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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 181 - Tower of sunrise’s underground’s fourth floor

In the depths of the room which was one level higher and where I defeated the『Dragon Eel』, there were stairs which led down below.



 I took off the long trunks, changed into sneakers and started to go down the stairs towards the underground's fourth floor.



 I've been going down the stairs since a little while ago but......


 somehow, I have a foreboding.

 These stairs are smooth and soft as if they have been polished.


「The stairs will transform into a slide......」


 No way.



 Halfway down the stairs, I've become unable to take the next step.


「A trap will surely be activated if I took the next step.」


 My【Vigilance】magic was telling me that.




 Having said that, there's no other way to go down these stairs.


 I put my foot on the next step cautiously.




 I've heard a sound of something moving―

 and the stairs transformed into a slide as expected.





 I strengthen the frictional force under my feet using【Earth magic】and stood in place without slipping.


 But in the end, it's necessary to get off this slide.


 When I'm thinking what to do―

 a rattling sound can be heard upward.


「What could it be?」



 The sound was the sound of a huge rock rolling down.


「What a cliched development!!」



 With the approaching rock from behind, I ran down the slide.



 How far will I have to run?

 The rock is still chasing from behind.


 The next moment, the steps had been terminated exhilaratingly.




 I wonder what happened.

 The slide has been terminated midway and I've been thrown in the air.



「This may be bad!」


 I concentrated my whole energy to grasp the situation whilst free-falling.



 There was a vast space the size of a domed baseball stadium spread out at the bottom and I would soon hit the stone floor below.


 After casting【Body reinforcement】magic on myself, I concentrated on preparing to reduce the impact with【Earth magic】and got ready for crashing with the ground.





 As I landed, I dispersed the shock with【Earth magic】―

 and the shock which couldn't be removed ran through my whole body.




 I've got both my feet numb with the fall's impact.


 When I forcibly detached my numb feet off of the floor,

 I jumped forward with all my might and rolled over.





 Immediately after, the rock which had been rolling over from behind fell on the place where I've been a little while ago.




 I wiped the sweat off of my brows.




 I finally regained my composure and surveyed my surroundings.


 There were 64 pillars lined up in a circle at equal intervals surrounding the space slightly larger than a baseball field.


 However, about five of them haven't reached the bottom and are in the state of hanging.

 Is it a shoddy construction?



 A huge pillar also stood in the center of the space, near it......


 a huge stone statue stood.


 Is that the boss of this floor?

 Well, anyhow, there is no other enemy so it will be easier to battle a single monster.


 However, the atmosphere is clearly different from other floors.

 Did I by any chance finally reach the very bottom?




 I tried to approached the stone statue cautiously.


 Then, the stone statue raised its head and its eyes flashed dangerously.


 And, at the same time, from underneath the outermost wall of the underground space, a shining barrier-like something appeared and wrapped the whole underground space up in a hemispherical shape.


「What's that!?」


 When I tried to use【Appraisal】to that shining barrier-like something―



│【Spatial Combat Protective Barrier】

│A barrier which doesn't let a shock go outside,

│until it's released, it's impossible to escape.



「Impossible to escape!?」


 I tried to use【Teleportation】as a test―

 although it can be used inside the barrier, it can't be used to move outside!

 This is dangerous!


 I have to fight with my full strength!



 First, I used【Appraisal】to the enemy.



│Race: Earth Golem

│Level: 50

│HP: 23, 486

│MP: 3, 791

│Power: 558 Endurance: 737

│Ability: 225 Magic power: 225


│ Earth 5, Body reinforcement 5

│ Body techniques 5



 Dangerous, it's too dangerous!


 Its level is higher than mine,

 its Power and Endurance is nearly twice as much as mine!

 Its HP has reached up to five times as mine!



 I'm going to get married after this fight......





 It's a lie!

 I can't die as a DT!!


 I made full use of【Body reinforcement】magic,【Quick】and the like and began to run toward the boss!