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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 170 - The little girl and the night park

I took the girls and went to a yakiniku shop.

 We partied to celebrate the resolution of Ringo's incident.


 Along the way, Hilda was amazed for seeing the Japanese landscape for the first time, since Elena held her hands, matters like getting lost had been avoided.



「Alright, it's my treat. Please don't hold back and eat anything~.」



 One has to try having a lavish feast like this once, right~?



 Yurie-san ordered a cola for Hilda to drink, Hilda was surprised at the carbonic acid and couldn't swallow it, it was serious.

 Mai-san only ate galbi[1].

 Ringo fed me who had an injured hand diligently.



「「Thanks for the meal.」」


 It has become a considerable amount of money but since I’ve got a lot from the President, it's no problem.



 On the way back, Aya and the others went home ahead,

 while I escorted Mai-san, Yurie-san, and Ringo to the station.



「Ah, that's right.

 Please take these you three.」


 I took out accessories from the bag and gave them to the three.


「Oh, the accessories I've designed.」


 Though I had her to provide the metal pins, it had been left unattended because of the incident.


 All three of them were overjoyed, Mai-san and Yurie-san put the accessories on with each other―


 and I put it on Ringo.


「Thank you, Seiji-san.」

「You only have to design, I'll make them as many as you as like.」



 The material is just electrolyzed silver coin, it's so cheap compared to Ringo's smile.



「Once I have a new design, I'll come again, okay?」

「I’ll come again to lick Aya-chan.」


 Oi, hey! Yurie-san!


「See you later......」


 N?  See you later?

 What is Mai-san talking about?

 Well, whatever.




 After seeing the three people off, I tried to go home using【Teleportation】.

 But I felt someone's gaze so I decided to walk for a while to see the situation.

 But, the sign continued to follow.


 What on earth does it intend to do?



 I walked into a deserted night park.


 I stopped in the central plaza of the park―


「Don't hide forever, why don't you come out?」


 When I said so―

 a lone little girl showed up from the shadow of a tree.


「I've been noticed after all, huh.」


 It was Mai-san.


「Didn't you go home with Yurie-san and Ringo?」

「My home is in the opposite direction to those children's. I ran after oniisan after parting with them on the way.」


「So that's what you mean by 'see you later', huh. What business do you have with me?」



「I have about 2 favor to ask.」


「Are they favors difficult to ask around other people?」




 When she said so, Mai-san took a karate stance.

 And something like killing energy wrapped around Mai-san.


 When I promptly took some distance―


 Mai-san's【forefist middle thrust[2]】burst into flames.



 『Burst into flames』wasn't a metaphor, fire really came out.


 She had reached the point where she can use that technique without the accessory, huh.


「【Exploding fist】...」


 Great, it's the special move that『Magical girl Ran of flame』uses in the anime『Magical girl・C』.


「Yes,【Exploding fist】.

 Oniisan isn't too surprised, huh.」

「I'm surprised. Unexpectedly, such a technique can be used.」


「Aren't you surprised in the wrong way?

 You're unusually surprised that I can use this technique,

 normally, you should be surprised at this technique itself.」




「Oh, I'm surprised.

 Why did a fire come out~?」

「Oniisan is bad at lying, huh.」


 Mai-san slipped out a chuckle.



「I want you to tell me if you know something about this phenomenon...... will you tell me?」

「Oh, I don't know~.」


「Then, it can't be helped.」


 Good, she gave up, huh.



「Then, the second favor.」

「There's still something?」



「Please, fight with me.」





「I wanted to fight against oniisan for some time now.」

「Even if you say such a thing, I'm just an ordinary office worker, you know?」


「Aya-kun is also strong but oniisan is probably stronger, right?」

「No, no. There's no such thing.」



「Do you really not want to fight?」

「If I'm to be seen fighting against Mai-san, I'm going to be reported to the police.」


 No matter how you look at it, Mai-san has an appearance of a JS[3]~.


「Then, how about this?

 If you win against me, I'll listen to whatever you want me to do once?」

「No, no! A girl must not say such thing carelessly!」


「As expected, you're confident that you can win against me, right?」




「It seems to be right on the mark, huh.

 Then, if I win, I'll have you to tell me about the matter of【Exploding fist】.」


 Mai-san said so and―

 leaving no opportunity for denial or refusal―



[1] Galbi or kalbi generally refers to a variety of gui or grilled dishes inKorean cuisine that are made with marinated beef (or porkshort ribs in aganjang-based sauce (Korean soy sauce). - Wikipedia

[2] Formerly translated or romanized rather as Seikendzuki/Seiken zuki.“Seiken zuki” is to punch with the fist in a way that the joints of the forefinger and the middle finger (2 knuckles) will hit the opponent.

[3] Joshi Shogakusei(elementary school girls)