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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 194.5 - Reconfirmation of tracking beacon (Interlude)

The next day when Mai-san said she wanted to go in place of obaa-san.


 I was gonna...investigate the situation of the people attached with tracking beacon while working.




■Beacon 1: Elena, Beacon 9: Hilda


 It seems the two people are watching the『Magical girl・C』's DVD happily.


 However, after watching the episode 1, they have been discussing about the magic which turned up in the story they have been watching until a while ago and『how it came about out scientifically』.

 Contrary to expectations, they seemed to be studying magic seriously rather than idling about watching the DVD.

 I'd like for Aya to follow this diligence as well.



■Beacon 2: Azide


 It's completely the turn of the missing journey of the merchant Azide-san but―

 he seemed to be going back and forth in Shinju town and Demonkind town these days.


 He was in Shinju town today―

 and seemed to be procuring goods to be taken to demonkind town.


 I will remove the beacon if he doesn't travel.~



■Beacon 3: Lela


 For some reason, Lela was in Shinju town rather than in Ikebu town.


 She took several soldiers and was making rounds in Shinju town.

 Is she doing a work of public security maintenance?

 I'll try to ask her next time.


 As usual, the townspeople are looking at her with looks of respect.

 The gap between the current her and at the time we met is vast, huh.



■Beacon 4: Aya


 She was having a class at the junior college.


 She yawned......

 is she listening seriously?



 It seemed she hasn't been listening properly―

 and started playing with her smartphone.


 What on earth are you looking at on your smartphone?


 Aya was reading a『Web novel』.

 It seems to be a story about a villain daughter breaking off the engagement......


 study seriously!



■Beacon 5: Nancy


 She is wearing a cool lady's suit and currently attending a seemingly complicated meeting.

 It's fresh since I had only seen her dressed for her around the world trip.


 Perhaps, Nancy...

 is quite a great person?



■Beacon 6: Myself


 When I was wondering who was the man making a clueless, stupid look that appeared, it was me......



■Beacon 7: Nose-pierced man


 He was sleeping while receiving a drip-feed.

 And, he wasn't moving an inch.


 He's probably in a vegetative state due to the backlash of the dangerous drug......


 Monitoring this guy doesn't seem to be necessary anymore.



■Beacon 8: Golden mask of curse


 A shady mask laid quietly in a dark room to protect treasures.

 Since the【curse healing potion】has been completed, should I splash it on it next time?


 I wonder what will happen to this mask once the curse has been dispelled?




 That reminds me, my MP exceeded 10, 000 since my level rose―

 It should have also reach the point where I can attach 10 tracking beacon.


 Since I will take Mai-san there on Saturday, I'll put it on her~.



 I resumed my work while thinking such a thing.