Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 195 - Yurie hasn’t come

On Saturday that week, Mai-san came over early in the morning.

 I'll bring Mai-san to the other world today.




「Please take care of me today.」


 After showing Mai-san in―

 I looked around restlessly outside the front door.

 I confirmed that there was nobody other than Mai-san and heaved a sigh of relief.


「Is something wrong, Onii-san?」


「No, I was wondering whether Yurie-san hasn't come......」


「No way, right~. Even though I told her it's a secret, I didn't tell her what it is.」


 Iya, I had a dream......」


「Dream? What kind?」


「A dream where Yurie-san followed and rampaged......」

「Haha! That's logical!」



 The matter of the dream aside, I lead Mai-san to the living room.



「Captain, welcom-...what's that luggage!?」


 Mai-san is carrying a huge luggage about the same height her.


「Well, we will go to an untrodden place where oni lives, right?」


「Onii-chan, did you not give captain a full account?」

「No, because......

 will she able to believe it if I explain it to her by mouth?」

「That's also right~.」



 The way you are talking, it seems to be a very terrible place.」

「Well, you're going to be quite freaked out, I think?

 Please be careful not to wet yourself from fear.」


「Ahaha, I'm looking forward to it.」



「Anyway, since you don't need so much luggage, can you take only the necessary items?」

「What? Even though I've prepared excitedly.」



 We decided to finally depart after Mai-san's luggage lightened.


 As usual, we put on our shoes at the front door and we were going to form a circle to use【Teleportation】but......

 forming a circle at the front door was too cramped with four people so it was impossible with five as expected.


 So we spread out a leisure sheet in the living room, put on our shoes and formed a circle.


「What kind of ritual is this, onii-san?」

「Well, it's a ritual for teleportation to another world.」




 Mai-san looks at me with eyes of pity.


 That look is the look which doesn't believe!

 But I've said the truth!



「Well then, let's start the ritual.

 This ritual is holy so please be careful.」


 I said so daringly in a suspicious way.


「O-, Ou.」


 Good grief, Mai-san answered properly.

 Shit, just watch!

 I don't care if you wet yourself, pipsqueak!!








 We moved to the entrance of the demonkind town using【Teleportation】.


「Ok, we've arrived.」




 Mai-san stiffened and her eyes turned into dots.



「On the other side of that gate is the town where your ojii-san is, Mai-san.」


 However, Mai-san is still stiffened.


「Oi, Mai-san.

 Did you hear me?」


「What on earth happened!?」


「That's why I told you, right?

 It's『Teleportation to another world』.」


「A-, Another world!?」


「What's wrong?

 Did you freak out and wet yourself?」


「Honestly, I almost wet myself......

 I thought that onii-san used some strange skill but―

 I never would have thought that you are such an inhuman......」

「C-, Cruel!」



 I've been treated as an inhuman by Mai-san, when I was depressed―

 Hilda cheered me up. Hilda is a nice girl~.



「Well then, let's enter the town.」

「O-, Ou」




 After greeting the gatekeeper―

 we walked into the demonkind town.



「H-, Horn......」


 Mai-san is surprised after seeing the appearance of the town.


「It wasn't only ojii-san that grown a horn, huh......」

「Yes, most people of this city has grown horn.」


「I see......

 Ojii-san wasn't alone.」


 So Mai-san was worrying about such a thing, huh.

 Did you perhaps come here forcibly because of that?




 We had them bring us inside the Demon Lord castle with face pass―

 and visited Bunmi-san first.



「If it isn't Seiji-dono, come in.


 There's a person I don't recognize, who is she?」


「This is the grandchild of the previous Demon Lord-sama.」

「C-, Come again!!?」