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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 193 - Vines

「Onii-chan, if there's so many【purple nettle】, we're going to be very rich, right?」


 Aya's pupils turned into ¥ marks......


「We're not going to sell it.」



「I've decided to use them to level up the potioncraft skill.」

「Ah, there's that, huh.」


 Why is Aya not interested in potion crafting?

 Even though science experiment stuff is fascinating......



「Alright, let's split up and collect the【purple nettles】everyone!」

「「Yes!」」「Yes yes.」


 Only Aya has low spirit but―

 everyone started to collect purple nettle.



「Seiji oniichan, this【purple nettle】is a little withered up, is it fine?」


 Hilda brought a【purple nettle】which is a little withered up.

 Or how should I put it, it's still a little embarrassing to be called『onii-chan』.


 When used appraisal to the withered【purple nettle】......



│【Purple nettle -2】

│A purple nettle which can be used as a talisman

│Condition: Withering

│Rarity: ★★★★



「Umu, its condition doesn't seem to be good.

 It seems to be better to choose the not withered ones if possible.」

「Yes, I understand.」


 However, we haven't been able to find much【purple nettle】with good condition when we looked around......

 What's to be done with it, I wonder~.



「Onii-chan, why don't you try using【Magic stone of Earth】?」

「That's right! I have that!」


 When I took out the【magic stone of earth】from the inventory―

 Aya quickly took the【magic stone of earth】away from me.


「I'll do it!」

「Oi, if you overdo it...」



 Aya, without listening to what I've said―

 sandwiched the【magic stone of earth】in both of her palms and began to dance in order to pray.


「Come on, dance together with me, Hilda.」

「Y-, yes.」



 In accordance with the dance of the two people, the【purple nettle】in the surroundings have become vigorous one after another.

 Aya who have been caught up in the moment steadily poured her magic power......



 Before I knew it, the area has been filled with vigorous【purple nettle】.


 When I used【appraisal】, there are【purple nettle +1】and【purple nettle +2】here and there.





 Aya is pleased that she took Hilda's hands in hers.


 Anyone can do it if they use the【magic stone of earth】!



 In the end, we were able to harvest a total of 300【purple nettle】.

 The potioncraft skill will surely raise with this.



「Onii-chan, only this grass is different from the others.」

「Which one?」





 Did it move!?」

「N?  You're stupid, onii-chan~.

 Plants can't move!」


「No, I'm sure it moved!」

「If you say to that extent, let's pull it out, shall we?」



「Oi, stupid, stop.」


 I suddenly sensed【danger】and tried to stop Aya but......





 A『Vine』suddenly emerged from the ground and undulated like a tentacle―

 It twined around Aya's ankle, hanging her upside down.


「A-, Aya!」


「Onii-chan, help!」



 However, at the same time when Aya was being hanged upside down, a『vine』also approached Elena and Hilda.


 First of all, my top priority is to protect the low-leveled Hilda.

 I've quickly rushed toward Elena and Hilda and sliced off the『vine』that was trying to attack the two.


「Seiji-sama, thank you very much!」

 B-, But, Aya-san!」





 When I turned around, Aya......


 had been swallowed up to those sack-shaped thing like pitcher plant......


「A-, Ayaaaa!!」



「Gya! I-, It melts!!!」


 Aya is struggling inside the bag.


「I'm going to save you now!!」



 When I cut the stem supporting the sack with the sword of trial,

 the sack fell down with a thud,

 the pitcher plant could no longer move with a single stroke.



 From within the fallen sack―

 is the muddy-melted, Aya's......








「Onii-chan! Don't look this way!」

「Good, you're safe Aya!!」


 I unconsciously hugged Aya.


「Idiot! Don't hug me!!」


 Aya hit my head repeatedly―

 but I didn't mind and hugged Aya.



「It's really good that you're safe.」

「I'm not safe! Let go!」


「Were you hurt somewhere!?」


 When I look all over Aya's body......



 there wasn't any injury.



「Don't look, you idiot!!」


 I've been hit in the face.



 Although Aya had managed to recover her balance somehow, her legs had fallen into the sack―

 and she seemed to have been submerged in『liquefying liquid』inside the sack up to her『navel』area.


 I used【Appraisal】to the『liquefying liquid』that gushed out of the sack of the unmoving pitcher plant.



│【Liquefying liquid of purple pitcher plant】

│Although it can't melt the human skin where magic power circulates,

│the liquefying liquid can melt clothes and hair.

│Rarity: ★★★★



 It can melt not only clothes but『hair』, huh. It's scary.


 N?  Lower half from the『navel』? Hair?


 The answer I've arrived at from this hint......



「Aya, you've saved the trouble of disposing the unwanted hair......

 It's good, huh!」