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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 198 - 50 executions

We went to Bunmi-san's place.


 We informed him that we were able to meet the previous Demon Lord―

 and we have several questions to ask of him.



「I see, you were acknowledged by the previous Demon Lord-sama, huh―

 that was amazing!」


 In spite that it's Mai who is being praised―

 Aya has a triumphant look for some reason.



「Because of that, the previous Demon Lord said that she will become stronger if she acquired the【body reinforcement magic】......」


 She can't use【Body reinforcement magic】?」



「Can every demonkind use the【body reinforcement magic】?」



 The ones who join the Demon Lord's army are supposed to acquire【body reinforcement magic】after the the basic physical training.

 The ones who can't learn it are inept; they are nonexistent.」



 You can use that magic even without visiting the mana crystal?」


「Unlike humans, demonkind are born with innate magic power.

 Thus, we can acquire magic without visiting the mana crystal.

 Well, the acquisition seems to be faster when one visits a temple but......

 since there's almost no demonkind who have gone to the humans' town―

 I can't say for sure.」


「Even the mixed-blood of human and demonkind are like so?」

「Oh, that's right.」


 It's like that after all......

 It's the reason why Mai-san can suddenly use the【exploding fist】, huh.



「But I can't say for sure since there isn't that much mixed-blood with humans.」


 Well, it seems to be so since they haven't had that much interaction with the humans.




 It's hard for me to say since the person herself is in front but......

 it's because a mixed-blood child with humans dies prematurely.」





「There were only several people in the olden days,

 they all died successively at the youth of around 120 years old.」


 120 years old......

 it seems to be a short life from the perspective of  the demonkind......


 They can probably live up to 200 years old when combined with Japan's medicine.



「Can I also ask a question?」

「Yeah, what is it?」


「Am I going to grow a horn as well?」


 I didn't realize this.

 It's a matter of life and death for Mai-san and her okaa-san.



「The horn of demonkind―

 will grow at around 30 years old if it's a man and at around 40 years old if it's a woman.

 A mixed-blood with human, unfortunately......

 there isn't anyone who grow a horn.」

「Is that so!?」


 Bunmi-san said it regretfully―

 while Mai-san seemed to be relieved.


 It will become a serious matter if Mai-san grows a horn......

 in particular with Yurie around!



「While we're at it, can I ask another question?」

「Sure, ask me anything.」


 Without asking a question, I―

 casually concentrated magic power in my hand.



 with a *fu*, Bunmi-san also noticed my hand.



「As I've thought......

 you can sense magic power, Bunmi-san?」


「N?  You didn't know?

 Every demonkind can sense magic power innately.

 A mixed-blood with human should also sense it as well.」



「It's like that after all.

 Can Mai-san sense it as well?」

「Yeah, I can sense it......

 that's right, okaa-san and I called it『ki』......

 so what I've been sensing was『magic power』, huh.」


 That's why【Appraisal】against the demonkind can't be done carelessly.



「Well, Mai-dono.

 would you like to fight against my troops for a moment?」

「N?  Is it fine!?」


 Why are you fighting against soldiers?


 Then, Mai-san.

 Isn't「Is it fine?」also a strange thing to say?


 I don't understand the sense of the demonkind well.




「This lady is Mai-dono.

 She's the grandchild of the previous Demon Lord-sama!」



 About 50 demonkind soldiers lined up in front of Bunmi-san. Mai-san has been introduced, creating a stir.



「Today is special because we're going to have a bout.」



 A louder commotion than a little while ago breaks out.

 After all, these people are combat race~.



 Being called out by Bunmi-san, a young soldier took a step forward.

 He looked about 12 - 13 years old, the same age as Hilda.

 Even though I said that, it only seems so in human's standard but―

 in truth, he's probably be around 50 years old.


 When I stand along with Mai-san, it feels exactly like『younger sister and older brother』.



 Mai-san and the young soldier bowed to each other and took a stance.




 Along with Bunmi-san's command, the young soldier attacks Mai-san.


 However, the young soldier's attack didn't hit at all―

 the young soldier collapsed at Mai-san's blow.


「L-, Lost.」




 A strength which doesn't match her small body, the soldiers are so excited.



 After that......


 With her small body, Mai-san......

 keep the excited men occupied alternately―


 finally, she has achieved 50 executions (no one has been chopped off though).



 Other than the first person, everyone is a user of【body reinforcement magic】but......

 they have been overwhelmed by speed and techniques.


 With this, on the day when she also acquired【magic】properly―

 I wonder what on earth will happen......