Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 199 - Doing it myself

 After Mai-san finished keeping the 50 people company with her small body―

 we came outside of the town.



「This is the final confirmation but......

 I will let Mai-san to join in on our adventure.

 If there's anyone who has objection, raise your hands.」


「Then, it has been approved!」

「I look forward to working with you, Mai-san.」

「Mai-san, best regards.」


「Please, treat me well!」


 Without objection―

 Mai-san formally became our companion.



「Since you've become our companion......

 let's defeat a monster right away.」

「Monster!? There are monsters?」


 Mai-san strength is much more monster-like.


「Well, it's fine since it's not so strong.」

「O-, Ou.」



 I led everyone to the location where there's a reaction of a goblin nearby.


「That's a monster!?」

「Yes, a goblin.」


 A goblin acting alone was there.



「We're going to kill that?」

「Yeah, since it's known as『G』-like being/existence in Japan, you can kill it without hesitation.」





 As if starting a karate match, Mai-san―

 went closer to the goblin.




 Noticing Mai-san, the goblin―

 attacks peremptorily.


「Uwa, it suddenly attacked.」

「That's right, since it's a monster.」


「Besides, this...... stinks!」

「It's such a fellow, alright.」


 The smell of the goblins is tough on the people who isn't used to it.



 Mai-san and I were having conversation whilst avoiding the goblin's attacks with *hira hira*.


 When we dodged for a while―

 the goblin has been out of breath, its movement had become slow.


「Umu, it's really weak, huh.」


 The goblin has been killed by a single punch of Mai-san.




 Since a goblin isn't suitable to become her opponent―

 this time, I led her to the place where there's a reaction of a wild boar monster which seemed to be a little stronger.




 The wild boar monster suddenly approached charging but―

 Mai-san and I dodged it without difficulty.


「This is also a monster?」

「Yes, that's right.」


「Umu, unlike animals which can be seen at the zoo, they have『magic power』like the goblin of a little while ago.

 such is a monster, huh......」


 Eh, monsters have magic power unlike animals, huh......

 I didn't know.


 The wild boar has also been killed with a single blow of Mai-san.



 Umu, it's useless unless it's a stronger fellow, huh.




 We went to the place where there are three orcs.




 As soon as they saw Mai-san, the orcs' eyes turned bloodshot and attacked.

 Did they by any chance have a liking to a loli?



「It smells like a squid!!」


 Whilst holding her nose, Mai-san―

 dodged the bloodshot orcs' attacks.


 The orcs flew into a rage and incessantly attacked Mai-san......

 one of them had received a counter kick in the face ―

 immediately tumbling down with *hena hena* whilst drool sprayed out of its mouth.


「It's already finished, huh. It's pathetic.」


 Before I knew it, the remaining two were lying down on the ground while twitching with *bikun bikun*.


 It seemed their vital spots have been attacked by Mai-san's quick movements and died.



 At the place wrapped in squid smell, only Mai-san stood imposingly......



「Umu, this level isn't suitable to become Mai-san's opponent, huh......

 There isn't anymore stronger monster around here~.」



 When I check the reaction of monsters on the map in various ways―

 I've found a reaction that seemed to be interesting.




 This time, we went to the place where there’s a huge number of monster bees.

 It's the previous monster that has appeared in『flower garden』of『tower of sunrise』.


「There's quite a number this time, huh.」

「If there's only a few of this, it will not be a training for Mai-san, right?」

「You're right.」


 Mai-san plunged into the swarm of bees without hesitation.





 Mai-san made a rotating motion skillfully as to not let the bees take her back―

 she killed them one by one whilst adopting a counter towards the bees which were preparing to attack.


「Keep at it, captain.」


 Aya optimistically cheered.




「What is it, Aya?」


 When I look over due to Aya raising a voice, the bees were coming towards here.


「It can't be helped, huh~.」


 I slew the bees that were coming towards here with the sword of trial.



 Although Mai-san is good at close combat―

 she doesn't have any means of attack towards the enemies that run away. Well, it can't be helped.



 The battle of Mai-san and the bee army corps continued for a while but......

 the number of the bees didn't reduce at all.


 That's because the bees' reinforcement also come one after another.



 She kept fighting for several hours when finally, the bees were wiped out......

 Mai-san seemed to be worn out considerably.


 Around Mai-san, the defeated bees laid down in large quantity like a carpet.

 Hilda started the dismantling diligently.



「Thank you for the good work, Mai-san. Are you alright?」

「It was hard as expected.」


「I'll heal you.」

「Thank you.」


 Elena began to cast recovery magic toward the tired Mai-san.



「This is!? Such a......

 ticklish feeling......」



 Meanwhile, I'll help Hilda.


 It's impossible for me to dismantle but―

 I put them away into the inventory for now.



 When I almost finished cleaning up and looked at Mai-san who was having recovery magic cast on her―

 Mai-san started to wriggle for some reason.


「Elena-kun, wait a moment!」

「What happened, Mai-san?」


 I wonder what happened?

 Mai-san is panting and her face has gone bright red.


「I'll do it myself later.」


 Doing it yourself? You're going to do what?



 Mai-san closed her eyes and started meditating……

 she seemed to be using some kind of magic.



「Fuu, it's something wonderful when I tried to do it.」


「What did you do just now, Mai-san?」


「It's a magic that restores physical strength.」

「N!? When did you acquire such magic?」


「Just now!」



 When I used【appraisal】after asking her permission......



 Mai-san leveled up to 20―

 and also acquired【strength recovery rate reinforcement】magic.




│Name: Kawai Mai

│Race: Quarter demonkind

│Occupation: Karate practitioner

│Level: 20

│HP: 3, 065

│MP: 1, 771

│Power: 267 Endurance: 262

│Ability: 216 Magic power: 177


│ Fire 3

│ Body reinforcement 3

│  ├ Strength recovery rate reinforcement

│  └ Power reinforcement

│ Magic power perception 3

│ Body techniques 5, Staff techniques 5

│ Sword art 3, Short blades techniques 4