cold gaze came from behind......



 When I turned around, Aya and Elena were glaring at me with reproachful eyes.



 Why are the both of you glaring at me??