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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 171 - Mai-san’s trump card

「Wai-!  What are you doing, Mai-san!?」


 Mai-san's roundhouse kick grazed the tip of my nose.


「Uwa! Dangerous!」


 This time, she performs a foot sweep kick.

 Afterwards, fists and kicks fly unceasingly.

 As expected of Mai-san, her continuous attack has a tremendous speed.

 Her attack's sharpness and speed, it's probably above the demonkind's king?


 Though her reach is too short, her attacks reach far for some reason. What's happening?



 I kept dodging Mai-san's attacks for a while when she temporarily took a distance and―


「As expected of Aya-kun's oniisan.

 That blow also didn't hit......」


「Mai-san, let's stop this already.

 How about calling it a draw?」


「I don't want to stop such an interesting fight midway!」


 When Mai-san said so―


 she disappeared!?


 The next moment, I sensed『Danger』from behind. When I dodged to the side whilst looking back―

 Mai-san's flying kick came flying from behind.



「To even dodged this technique......

 Do you have eyes in your back, oniisan?」


 Whilst saying such a thing, Mai-san disappeared again.


 This time, I sensed『danger』from the side, Mai-san's fist had already been drawn before my eyes.

 It can't be dodged!




「It seems oniisan couldn't dodge this either.」


 Mai-san's fist had been blocked by my palm.


 She seems to be happy that it's being guarded rather than dodged. Mai-san attacks one after another.




 A pleasant sound successively resounded.




 Though it's frightfully good sharp attack......

 it's a little light.



「I know what you want to say.

 You're going to say that my attack is light, isn't it?」


 Well, even if I say it's light, it's not to that extent either,

 the extent of sharpness is more than enough to offset the lightness.

 Though I think that there's no need to worry to that extent......


「But you know, this proved to be inevitable, right?」


 Mai-san looks slightly regrettable.


「I'm starting to be like okaa-san, it's undoubtedly hereditary.」


 Mai-san's okaa-san, huh...... they might be look alike.


「But, even if it's me, it doesn't mean that you don't have to take any countermeasure.」




 Mai-san took a stance that looks like a manga protagonist storing up power of something……

 seriously, it began to store some kind of power.


 It's different. That's magic!

 Mai-san is using some kind of magic.


 When Mai-san finished casting some kind of magic on herself―

 she smiled broadly.


「Come on, I'll show you my seriousness!」





 When I blocked Mai-san's forefist middle thrust, a shock reverberated toward the core of my body.

 What on earth is this!? It's clearly different from a little while ago.



 Mai-san's fierce attacks continue yet again.

 Moreover, the power of the attack gradually increases!?


 After an intense continuous attacks, Mai-san......



 threw a blow containing all her might toward me.




 An intense shock passed through the core of the body and the bone creaked, giving off an unpleasant sound.


 The one who couldn't endure the pain and fell down in place, unable to move…… was Mai-san......



「Mai-san, are you alright!?」

「Even with the state of taking out my trump card, it's my lost……」


 A drop of tear rolled down Mai-san's cheek who fell down in the park's plaza.


 If one look closely, Mai-san's limbs have become swollen red.


「Mai-san, your hands and feet!?」

「I've been told by okaa-san that that technique shouldn't be used because the backlash is strong.

 When my attack didn't work, I've become irritated......」


 Mai-san seems to be in pain.

 This is bad!!


 In times like this......




 I carried Mai-san and ran toward the house.


 However, this situation......

 I'll be certainly caught if I were to be seen......


 While worrying about it―


 A policeman is on his way!!

 This is bad!!

 Now of all times!!


 I promptly hid in the shadow of the vending machine.


「What's wrong, oniisan?」



 The policeman slowly approaches.


 I can't take it anymore!

 I have no choice but to use it, huh.



 I disappeared using【Night shade】and ran past from the side of the policeman.



「What's this!? My body disappeared!?」


 I smiled at the surprised Mai-san.



 After being deprived of freedom to her hands and feet,

 and being carried by a 30 year old DT,

 the little girl who had her cheeks wet with tears―


 had been successfully brought home.