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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 187 - Imouto

 We have returned to Japan.


 I'd left the sword of trial since it will take three days for it to be reforged.

 I'm looking forward to how the forging will turn out when I go there next week.



 I had everyone gathered in the living room.


「What are we going to do now, Oniichan?」

「We're now going to make【Curse dispelling potion】.」


「N?  You've gathered everyone just because of that?」

「Ah. Just watch.」

「Well, alright but......」


 I've begun to make【curse dispelling potion】whilst everyone is watching.



 The three【curse dispelling potions +2】were completed in a few minutes without any particular problems too.



│【Curse dispelling potion +2】

│When sprinkled over something cursed

│it can dispel the curse.

│Rarity: ★★★★




「It has been completed normally but what are you going to do with this?」

「First, let's use it on Hilda.」

「M-, Me??」


 I spread out a bath towel on the table and laid Hilda on it.


「Oniichan, you're not going to do something strange to Hilda, are you?」

「What strange thing!?」



 And I slowly―


 dripped a bit of【curse dispelling potion +2】on the【Slave Collar】that coiled around Hilda's neck.




 Hilda utters a strange cry.


「Are you okay?」

「Y-, Yes...... I-, I'm fine.」



 I carefully and gradually poured the cruse dispelling potion drop after drop.




 Hilda's cheeks have been dyed in bright red, she's breathing roughly and bends her body loosely back and forth with *moji moji*.

 It somehow dreadful how it feels like we're doing something naughty....



 And when I poured the last drop......




 Hilda bends her body like a prawn[1] and she is trembling with *bikun bikun*.



「O-, Oniichan!」

「I-, I only poured the curse dispelling potion.」



 At that moment!




 A sound of something broken could be heard......

 and the slave collar fell smoothly from Hilda's neck!


 Hilda is completely exhausted whilst breathing heavily with *haa haa*.


「Are you okay, Hilda?」

「Y-, Yes......」



 When I tried to use【appraisal】on the【slave collar】―



│【Leather collar】

│A collar made with a monster's leather.

│Rarity: ★



 The curse has been removed and it becomes a【leather collar】!



 And then, I try to use【Appraisal】on Hilda this time.



│Name: Hilda

│Occupation: Magician

│Condition: Normal

│Level: 3

│HP: 158

│MP: 239

│Power: 10 Endurance: 9

│Ability: 15 Magic power: 19


│ Fire 2 Short blade techniques 1

│ Dismantling 3




「I did it, the slavery had been lifted!」



 Aya and Elena are surprised while Hilda is stunned.


 The condition became『normal』and the occupation changed from『slave』to『magician』.


 The stats have also risen from when I saw them before.

 Is it because of the occupation change?



「Can you explain what does it mean, oniichan?」

「That's right, I've never heard of a freed slave before.」


「Okay, I'll explain!

 When I used【Appraisal】on Hilda before, she had a『Condition: Cursed(slavery)』.

 In other words~. Slavery is nothing but a kind of curse.

 It can be cure with【curse dispelling potion】, right?」


「I see~」



 While having such a talk―

 a large teardrop had been accumulated at the corner of Hilda's eyes and she burst into tears with *egu egu*.


「What's wrong, Hilda?」

「S-, Seiji-sama......

 don't throw me away!」


 Hilda burst into tears with *wan wan*.



「I will not throw Hilda away.」


 I drew Hilda close and continued to pat her head.



「Because, the slave contract was the『bond』between Seiji-sama and me but......

 I've become alone again.」


 I see...... Hilda thinks of her slave contract with me in that way, huh......


「I'm sorry for lifting the slave contract selfishly without asking you, Hilda.」

「I know that you had done it with my circumstances in mind, Seiji-sama.

 B-, But......」



「Alright, I understand!

 Then, Hilda is my imouto from this day!」

「I-, Imouto?」


「Oh, exactly right!

 If it's keimai[2], the bond is much stronger than slavery, right?

 Then, is it fine?」


「Uh, err..... well then......

 can I call you『oniichan』too?」

「Of course, sure thing!」


「O-, Oniichan......」

「What is it? Imouto.」



 Hilda burst into tears again and leaped into my chest.


 I continued to pat Hilda's head until she was satisfied.




「Hilda-chan, if you have become oniichan's imouto~

 you're going to be my imouto as well, right?」


 When Hilda finally calmed down, Aya said so whilst patting Hilda's head.


「Aya-sama as oneechan?」


「Will you be my imouto, Hilda-chan?」

「Yes! Aya-sama.」


「It's not 'Aya-sama', right?」

「A-, Aya oneechan......」


 Aya and Hilda stared at each other with a smile.



「Me too! I'll become your oneechan, Hilda!」


 Elena pats Hilda's head too.


「Even Elena-sama!?」

「It's not 'Elena-sama', it's oneechan!」


「Y-, Yes! E-, Elena oneechan!」



 And then, Aya, Elena, and Hilda―

 forever and eternally―


 hugged each other.

[1] Something like this: Praw bend

[2] Older brother and younger sister