Rebirth Online World

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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 177 - Trial

 I will have the official-like ojii-san of the『previous Demon Lord』make me a sword.



「A good sword isn't something that can be easily made.」




 The ojii-san brought a great sword.


「So therefore. Try using this sword first.



 When I received the sword that ojii-san handed over―


 I couldn't withstand the sudden weight applied to my hands and nearly dropped the sword.





 The rustic sword was heavier than it looks.


「With that sword, kill about 100 monsters.」


「With this sword!?

 Just what the heck is this sword?」


「That sword is called【Sword of trial】, a sword which records the habit of the user.」

「Records the habit?」


「That's right.

 Based on the habit that will be recorded, I will reforge the sword.

 And, by repeating that, it will get close to an『ultimate sword』one step at a time.」


「It seems to be somewhat amazing, isn't it?」

「Ou, of course.」


 While I'm at it, I'll use it to clear the tower of sunrise.



 Then, when I tried to use【appraisal】for the time being―



│【Sword of trial】

│A sword used to impose a trial

│It absorbs the user's habit and becomes strong.

│Rarity: ★★★★

│Trial: Monster subjugation 0/100



 The entry『trial』is listed!

 Interesting, it seems achieving this will enable it to strengthen.


 I shook hands with the Ojii-san and left the Weapon Shop.


 The payment?

 The payment seems to be fine at the time of reforging.


 Now, I want to try out this new sword quickly!




 We came back to Shinju town to pick up Lela.


「We're back, Lela.」

「Welcome back, Seiji.」


「Were you parent and child able to relax privately?」

「Nothing relaxing at all, we only talked about the future things and the like.」


 That's serious.

 Is this what they call the sense of responsibility as an aristocrat?

 But their sense of responsibility sometimes run out of control.



「Well then, we're going to back to Ikebu town.」





 We returned to Ikebu town.

 The outside had been completely dyed in red by the setting sun.



「But it seemed to be early to come home.

 Since I will go to capture the tower of sunrise for a little,

 finish your dinner and sleep early, everyone.」



 You're alone, oniichan?」

「Seiji-sama, please take me along as well.」

「M-, Me too, can I go with you?」


 It seems the three people want to come along.

 Hilda has said nothing but stares at me with lonely eyes.



「Stinking water has been accumulated in the underground, do you want to go?」

「Ah, is that so...... on second thought, no.」

「I-, It's, fine.」



 It seems everyone doesn't want to go.

 Well, it's natural, right?



「Well then, I'm off.」


 I shook off Elena's restraint and moved to the entrance of the tower of sunrise with【Teleportation】.




 I showed the【entrance permit】to the soldiers guarding the entrance of the tower and sneaked into the tower alone.


 I held the【Sword of trial】in my left hand,

 and advanced through the dungeon by skip in a cheerful mood.


 At any rate, it's a new sword.

 I've been raring to try it out, you know~.



 I came over to the room where the stairs to the underground which had been referred to as pitfall were.


 I took out【long trunks】from the inventory and put it on top of the pants.




 I fired myself up and moved toward the bottom of the hole using【Teleportation】.





 Because my steps were unstable, I nearly fell down. I somehow managed to completely avoid being plunged into the stinking water.



「First, check the map.」


 The map of the underground has yet to be filled but this room alone.

 Though I can see several red dots, I don't know the identity of the enemies yet.


 However, since the main purpose is to try out the sword, I advance towards the nearest red dot whilst submerging in the stinking water until around the knee.



「The enemy is on the other side of this door, huh.」


 In front of my eyes, there's a sturdy-looking door which should lead to a room.

 The nearest red dot is on the other side of this door.



 After turning the handle attached to the heavy door, I opened it slowly.


 It's also filled with stinking water the same height as the passage in the room.

 Well, if the height of the water isn't different, I wouldn't be able to open the door due to the water pressure.



 When I peeked inside the room―


 there was nothing inside.



 That's strange, even though it's displaying a red dot......」


 I entered the room carefully but didn't find a figure of a monster.

 With【Information magic】+【Water magic】, I should be able to find the enemy in the water......



 When I looked around restlessly―


 I felt【danger】from above and jumped to the side with all my might.



 The thing which fell from above―

 was a slime.


「I was surprised!」



 The slime is red and it seems I have to crush a sphere 1 meter in diameter.

 Looking from the outside, the slime looks bigger and the color is also different.


 That fellow advanced toward me while being half submerged in the stinking water.




 I broke out of the water a little from my position and performed a jump attack.


 I drew the sword of trial during the critical moment and hit the slime......


 I've tried to but I can't attack well since it's too heavy.


「Shit, it's too heavy......」


 Although I've dodged the slime's attack somehow, there's no meaning since I can't attack.



 The slime made the same attack once again.

 I took the sword of trial's weight into account this time, I started the attack motion a little earlier and was able to make the attack hit the slime successfully.


 However, although the attack was a hit, it wasn't able to slice it off and only send the slime flying.


「The sword of trial is quite difficult.」



 The slime which had been blown away by me hit the room's wall―


 producing a『crunch』sound.



 Even though it's a slime, why does such sound comes out?」



 In the next instant!

 The slime burst into flames like a match caught on fire along with crackling sounds.




 The slime advances in the stinking water towards me whilst burning.

 And, somehow, the slime have become larger~.




 It's not it!

 The slime's fire spreads through the stinking water!?




 I promptly jumped toward the outside of the room,

 and closed the heavy door with all my might.


「I-, It was dangerous.」


 From the other side of the door that I've closed, crackling and burning sounds can be heard.



 I've been submerged to my knees the whole time a little while ago, this【stinking water】......


 When I used【Appraisal】―


 it was【oil】......



 When I dropped the torch at the beginning, it didn't spread properly......