Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 189 - Circle of blessing

During the week when I got the information of the Demon Lord from Mai-san's obaa-san, a problem had occurred.


 At the hospital where I went for a periodical treatment of my left hand which got stabbed by the stalker man, they were very surprised that my left hand has been completely cured.

 It was because it has also been cured together when I had Elena to treat me after clearing the tower of sunrise's underground.


 Such things as X-Ray and CT Scan and taking blood samples have been inspected attentively but―

 I've been able to cover it up somehow since it was originally almost healed.




 And then, Saturday.

 We've made various preparations and went to the other world.



 Before anything else, we went to ojii-san's smith first.




「Oh, so it's you. The sword is ready.」


 I received the sword, it had become somewhat lighter than before.



│【Sword of trial +1】

│A sword used to impose a trial

│It absorbs the user's habit and becomes strong.

│Ability: Raises the power of【Wind blade】

│Rarity: ★★★★

│Trial: Monster subjugation 0/300



 Not only its sharpness has increased―

 it has an『Ability[1]』attached to it as well!


 『Raises the power of【Wind blade】』!?

 I want to try!



「Do you want to try it? It's written all over your face.」


 When I nodded my head, ojii-san prepared a straw post in the backyard.



「Here I go!」


 When an about 10 meter【Wind blade】flew out in front of me, the straw post had been sliced off diagonally and slipped down.

 And then, the【Wind blade】continued to fly and struck against behind a cliff, making a big hole.




「There seems to be no problem.

 Alright, the next trial is 300 monsters.

 Well, do it slowly.」



 Does the number of monsters to defeat in the trial gradually increases?

 As expected, it seems to be impossible to clear it in a day.

 So like he said, I'll do it slowly.



「I have to get ready to go to the wedding of an acquaintance now.

 If you don't have any other business, see you again next time.」


「Is it by any chance Bunmi-san's wedding?」


「Oh, that's right.

 What? You were an acquaintance of that fellow, huh.」



 Since ojii-san said that he's going after getting ready, we went ahead to Bunmi-san and Cassandra-san's place.




「Congratulations, Bunmi-san and Cassandra-san.」

「Seiji, I'm glad that you've come.」

「Seiji, you've come.」


 The wedding has been held in a slightly wide room of the Demon Lord's castle but―

 there wasn't any ceremony-like thing in particular,

 and the guests who visited the place were just eating and drinking adequately.



「This is a congratulatory gift.」


 I've presented liquors and cake that I've brought from Japan.


 The liquors are sake, sochu, whiskey, brandy, wine, vodka and so forth.

 I've placed a large 2 tier cake on the table.


「What are these!?」

「These are liquors from my hometown.」


「The white one over there is?」

「That's called『cake』. A confection eaten in times of celebration in my hometown.」


 The cake and liquors were also very popular with the other guests as well.



「You didn't invite Rachel-san and Misha-san here, Cassandra-san?」



 I didn't invite those guys because they're far.」


 I see, they're in Nippo town and in the developing village next to it.

 Both communication and travel take time, they won't make it here in a week, huh......



 It seemed Aya, Elena, and Hilda were eating with great relish, I left the wedding venue after excusing myself for a while.


 And then, I went to Nippo town with【Teleportation】!




「Oh, Seiji. I'm glad that you've come.」

「Hello, I've come to borrow Misha-san.」

「N?  What do you mean?」





「Then, I'm going as well!」


 Rondo and Misha joined the circle of friends!




 Next, to Rachel-san's place!


「Seiji, I'm glad that you've come.

 Huh? Even Rondo-sama and Misha are present, is there something?」





「I see,

 It seems I will be able to see Cassandra's surprised face.

 I suppose I should go too.」


 Rachel-san joined the circle of friends!




 I went back to the wedding venue with the three people.


「I'm back and brought someone along.」




 Even Rondo-sama!」


 Cassandra-san who is usually detached was surprised that her eyes turned round.



「Come on, go there too Hilda.」



 Urged by me, Hilda jumped into the circle of blessing.




 The reunited『Magician unit』and the boss Rondo talked happily after a long time.



 However, Rachel is―



 The collar, what happened!?」


 It seems she has noticed the missing【Slave collar】on Hilda's neck.



「Onii...Seiji-sama took it off.」

「Took it off!? How!!?

 So, are you alright, Hilda?」


「I'm alright, nothing's wrong.


 Seiji-sama, Aya-sama, and Elena-sama made me their imouto.」

「「「「W-, Whaaat!!」」」」



「But, Seiji......

 can also use transference magic―

 even taking【Slave collar】off......

 What kind of person are you?」



 Since it seemed to be troublesome in various ways―

 I pretended not to notice and stuffed my mouth with the food of the wedding ceremony.

[1] 能力Ability. This is probably like an option in RPGs.