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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 182 - Tower of sunrise’s underground’s fourth floor’s boss battle

 I dashed toward the『Earth golem』and initiated the preemptive strike.


 But, it put up its guard and repelled my sword.



 In order to rebuild my stance, I took a distance with a back step but―

 as if it was aiming at that, the Golem rapidly approached and threw a【right straight】.


 I promptly guarded it with the sword of trial but―

 I didn't manage to kill off the shock and had been blown away.




 I took an ukemi[1] and quickly restored my stance but―



 a big rock loomed in front of me!




 When I jumped to the side with all my strength and dodged it―

 the big rock passed by my side with a frightful momentum, it crashed against the Spatial Combat Protective Barrier and shattered along with a furious sound.



 When I sensed【Danger】from behind and looked back―

 the Golem was gliding on the floor and was approaching with frightful momentum.


 Doesn't a Golem normally have dull movements!?



 The Golem unleashed a【right straight】whilst riding the momentum.


 It's no use to put up my guard.

 I have to dodge it!


 I concentrated my mind on the enemy's attack and barely dodged the【right straight】.

 I sneaked into the Golem's chest, used the sword of trial to slash at the Golem's body and continued to escape to the side in order to avoid crashing against the Golem.



 The Golem suddenly stopped and turned its body this way―

 and greatly jumped backward, taking a distance.



 What's up with it taking a distance that much?


 The Golem lifted the floor underneath its feet with both hands, it rotated once with『gurun』the same way as in hammer throw and flung it away.


 So the rock that flew a while ago was this attack!



 Now, I have some room to spare in order to dodge it and prepare for the next attack.


 Sure enough, immediately after the fling attack, it unleashed a【right straight】again by approaching rapidly.


「It has only one attack pattern!」


 I dodged the【right straight】the same way as a little while ago, sneaked into the Golem's chest and slashed at it.


 Though I seem to be giving damage to some degree......

 when I used【appraisal】, its HP hadn't even reduced by 1% since it's so high. orz


「This will become a prolonged fight......」



 And then, after dodging the【Stone floor fling attack】once again, when I was going to do something......


 different from until now, the Golem stopped on its track and was shaking.

 What happened?



 When I observed to see what it is―


 the Golem began to shine!


 And then, the stone floor in the surrounding rose up with *crumble crumble* and wrapped the Golem up.


「What on earth is happening!?」



 The Golem who had been wrapped in stone floor had become a huge rock.


 Then, it started to rotate slowly―


 its rotational speed gradually sped up―


 and the speed had become frightful like a spinning top.



「I-, It seems to be dangerous!」





 As soon as the huge rock which was rotating rapidly flashed for a moment―

 countless【stone pellets】shot out in all directions.





 I set up a barrier which blocks【Earth magic】at once.

 However, the【stone pellets】broke through the barrier easily.


 Damn it!

 It's not【Earth magic】!?


 I lowered my stance, guarded my face with my arms and received the countless flying【stone pellets】.


「It hurts!!」


 The【stone pellets】continued to hit the various parts of my body.

 Only the groin haven't been hit thanks to me lowering my stance but my whole body have been covered with wounds.



 When the【stone pellets】which continued to be shot out for quite some time finally ceased―

 My HP have been reduced by about half.


「I-, I thought I'm gonna die......」


 However, if I receive it again, I will surely be killed.

 I mustn't receive that attack!



 The Golem returned to its original appearance and resumed attacking after a brief pause.



 However, in the same pattern as a little while ago―

 it repeated its two attack pattern,

 the approach then【right straight】and the take a distance then【Stone floor fling attack】.


「I've seen all of these attacks.」


 I've adopted a counter-attack to the【right straight】, shaving off the Golem's HP little by little.



 However, it stopped its feet and began to shake again.


「I'm not gonna let you do it!」


 I drew near to the Golem who was trying to shoot the【Omnidirectional stone pellets】and attacked the defenseless Golem.

 As I thought, the Golem continued to receive my attacks without doing anything.


 However, with the stone floor covering the Golem, my attacks weren't able to inflict any damage to the Golem.





 The huge rock which engulfed the Golem began to rotate again.



「Dangerous, what to do, what to do!?」


 The【omnidirectional stone pellets】doesn't have any blind spot even from above since the【stone pellets】really flew out in every direction rather than 360 degrees.


 Am I really going to die here?


 However, I'm glad that I didn't bring those fellows here.

 We will surely be wiped out if we received such attack.


 Elena, Aya, Hilda and......Lela too.

 Though it was a short period, it was quite fun......









 Not a chance......


 I don't want to die!


 I'm not gonna die as a DT!!



 Think, there must be a way to survive!!





 A light bulb lit up on top of my head for the first time in a long time.



「So there's a safe zone!!」



 I moved to a certain spot with【teleportation】.


 Immediately after I fell into this place, the『rock』which was rolling from behind me also fell!

 I hid behind the『rock』.



 The『rock』defended against【stone pellets】.



 Countless【stone pellets】passed through near the side of my body and the vibration of【stone pellets】hitting the『rock』had been transmitted to my back.


「Phew, that was a close call!」



 When I was waiting for the【stone pellets】to be over while hiding behind the『rock』―

 I suddenly sensed【danger】

 then dashed away from the『rock』.



 Immediately after, the『rock』that I was hiding behind until awhile ago had been destroyed into pieces by the【right straight】of the Golem which had approached.



 The precious safe zone!!!」

[1] Art of falling safely