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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 172 - Mai-san’s secret

「Welcome back, oniichan......

 Tsu! What happened to Mai-san!?」

「Please heal her, Elena.」

「Y-, Yes!」



 With Elena's recovery magic, the swelling of Mai-san's limbs was healed in a moment.


「This is amazing. What kind of occurrence is this?」

「Well, Elena is good at『good luck charm』.」


「『Good luck charm』, huh.

 Well, I decided not to ask about it since I lost.」

「Mai-san lost!?

 Niichan!  What does it mean?」



 That reminds me, what happened to Hilda?」

「Don't try to change the subject!

 Hilda-chan had already went to bed since she was sleepy!」


「Aya-kun, it's not it.

 I challenged oniisan to a fight forcibly,

 and I self-destruct on my own.」

「Why did you want to fight oniichan?」

「Well, I noticed that oniisan was strong for some time.

 But I didn't think that he's strong to this extent.」


 Mai-san looks happy for some reason while saying such a thing.


「Uh-oh, I promised that I'll listen to anything you say if I lose, didn't I?

 Please say anything.」



「I wasn't the one who proposed it!」


「Yes, it's my distinction.

 I attacked an opponent who wasn't retaliating. I'll lose my honor if it wouldn't be allowed.」

「Un, I understand. But you must not give a naughty order!」

「I won't!」


「M-, My body grows slowly.

 Don't you think it's not interesting?」


 Why does Mai-san's cheeks redden?

 I'm not like that!!


「Well, don't hesitate and say anything, oniisan.

 I-, I'm prepared......」

「I understand already, please hold still then.

 Because I'll just take a peek・・・・」



「P-, Peek!?」

「Uhh, don't misunderstand, okay?

 I'll only use【Appraisal】.」



「Oh, how should I say it, it's something like『divination』.

 I'll just have a look at what kind of person Mai-san is.」

「I-, I see. Alright, do it.」


 Mai-san laid down and sprawled on the carpet like 'a carp laid on a chopping board'[1].

 You don't have to go that far......


「Then, here it goes.」

「O-, Ou.」



「*blood rising!* T-, There's something peeping through me!

 T-, This is embarrassing......」


 She realized it!?




 I've seen something unexpected.

 What should I do?




│Name: Kawai Mai

│Race: Quarter demonkind

│Occupation: Karate practitioner

│Level: 11

│HP: 2, 800

│MP: 1, 550

│Power: 245 Endurance: 240

│Ability: 183 Magic power: 155


│ Fire 3, Body reinforcement 3

│ Magic power perception 3

│ Body techniques 5, Staff techniques 5

│ Sword art 3, Short blades techniques 4




 The first that should be noted is, she has acquired magic.

 【Fie magic】and【Body reinforcement】are already expected but【Magic power perception】!


 There also seems to be various weapon skills that can be used.



 And, the most problematic―


 is the『Race: Quarter demonkind』!!!


 Does it mean that 1/4 of demonkind's blood is flowing through her?



「Mai-san, may I ask a question?」

「What is it?」


「Is there anything unusual with Mai-san's ojii-san or obaa-san?」

「N?  Ojii-san or Obaa-san?

 That reminds me, I've heard that my maternal ojii-san was a person who looks like an oni.」


 Was he a demonkind?

 But how did a demonkind get into Japan?


「Have you met your ojii-san?」

「I haven't met him.

 Is my strange power, by any chance, ojii-san's?」



「I see, okaa-san and I is probably like this because of ojiii-san.」

「What kind of person is your okaa-san, Mai-san?」


「She grows slow like me, we are often mistaken as sisters when we are together.」


 Mother and daughter are mistaken as sisters......

 I've often heard such story but,

 in the case of Mai-san, the circumstances are totally different.


 What kind of person would an okaa-san be for her to be mistaken as Mai-san's sister?

 I'd like to meet her by all means.


 And, an otousan who married such an okaa-san, isn't it out?



「By the way, that ojii-san-like oni, how is he now?」

「I don't know.

 Only obaa-san have met ojii-san,

 and it seems obaa-san had only been together with that person for one night.

 And she conceived okaa-san by then.

 She remained unmarried and brought up okaa-san.」


 It's somehow an amazing story.


 Only one night, nobody had seen him after that......

 Did he come from the other world to Japan and immediately returned to his original world?

 If it's the case, is he a demonkind of Elena's world?


 There may be some information if I go to the demonkind's town.

 I'll try to investigate it since I have nothing to lose.



 Mai-san stayed at our house that day.

[1] A carp laid on a chopping board means (1) a critical situation you cannot avoid, and (2) a person who is self-poised at such a critical moment.This metaphor comes from the legend that carp is still and composed unlike other fish, like eel when laid on a chopping board.