Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 185 - Flower picking

 After checking the effect of the【Magic stone of Earth】, everyone gathered inside Lela's room.



「Seiji! You're safe!!」


 Lela approached with momentum to hug me―

 she stopped midway, took my hand and shook it.

 Strange Lela.


 Hilda seemed to have also been worried, she tugged the hem of my clothes and looked up with a pleasant smile.

 Hilda is so cute~. I'll pat her head.




 Whilst having breakfast, I've talked about the tower of sunrise's underground to everyone.



「Then, after climbing up the stairs from the underground's fourth floor, we can go to the surface's fourth floor?」

「It's something like that, Lela.」


「Then, let's go there at once.」


 Lela is very enthusiastic.


 Well, it will be alright since I've already defeated the boss.



 After eating breakfast, we got ready and headed to the tower of sunrise with【Teleportation】.




 When we arrived at the space of the underground's fourth floor, Aya started to be in high spirits.


「It's so wide!!」


 Something fun, running around with frightful momentum, jumping, playing and generating a tornado.


「Aya~! Stop playing and let's go quickly~!」



 Aya came back with frightful momentum but―

 she was gasping for breath and sweating profusely by playing too much.

 Are you a child!?

 Elena, Lela and Hilda were all amazed.



 We climbed up the spiral staircase in the central pillar cautiously―

 the stairs had been cut off right when we had climbed up to the surface's third floor and a strange room appeared.


 There's only one door inside the room.

 When I tried to open the door cautiously, the other side of the door turned out to be a room too―


 and there was a『Goblin General』which wasn't moving as it slept.


 When I used【Appraisal】―

 apart from being not particularly high leveled, it also didn't have any special ability, it was a very common goblin general.



 When I finished using【appraisal】and was preparing to fight―




 the door had automatically closed.


「Is it an automatic door!?」


 When everyone was paying attention to the door in surprise―

 the door assimilated into the wall and disappeared.

 I checked the wall where the door had disappeared but I couldn't find the door no matter how.


「It's one-way, huh......」


 Well, I can easily go to the other side of the door if I use【teleportation】.

 I don't have any business there though since the other side of the door only lead to the underground's fourth floor so it's particularly fine.



 When I approached the general carefully―


 the general suddenly woke up and attacked!


 When I promptly respond to its attack with the sword of trial―


 the goblin general's head flew with a single stroke.





 Apparently, the surface's floors seem to be considerably weaker than the underground's.



「Mou, oniichan is unfair.

 I want to kill too!!」

「Because I have the sword of trial, give me the prey for a while.」


「Mou, there's no helping it~.

 Until the trial is over, 'kay~.」


 Hilda finished dismantling and brought me a magic stone and equipment.

 The magic stone was a【magic stone of biribiri +1】.

 What a pity, keeping this should be cheap when sold.



 When we were about to climbed up to the fourth floor, immediately―


*rumble rumble rumble*


 A sound of something can be heard from the wall.

 This wall is a wall opposite to the wall with one-way door.


 When I put myself on guard against what about to happen―


 a part of the wall collapsed and a door appeared.



「What kind of door is it, Seiji-sama?」

「Hm, as far as I can see on the map, it should only lead to the third-floor passage.」


「Where are we going to go, oniichan?」

「Well, even if it's a one-way, we can return with【teleportation】so let's go.」


 When I opened the door and advanced cautiously, we appeared on the third-floor passage as expected.

 The door didn't disappear and one could come in and out normally.


 It's completely insignificant for us but......

 even a normal adventurer without【teleportation】can now go to the fourth floor with this.

 Let's report it to the adventurer's guild later.



「Let's go to the fourth floor quickly, oniichan.」



 We climbed up the stairs and went to the fourth floor.




 On the fourth floor―


 a grassland which overflows with brightness spread out.


「What's this!?

 It's a grassland!!」


 Aya started to run again.


 She's completely a kid......



 Elena finds the flowers blooming and does a『flower picking』with Hilda.

 Lela watches over Elena and is wary whether there is no enemy.


 There doesn't seem to be an enemy nearby for the time being.



「Elena, try using this.」


 I took out a certain magic stone from the inventory and handed it to Elena.


「Seiji-sama, is this by any chance the one from this morning......」



 When Elena seemed to be glad and bloomed with a smile, she brought the magic stone close to a flower bud that had yet to bloom.





 The flower bud unwrapped and its flower bloomed―

 and like a ripple spreading out, the one side of the flower carpet......


 spread throughout the entire grassland.




 Big and small varicolored flowers stretched out as far as the eye could see―

 and the fragrant floral scent spread throughout the area.



「What's this!? What did you do, Elena-chan!?」

「Uhh...... I......

 just only brought the【magic stone of earth】close to the flower and poured magic power.」


 Although it has been stated that『the effect is enhanced when loaded with magic power』, to produce a widespread effect like this......

 is amazing, huh.



 All the girls are admiring the flower carpet that stretched as far as the eye could see.


「Let's take a break here.」


 I took out a leisure sheet and prepared tea and sweets.



「Wow, it's flower viewing.」


 Aya's tension is strange......



 Everyone sits on the leisure sheet, eats sweets and drinks tea whilst appreciating the flowers.


 We enjoyed the flower viewing for a while......



 Multiple red dots which indicates【danger】were approaching.