Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 176 - Demonkind’s town’s ojii-san

 We were exploring the demonkind's town.


 While we are restlessly looking around the town curiously,

 the demonkind is also staring at us,

 it seems humans are rare in here.


 People come and go, children play, the shops are filled with goods.

 The townscape and the people look ominous but the scenery of the town is pretty decent.


 There were many southern-country-like goods.



「Let's try to eat that~.」


 Aya was pointing at a bright red soup that contained various ingredients.

 It seems to be spicy.


「I abstain.」


 Elena and Hilda also shook their heads in disapproval.


「Then, it's just me, huh. Buy it, oniichan.」


 As usual, the rude imouto of ani manipulation.



 Aurum is the currency of the human country but since it can't be used in this town, I asked Bunmi-san and had him exchange the money.

 The currency of this country seems to be called『Silva』, at 1 Aurum = 10 Silva, I have about 10, 000 Silva in hand.


「Excuse me, how much is one serving?」

「It's 12 Silva.」


 By paying 12 Silva, I have received a bright red soup served in a nutshell the size of a squash from the obaa-chan(?) of the stall.

 The soup comes with two wooden sticks, they will probably be used as chopsticks.


「Here, Aya. I bought it.」

「Thank you!」


 Aya has begun to eat the bright red soup in front of the stall.



「You don't say.」


「But, it's delicious!」

「It's delicious!?」



 When Aya is eating the bright red soup―

 The obaa-chan(?) of the stall talked.


「You can use chopsticks in spite of being a human, huh.」


「Obaa-chan, are you knowledgeable with the humans?」


「Stop calling me obaa-chan, even if I look like this, I'm still 100 years old.」

「100 years old!?」


 Aya was surprised.

 Well, it was expected, the average life span will surely be different.



「Oh, that's right. The humans can only live until around 50 years old, huh. How sad.」


 Is the life span of the humans in this world 50 years?

 But there's a recovery magic in this world, I wonder if the Earth's medicines can save the people's lives.


「How long does the demonkind lives?」

「Investigating, huh~. It's around 200 years or so.」


 About 4 times or so, huh.

 That means a 100-year-old demonkind is equal to a 25-year-old human?


 Mai-san is too young after all, it seems to be the influence of being descended from the demonkind.




 We parted with the obaa-san... onee-san of the stall―

 and came over to a certain shop.


「May I come in?」

「Hou, it's rare for humans to enter this town.

 That reminds me, someone had said that a human merchant came here.」


 The one in the shop is an ojii-san dwarf.

 『Gamudo』-san of Nippo town is also an ojii-san with a bearded face but―

 this person seems to be older many times over.



「I have a letter of introduction from the Demon Lord.」

「What!? Demon Lord's letter of introduction!?」


 I handed the letter of introduction which I got after the audience to the ojii-san.



「Make a katana for the human!?」


 Yes, I intimida-... asked the Demon Lord and had him introduced the blacksmith who made the Demon Lord's katana.



「There's also a letter of introduction, can you please make me one?」



 The ojii-san went into the depths of the store in silence.


 As I thought so, he suddenly reappears and beckons.


 When I follow the ojii-san with everyone―


 we appeared in the backyard.

 What a sense of deja vu......



「Try to hold this.」


 The ojii-san drew a somewhat larger sword which he held in his hands out of its sheath and handed it to me.

 When I received it, it was so heavy.


「……You have this much power, like a certain someone.」


 You're testing me after all, huh.

 Ohhh, let's do it!



 This time, he brought a straw post.


「Try to slash this with the sword.

 I said slice it off not knock it down, okay?

 Generally, when it comes to human sword―

 if you ask me, it's only an ordinary sharp iron stick!」


 He mumbles some complaint......

 it seems he doesn't like human swords very much.


「Come on, try it if you can.」


 Ok, ok, I'll do it.


「Excuse me, can you also lend me the sheath?」

「N?  The sheath? Well, alright but......」


 When I received the sheath, I put the sword into the sheath.


「What are you intending to do?」



 I held the sheathed sword in my left hand and approached the straw post.


 I stooped down and placed my right hand on the sword's handle―

 concentrating on the straw post.


 Body reinforcement, strengthening myself with Space-time magic.

 Firmly rooting my feet with Earth magic.

 Tearing up the wind with Wind magic.




 Instantly, a soft breeze dances around me.


 I turned back, approached the ojii-san and returned the sword.


「Seiji-sama, why are you giving up?」

「N?  That's not the case though.」


 When Elena is making a strange expression―

 Aya approached the straw post and poked it with *tsun tsun*.

 Then, the straw post slid off diagonally with *zu zu* and its upper half fell down with *koron*.


「It has already been sliced off!

 I didn't see it at all.」


 Hilda and ojii-san's eyes turned into dots.



 Ojii-san had his eyes turned into dots for a while but―


「Guwahahahaha! This is pleasant!」


 he suddenly began to laugh out loud.


「Since that youngster handed a letter of introduction, I was wondering what kind of a guy you are.

 An inconceivable human!」


 Apparently, he seemed to be happy with my performance.

 However, this ojii-san who called the Demon Lord a youngster, who on earth could he be?



「Although I was told to make a sword equal to the sword of the Demon Lord, such a『toy sword』is unworthy of you.

 I'll make you a sword that is equal to the one I had made for the previous Demon Lord.」


「That is a『toy sword』?」

「Calling himself as the Demon Lord, he's at best a brat compared to the previous Demon Lord. A『toy sword』is enough for such a guy.」


 It seems that this ojii-san is like an official of the『previous Demon Lord』.