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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 174 - Demonkind’s town


「Oh, Lela!!」


 It's an emotional reunion of the parent who tried to kill me and the daughter who tried to kill my imouto.



「You've brought Seiji, huh. You've gone to a lot of trouble.」


 He's proud as ever.


「Well, it's only incidentally.」

「Incidentally? Is there anything you want?」



「I'm looking for【purple nettle】, do you have any idea where I can find it?」

「Ah, in that case, it's one of the trade items of the demonkind.」


「Oh, that's convenient.

 Is it possible for me to buy it?」

「It's a little difficult since it's a valuable article.」


「Well, I will be able to get it if I go to the demonkind's town,

 so I'm just going to go there directly and get it.」





 We decided to leave Lela and go to the demonkind's town.


 When I check the map, that path toward the demonkind's town that Azide-san had passed has been displayed.


 Setting the entrance of demonkind's town as the target, we moved there using【Teleportation】.



「What are you guys!?」


 The soldier guarding the entrance of the town was surprised and vigilant at us who suddenly appeared.


「Hello, good day. I'm the adventurer『Seiji』that came from the human's town.

 I'd like to ask permission to enter the town, what kind of procedures should be done?」


「What!? It's Seiji!?

 Please wait a moment.」


 As soon as he heard my name, his attitude had changed.



 The soldier called a boss looking someone.


「You're Seiji-dono.

 And everyone else is someone who had played an active role at that time of the war too.

 Ah!  Isn't that the small human child who distributed the thing called『candy』!?」


 This boss-san seems like a person who had participated in the war.

 Besides, he also remembers Hilda.


「That『candy』was very delicious. Thank you.

 Oh, that's right. You don't understand demonkind's language, do you?」

「No, I understand it.

 I'm also happy that you like it!」


 Because everyone has a【Magic stone of temporary language +2】, demonkind's language doesn't have any problem.


 The demonkind boss and the slave Hilda shook hands with a smile.

 Somehow, they treat her better than in the human country.



「I've been instructed by Demon Lord-sama to guide you politely.

 This way, please.」


 We've been guided with VIP treatment by the demonkind boss.




「S-, Seiji, you've come.」

「Ah, greetings.」


 Inside the room which can really be called an audience hall of a building which can really be called the Demon Lord's castle, we are being surrounded by an army of demonkind soldiers―


 and having an audience with the『Demonkind's king』also known as『Demon Lord』.


 Somehow, it feels like the Demon Lord is nervous.

 Though I'm not saying this to make fun of him in particular, he's too scared.



 The audience room had been wrapped in a heavy atmosphere.


 I didn't come for this~.



 I had severed my ties with the sad nature of Japanese people and couldn't endure the silence anymore so I began to stir the talk my way.


「Well, I've come all the way in search of something called【purple nettle】this time.

 If possible, I'd like to receive trade permission. How is it?」


「O-, Ou. I see, I see!

 You, in the previous battle, on some level・・・・performed an active role.

 Special・・trade permission granted.」

「Thank you very much.」


 When I behaved modestly a little, you get carried away immediately.

 Well, there's also something called Demon Lord's standpoint, let's leave it here to save him face.



「Bunmi wanted to meet you. Meet him afterwards.」

「I understand.」



 If I'm not mistaken, it's the captain of demonkind's army. I wonder what business he has with me?



 We left the gloomy audience room behind and went to see Bunmi-san.




「Captain! I've brought Seiji-dono.」


 I was guided by a demonkind soldier and came over to Bunmi-san's office.


「Excuse me.」

「Oh, Seiji-dono. You've come.」


 Bunmi and I shook hands.

 A welcome like this was exactly the best.


「Oi, Seiji-dono has come.」



 When Bunmi-san called out to someone, a woman appeared from the next room.


「You've come, Seiji, Hilda.」



 The woman who appeared from the next room―


 was Cassandra-san!



 Cassandra-san was dressed in demonkind's native dress and her cat eats moved with piko piko.




 Hilda and I were surprised at her sudden appearance.


「Why are you here, Cassandra-san?」



 The one who answered was Bunmi-san.


「Cassandra and I are getting married.」