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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 186 - Parade

The ones approaching us who were having a flower viewing―




 Did they come here to take nectar from the flowers which suddenly bloomed?



「They're huge!」


 Although we saw their size properly as they approached, they were huge the size of a handball.


 The result when I tried to use【appraisal】is that they are called【Great bees】and their levels are quite low.



「Since I'll take it from here, be at ease everyone.」

「Go for it, oniichan!」


 Receiving Aya's encouragement, I started the bee subjugation in high spirits.



 .......It's fun!

 I fascinatingly slashed at the bees which flew continuously in large quantities.

 I've been caught up in the moment and kept on slashing......



 and the bees had been exterminated en route.


「Shit, despite all that, it still needs one more monster.」


 There was one more monster remaining on the sword of trial.


「There's also one or so monster left flying towards here~.」



 Perfect, a bee is flying towards here.

 It's slightly larger that the ones until now and its color is also a little dark.


「Oh!? The last monster really came!」


 When I slashed that one enthusiastically into two―


 the【sword of trial】began to shine.


「Did you finish the trial, oniichan?」

「It seems so.」


「Congratulations, Seiji-sama.」


 The light has settled down and the appraisal result shows『Trial: completed』.

 I have to go to ojii-san's place quickly!



 Hilda dismantled alone the bees I've defeated and brought to me the【Earth reinforcement magic stone】and【Bee's stingers】.

 What a hard worker. I'll pat her head.



「Then, let's return.」

「N?  Return?」


「We have to report to the guild that one can go to the fourth floor now.」

「Oh really~?」


 After somehow persuading Aya who seemed to be going to rampage, we returned to the town.




 We went to the adventurer's guild.


 When I sold the magic stones and materials before, I had been led to the warehouse at the back of the guild since the quantity was large.


 The ones I've sold were as follows:


<Underground first floor>

 ・Small fries

  【red slime's nucleus】120A x 25 pieces,

  【red slime's nucleus +1】500A x 5 pieces,

  and【magic stone of ignition】200A x 5 pieces.


 ・Boss rooms

  【Musasabi Slime's nucleus】500A,

  【magic stone of gentle wind】100A,

  【Darkness Slime's nucleus】500A,

  【Darkness reinforcement magic stone +1】30A,

  and【Flame Slime's nucleus】2, 000A.


 Subtotal: 7, 830A


<Underground second floor>

 ・Small fries

  【Great scorpion】300A x 22 monsters,

  【Reinforced great scorpion】1, 200A x 5 monsters,

  【Flame great scorpion】1, 200A,

  and【Mud great scorpion】1, 200A.


 ・Boss room

  【Sickle Scorpion】6, 000A


 Subtotal: 21, 000A


<Surface's third floor>

 【Goblin General】2, 000A


 Subtotal: 2,000A


<Surface's fourth floor>

 【Bee's stinger】5A x 31 monsters,

 【Earth reinforcement magic stone】10A,

 and【Bee's stinger +1】40A.


 Subtotal: 205A



 The scorpion of the underground's second floor hadn't been dismantled and had been sold as it is.


 I've decided to not sell and keep the three kinds of『Eels』from the underground's third floor, the【magic stone of oil】and【magic stone of Earth】.


 The price of the goods which I've gotten on the surface's floors is cheap as expected~.


 In the end, it became a total of 31, 035A.




 After that, we had been guided to the guild leader's room for the surface's fourth floor report.



「If it isn't Lela-sama.



 A short ossan who seems to be timid is fawning over Lela.


「I came to report that we have found the stairs to the fourth floor.」



 Just in case, I asked Lela to make the report on our behalf since she's a celebrity but......


「As one would expect!

 Our hero, iron wall Lela!!」


 Lela had become the one who discovered the fourth floor.

 Oh well.



「This news is the best news for this town.

 Therefore, in order to inform them of Lela-sama's achievement―

 we're going to hold a『parade』, would that be alright?」


「What to do, Seiji?」


 Don't dump it to me, Lela.


「I think that it's particularly fine.」

「T-, That's right!

 So it will be held!」


「Thank you very much!

 I'll start the preparations at once!!

 Since it will be held tomorrow at noon, I look forward to working with you.」



「What is it, Seiji?」


「We won't be able to participate since we're going to return by today.」



「There's no need to worry.

 Since the only one needed to come is Lela-sama, your companions don't need to partake.」


「That's right, Lela. We'll leave the『parade』to you.」

「H-, Hmm.」



 After leaving everything to Lela―

 we returned to Japan to escape.



 The next day.

 The discovery of the tower of sunrise's fourth floor's『parade』seemed to be held on a large scale in Ikebu town.