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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 184 - Dog-eared Elena?

「E-, Elena......」


 I've crept into Elena's room.

 Elena is making a cute breathing as she sleeps soundly dressed in a negligee.


 I went up to the bed where Elena is sleeping and dropped on Elena's breasts, burying my face.



「Hmm. Seiji-sama~.」


 Elena moved her hands with her eyes closed and began to stroke my head on her breasts.

 Is she half asleep?



「O-, Oh? Seiji-sama?」


 Elena has finally noticed but she doesn't seem to have grasped the situation yet.



「S-, Seiji-sama, what happened?」


 Elena asked me but......

 I didn't reply.



 Actually, I've already lost consciousness by this time.


 I've come to Elena's place to have her heal my wounds but......

 I've reached my limit when I was going to wake Elena up, my consciousness has flown away just like that.


 My HP had been reduced by half, my MP had almost hit the bottom with the last【Teleportation】and since my fatigue had also reached its peak, it couldn't be helped, right?



 You may be asking, why are you aware of that in spite of losing consciousness?......

 I'm exactly in the midst of checking the video of the【tracking beacon】just now.



「S-, Seiji-sama! Seiji-sama!

 Oh no! Your body is full of wounds!!」


 Elena, with her clothes still disordered, began to cast recovery magic on me hastily.





 I was having a dream this time......




 Why do you have dog ears, Elena?」

「What are you talking about, Seiji-sama?

 I'm a dogman[1] from the beginning desu yo~.」


 Eh? Was it so?


 As I was trying to remember desperately―





「E-, Elena, what are you doing suddenly!?」


 Elena licked my face up with *peron*.


「Seiji-sama, for the dogmen, the act of『licking』is a proof of love~.」

「I-, Is that so?」


 Ignoring me who was confused, the dog-eared Elena began to lick me with *pero pero*.


「Hold on a se-, Elena. I-, It's no good!」


 Dog-eared Elena began to lick not only my face but from my neck to shoulder then to my chest.


 When I noticed, I wasn't wearing any clothes!


「Hm!? M-, My clothes!?」

「I stripped Seiji-sama's clothes off~.」


「W-, whaaat!!」


 I thought that it was bad to remain naked and was about to get up but......

 my body couldn't move for some reason.


 It's the thing called『sleep paralysis』.



 Dog-eared Elena found it a good thing that my body couldn't move and kept on licking that place and this place.


 B-, Bad!

 As it is, my pyramid!!!




 When I was having such a dream......

 Elena was healing my wounds with utmost effort.



 And, she's going to take my clothes off which interferes with the treatment.

 Are you really going to take my clothes off?......


 Elena held my unconscious upper body and stripped off my clothes.

 And then, Elena......


 put her hands on my pants next!




 Elena unbuttons my pants, unzips it and tries to pull it off.


 It's no good! My trunks will also slip down together with it with that kind of stripping.


 My pants have been taken off.

 And then......


 The next moment!



『It can't be viewed in order to not violate the【Private policy】.』


 The video has been cut off......



 When the video returned―

 Elena was casting recovery magic whilst having a bright red face.

 And then, I was in a pair of trunks.



 What on earth happened there!!!



 When the treatment had been roughly finished, Elena was gasping for breath.

 Did she use too much MP?


 Or perhaps I should say, she seemed to have poured too much magic power into the recovery magic.

 As a result, she might have spent a lot of MP than usual.



 When Elena put me in a futon―

 Elena also laid down in order to sleep.




 The next morning.


「Elena-chan! Are you up yet?

 Oniichan doesn't seem to be back yet!

 Are you still sleeping, Elena-chan? I'm going to enter without permission~.」


 Aya entered rudely without hearing Elena's reply.


「Elena-chan is still sleeping......

 O-, Oniichan!!!」


 In front of Aya, there was my nude figure sleeping next to Elena.




 My Condition changed from『asleep』into『fainted』.




 When I've woken up, my face hurts as if it was hit for some reason.

 And then, Elena is giving me a lap pillow and casting recovery magic.


 Elena seemed to have explained it to Aya in various ways, Aya looked apologetic.



「You've finally become conscious, Seiji-sama.」

「Eh? Why am I here?」


「You don't remember?

 When Seiji-sama came back full of wounds in the middle of the night yesterday, I was really surprised.」

「From whom did you get injured, oniichan?」


「Uh, the enemy is the boss『Earth Golem』of the tower of sunrise's underground fourth floor.」

「Underground fourth floor!?

 Was the enemy too strong?」


「It continued to fire inescapable AoE attacks inside a strange barrier that prevents anyone from escaping even with【teleportation】.」


 But, did you win?」


「That is natural!」


「Did the enemy drop something good?」


 So you were worrying about the loot more than me earlier!



 I took out the【Magic stone of Earth】from the inventory and handed it to Aya.


「Magic stone? What kind of magic stone is this?」

「It's called【magic stone of Earth】, it makes land fertile and accelerates the growth of plants.」


「Seiji-sama, please wait a moment.」


 Elena suddenly stopped giving me a lap pillow, stood up and went somewhere.

 What is it?


 After a while, she came back with a small flowerpot.

 A withered plant had been planted on the flowerpot.


「Let's try it with this, alright.」


 When Aya brought the【magic stone of earth】close to the flowerpot―


 The plant on the flowerpot gradually became healthy and regained its vibrant.

 A small flower bud grew out......

 the small flower bud gradually expanded......

 the flower bud gradually opened and unwrapped......


 and a bright red flower bloomed!


「It's amazing!」「Amazing!」


 Elena had been fascinated―

 Aya blinked her eyes with surprise.




 Exactly at that moment, in the vicinity of that inn―


 trees grew one after another , grasses sprung up with *rustle rustle* or some such. The mysterious phenomenon which cause was unknown had been witnessed by many......

[1] 犬人族 any good alternative race name?