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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 190 - Kabe-don

I also waited until the wedding settled down considerably―


「Bunmi-san, do you know what these are?」


 I tried to show the photo of the items that Mai-san's obaa-san have to Bunmi-san.


「It's quite an elaborate picture.

 N?  I may have seen this somewhere before......

 Oh, I see!

 The mantle looks similar to the Demon Lord-sama's mantle.」

「As I've thought!」


「Is something wrong with this picture?」

「No no, I'll tell you later when I understand the matters in details.」



 This has become interesting.


「That reminds me, did you not invite the Demon Lord-sama into your wedding?」

「Of course, he has been invited.

 He'll come shortly.」


「Is that so, I'm looking forward to it~.」



 While having such a talk―

 as if he took a careful aim, the Demon Lord-sama made an appearance.


「Demon lord-sama!



 Bunmi-san and Cassandra-san respectfully received him.


「You are, Seiji!

 You've come as well, huh.」


 The Demon Lord suddenly called out to me.


「Cassandra-san is my acquaintance.

 And I fought together with Bunmi-san.」

「I see......」


 The Demon Lord-sama seems to be somewhat having difficulty to speak……



 I'll just provide a topic.


「By the way, Demon Lord-sama.

 Please have a look at this picture, what do you think of this person?」


 It's a delicate and elaborate picture.」


「Well, because it's a photo.」

「『Photo』is a very skillful painter.」


 Since it's troublesome, I'll abstain from explaining.


「That's not what I meant, don't you find the mantle and the pendant familiar?」

「Now that you mentioned it......

 This mantle looks similar to my mantle.

 The pendant......

 Isn't that crest the Demon Lord's crest!?

 Who did such a thing without permission!?」



 These things should be belonged to the Demon Lord, doesn't the Demon Lord know?



 When I'm lost in thought about the behavior and words of the Demon Lord―

 someone spoke from the side.


「These things belongs to the previous Demon Lord.」


 It was the ojii-san of the weapon shop.



「This is the swordsmith・Masamune-dono.」

「Oh, are you doing well boy?」



 The weapon shop's ojii-san has such a great name!!?


 Besides, he called the Demon Lord『boy』!!



「Stop calling me boy, I'm already the Demon Lord.」


 It seems this ojii-san have been a considerably great person.


「60 years old is still a boy.」


 Eh, so the Demon Lord is 60 years old......


 Eh? The life span of the demonkind is four times than that of the humans, right?

 So that means, a 60-year-old demonkind is equivalent to a 15-year-old in terms of humans?


 15 years old!?


「You are 60 years old, Demon Lord!?」

「Oi, Seiji. Don't call me without honorifics.」


「What, so you guys are acquainted with each other?

 That reminds me, you came to me with the Demon Lord's introduction, hm.」



 Uh-oh, we've been digressing by the Demon Lord's age.




 Do you recognize this pendant?」


「Oh, this pendant―

 is something I made for the previous Demon Lord.」


「So that means, this mantle also belonged to the previous Demon Lord-sama.」

「That's right, he was indeed using such a mantle in the olden days.」


 I see, Mai-san's ojii-san is......



 While having such a talk―

 the wedding venue has abruptly begun to stir.



「The previous Demon Lord-sama has come!」



 When a soldier said so to the people inside the venue―

 the inside of the venue fell silent as if it have been struck by water.



 And then, a huge demonkind with sinister atmosphere grandly appeared.


 All the demonkind line up,

 and the Demon Lord too, lowers his head and welcomes that person.


「I've come, Bunmi.」

「Th-, This is the previous Demon Lord-sama!

 You came all the way here...」


 Bunmi-san prostrates himself on the ground.


「Yoi yoi, dispensed with these formal greetings.」


 The age of the previous Demon Lord doesn't seem to be that much.

 If it's the previous Demon lord, the attitude is different, huh!




 The previous Demon Lord seems to be a genuine Demon Lord, huh......


 Compared to it, the current Demon Lord―

 is at best a mid-boss.



「Yo, previous Demon Lord. You barely made it before.」

「Masamune, you've also come, huh.」


 Masamune-san seems to be close to the previous Demon Lord-sama as expected.


「What's with this liquor!? Try drinking it, previous Demon Lord.」

「Oh, this is delicious!

 Oi Bunmi, where did you get this liquor from!?」


「Yes, a human called Seiji brought it.」


 The previous Demon Lord and Masamune-san look at me with eyes like they found a prey......

 Should I go home now~?



「Oi, Seiji is it? Come over here.」


 The previous Demon Lord-sama beckons me with a huge sinister smile.



「Yes, what is it?」

「Who are you?」



 I'm an acquaintance with the bride, Cassandra-san.」




 The previous Demon Lord scrutinized me all over without saying anything.


 Is he going to kill me?



「Where did you get this liquor?」

「It's a liquor from my hometown.」


「I see!

 Does the human country have this liquor if I go there?」

「No, that's not it.

 My hometown is『Japan』.」


「Japan? I haven't heard that name before.」



「Eh? Did you not come to『Japan』before, previous Demon Lord-sama?」


「No, I haven't been to such a place.」


 Huh? Isn't that strange?



「Then, do you not recognize this woman?」


 When I showed him the photo of Mai-san's obaa-san in her youth―



「T-, This person!?

 Where is this person!!?」


 The previous Demon Lord-sama suddenly came attacking me―


 I, by the previous Demon Lord-sama―



 had been『kabe-don[1]』......