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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 203 - Elena’s torture

「Then, I will torture that person!」

「E-, Elena!?」



 Elena raised her hand cheerfully......

 I shook off my delusion―


「Can you torture her, Elena?」

「Yes, Aya-san also said that it was amazing.」



「Un, Elena's torture is of『that』level.」



 Well, if Aya says so, let's leave it to her.


 It's better than a man doing the torture after all, right? That means......

 Elena will torture the female devil-kin spy.




『Which means, it's now or never if you want to spill out the scheme.

 If you don't want to talk no matter what, you will be subjected to a torture.』

『Humph, I'm not going to talk even if you torture me.』


 Un, that's right.

 I suspected as much......it can't be helped, huh.



「It seems she won't talk no matter what.

 Elena-sensei, please.」

「Yes! Please leave it to me.」


 Elena replies energetically and steps forward in front of the female spy.


『Haha, when is such an ojou-chan can torture?

 Are you trying to make me laugh to death? Hahah.』



 Afterward, the female spy who was laughing to death......



『Stop it!! Giyahahaha!!!

 A-, Agonizing...... Giyahahahaha!!!!』


 Although Elena is touching the female spy,

 she's not tickling her in particular.


 The reason why the female spy is laughing―


 seems to be because the recovery magic is being cast on her.



 Why does it tickle with recovery magic?

 There seems to be a problem with how the recovery magic is cast.


 It just feels itchy when healing normal wounds but......

 when recovery magic is excessively cast on healthy part,

 it becomes intensely ticklish like this.



『Haa haa, please stop it already......』

『Are you going to talk now?』




「Elena, go!」







 The screams and laughs of the woman resounded in the prison.



 After a while, the woman was completely exhausted from laughing.


『How is it? Are you ready to talk?』

『If I talk...I'll be killed......』


『So, the fact that you had a poisoned knife means that you probably intended to kill the demonkind, right?

 Although you were trying to kill the demonkind and me, you want yourself to live?』

『Humph, no matter how many single horned or hornless die means nothing to me!』


「Elena, again.」

「Y-, yes.」


 As expected, Elena seems to be embarrassed too.

 It's understandable.



 The woman blacked out many times from laughing too much.

 I splashed water on her each time and continued the torture.


 Then, the torture was repeated for quite some time......

 the woman wasn't going to talk at all.



「Seiji-sama, as expected, any more that this......」

「I give up, to be stubborn up to here......

 What will you do, Bunmi-san?」


「If there's no way to make her talk―

 let's kill the woman.」





「It seems to have happened before when we caught several devil-kin,

 even if we give them something, they will not eat then die.

 We can't let them go either so it's quicker to kill them.」





「P-, Please wait.

 Please let me continue to torture her a little bit more.」


 Hearing that the woman will be killed, Elena started to get flustered.

 Well, it will be hard to wake her up with this......


「But what will you do, Elena?

 There are no sign of her confessing at all even if you tickled her.」

「I will use my trump card......」


 Trump card?


 It seems even Elena herself doesn't want to do it too much either.

 Just what kind of torture will it be?



「I'm sorry but Bunmi-san and Hilda, please go outside.」

「N?  Why?」


「Because it's something that can't be shown to a man and a minor......」


 Urged by Cassandra-san, Bunmi-san went outside and several female soldiers went in instead.

 Although Hilda didn't understand the circumstances well, she followed Elena's instructions.



「Don't I have to go out as well?」

「Actually, I don't want to show it to Seiji-sama either but

 it will not go well if there's no interpreter......」

「I-, I see.」


 In order to prevent the female spy from being killed,

 Elena began her final torture as a last resort.







 Completely different from a little while ago, a terrible scream resounded......


 The woman let out drool, tears, and various different liquids. Her eyes turned upward and her body twitched many times.



 It's a terrible torture......

 If only I'm the one doing it……


 Uh-oh, bad, I must stay in my position......


 I kept watching the state of the terrible torture without looking away.



 The torture continued for a while―

 the woman had her body twitched intensely and she became completely exhausted afterward.

 I decided to ask her again.


『How is it? Are you ready to talk?』

『......I-, I will...talk......

 I will talk...pwease, forgwive me......』


 Finally, the woman gives in......


 Elena who did it had her face bright red too.

 Aya, Mai-san, Cassandra-san and the female soldiers' faces became bright red too.




 After waiting for the woman to calm down, I finally started to question her.



 After kidnapping a child,

 they will lure out the parents with the child as the bait and capture them to become slaves.


 assassination of dignitaries―

 add poison to food and water―


 A number of extremely cowardly strategies were confirmed.



 Furthermore, although the strategy is similar,

 I've found out that they are also scheming even towards the humans' town.


 It seems to be necessary to do something about this.




 The female spy who spilled out the scheme......


 was completely resigned herself and behaved inside the prison.

 She was also obediently eating when given a food.


 Is it the aftereffects of Elena's torture?