Rebirth Online World

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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 200 - Demon town defensive battle

When the sun set, Mai-san's special training was over and we went back to the town―

 the situation of the town was strange.


 The soldiers busily moved about.



「Excuse me, did something happen?」


 I tried to ask a town's soldier.


「A horde of monsters seems to be approaching the town.

 That's why, all humans, please take refuge.」

「Y-, Yes.」


 This soldier-san seems to have mistaken us for the people of『Special trade envoy』.



 Let's go to Bunmi-san's place.




「Bunmi-san, what's the situation?」

「Oh, Seiji-dono, actually......」


 According to Bunmi-san―

 it seems a large number of monsters have started to gush out from the【Mita forest】and it seems the soldiers will be driving them out in response.



「What do you want to do? Are we also going to help?」


 After asking the party members―

 it has been decided unanimously that we're going to help.



「We're also going to help, what should be done?」

「Oh, that's reassuring.

 Since I'm also going to the front line now, come with me.」



「Are you ready yet, Cassandra?」



 When Bunmi-san called out, Cassandra-san appeared from the inside.


「Oh, Seiji & co. are going to be participating as well?」

「Yes, we're going to fight together again.

 I look forward to working with you.」





 When we arrived at the front line, the battle had already begun.


「Uwa, it's full of rats!」


 It was a large pack of『great rats』attacking the demon town.


 However, the number is huge!

 The『great rats』starts to pour out from the forest, looking exactly like a carpet.


 The demonkind soldiers have already started fighting the『great rats』in order to send them away but―

 there are too many that they are starting to be pushed back a little.



 Then, Elena's『Hail』attack burst forth, raining down hail on the great rat carpet!


 The soldiers looked back to see what it is―


「「It's the reinforcement!」」「Great! With this, we'll win.」


 and unanimously shout in delight.


 It seems they have been considerably pressured.



 Aya and Mai-san charged toward the front line in order to compete―

 and Bunmi-san began to take the command of the troops.



 Leaving behind Hilda and Cassandra-san.


「Since it's dangerous, please move back Hilda.」

「No, Cassandra-sama. I will also fight.」


「Stop with the『sama』. Aren't you not a slave anymore?」


 Then, Cassandra-san!」


「Umu. But, how are you going to fight, Hilda?」


 Hilda showed the rod which I've made with the【magic stone of oil】to Cassandra-san proudly.


「This is?」

「This is a rod which onii-cha...Seiji-sama made.

 Please watch.」


 Hilda began to channel magic power to the rod.

 And then......




 Hilda's rod began to burn brightly.


 And then, when she channeled more magic power―

 a bird-shaped flame flew out of the flame of the rod.


 And, it flew over the soldiers' head―

 then swooped down on a『great rat』from above.


 The attacked『great rat』burst into flames, burning it black.



「Amazing, Hilda!」


 Cassandra-san is also happy with Hilda's rapid growth.


「I'm not going to lose either.」


 Cassandra-san's tail suddenly stood erect and―

 she generated a tornado with her forte's【wind magic】, scattering the『great rats』.



「I'll leave this place to you ,Hilda. I'm also going to the front line.」

「Yes, be careful!」



 While entrusting them the rear guard and to not be outdone by Aya and Mai-san―

 I went to the front line.




 With magic attacks of Elena, Cassandra-san and Hilda coming from the back―

 a lot of spaces had been created for the front line.


 Although the『great rats』were large in numbers, they were weak individually―

 I killed them continuously with the【sword of trial】.



 After fighting for a while―

 the【sword of trial】began to shine.


 When I'm thinking what it is―

 apparently, the trial seems to be over.



 When I check the surrounding situation, it seems that we have been able to push forward considerably and a space has been created on the whole.




 When I went to where Aya is―


「Ah, Onii-chan. Here's already fine.

 Or rather, the enemy was too weak, it was boring.」

「Well, it's a great rat.」




 When I went to where Mai-san is―


「Mai-san, how is it?」

「Ah, onii-san. It was just right.」

「Something wrong?」


「I've noticed it when I was fighting together with soldiers but―

 they seem to be somehow moving whilst controlling the ground with magic, don't they?

 What is that?」

「Ah, that's to help them stand firm when stepping forward with【Earth magic】.」


「I see...... can I also do it?」

「Since it's necessary to acquire【earth magic】, it may not be possible immediately.」


「Umu, its inner workings is quite profound, huh.」


 Let's take everyone to go and visit the mana crystal next time.

 It seems Hilda's study also advanced considerably as well, it will be already alright soon.




 When I came back to where Elena, Hilda, and Cassandra-san are―


 Elena was treating the injured.


「Are you alright, Elena?」

「Yes, there aren't that much injured people either so it's alright.」


 Well, I can have a peace of mind leaving the injured people to Elena.



 Hilda and Cassandra-san made a【Flame tornado】with the composite magic of fire and wind, burying a large amount of『great rats』.




 The two were pleased with the success of their combined magic and did a high-five.

 The【Flame tornado】brightly illuminated the area of the battlefield which considerably became dark.



 The soldiers had begun to light up『Bonfires』here and there in preparation for the night battle.




 Finally, I went to where Bunmi-san is.


「Bunmi-san, what's the war situation?」

「Oh, Seiji-dono.

 This happened during the absence of the Demon Lord-sama, I thought it will only be temporary but―

 thanks to everyone, it seems to be alright. Thanks.」


 I see but I wonder why the demon lord is absent.


 After a break comes out of the war situation, an expression of relief can be seen on Bunmi-san.



 At that moment―

 I noticed that there is a strange reaction on the map.


 What is it?


 Exactly on the opposite side of the town from the place where we were fighting, there was only one red dot―

 that dot was about to enter the town.



「What's happening on the other side of the town, Bunmi-san?」

「N?  The other side?

 There seems to be no report coming from the guard there.」


 I have a bad feeling for some reason......



「I'll have a look at the other side of the town for a bit.」

「Umu, since there's no problem here, it seems to be fine.」



 I rushed toward the opposite side of the town.