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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 169 - Ringo’s choker

Since my work hadn't progressed much after observing Elena and Hilda in the morning, I'll work properly in the afternoon.



 Oh, Elena and Hilda are studying.

 Elena is studying science.

 She seems to be focusing on reading the part about fire.


 Hilda is reading a picture book.

 She seems to be glad that she can read the characters and look very happy.



 Uh-oh not good, work, work.


 As I thought so, my smartphone has received an email.

 When I pretend to go to the restroom and check the email inside the toilet stall―

 it's from Nancy.

 The round-the-world trip is over and she is informing me that she has returned to America.

 Yes! I can now go to America using【Teleporation】with this.


 After writing and sending a reply to Nancy, I went back to work.



 Somehow, I don't feel like doing the remaining work in the end.......




 When I finished working and went home―


 「「Welcome home!」」

 「I'm home.」


 Elena and Hilda greeted me.

 What a happy feeling.


「Seiji-sama, I'll do your shoulders.」

「Seiji-sama, I'll make you tea.」


 Elena massaged my shoulders as usual,

 and Hilda made tea.


 She probably learned how to make tea from Elena.

 I say, this is like paradise~.



 When I'm completely savoring the feeling of paradise―


 the chime rang.





 When I get the door to see who it is―


「Good evening, Seiji-san.」


 It was Ringo.


「Welcome, what brings you here, Ringo?」


 I'm told to call by her name「Ringo」without honorifics but it's still embarrassing.


「I promised Aya to visit the house before.」


「Aya, that fellow is hopeless~.

 Well, come in, come in.」

「Pardon the intrusio~n.」


 I invited Ringo in.


「Good evening, Elena-chan.

 Eh? This girl is?」

「Ringo-san, good evening.

 This girl is Hilda. Hilda, your greetings.」


「Y-, yes. I-, It's Hilda.」

「Good evening, Hilda-chan.

 I'm Ringo, best regards.」


 Ringo stares at Hilda's collar.

 Did I mess up?



「That Hilda-chan's collar......

 it doesn't look too good on Hilda-chan......」


 What to do, I have to give an explanation somehow.


「Uh, actually, that collar is a religious thing and it seems to be no good to take it off.」

「N?  It's no good to take it off!?」


 Ringo observes Hilda's collar slowly and carefully.

 Did I messed up saying such a thing immediately?......


「I see~.

 This is a design that make it seem like it consumes magic, isn't it?」

「N!? You understand it?」



 It's impossible to understand it, isn't that right?



「Ah, that's right!

 May I borrow a table, Seiji-san?」

「Okay but what will you do?」


 Ringo opened her bag, took out tools of something or other and began to arrange it on the table.



「If you can't take it off―」

「If you can't take it off?」


「It can be decorated instead!」


 When Ringo said so, she took out wires and bead-like things and began to make a necklace.



 The necklace has been completed immediately―


「If you attached this on the collar.」


 Ringo installed the necklace on Hilda's collar.


「Look, it became pretty.」



 The sinister【Slave collar】of Hilda had been transformed into a lovely ethnic style choker.


「Ringo-san is amazing!」


 Elena was delighted,

 and Hilda had her eyes round while looking at the mirror.


 With this, it seems to be alright for her to go outside.


「Thanks, Ringo!

 As expected of Ringo!」

「Iyaa, when Seiji-san said that much, I feel embarrassed.」


「It was good, Hilda.

 Come one, you have to thank Ringo.」

「Y-, yes. Thank you very much!」


 Ringo, who was being thanked, kept on being embarrassed.




 Aya came home after a while.


「I'm home.~」


「「Sorry for disturbing you.」」


 Together with Mai-san and Yurie-san too.



「Come i-「What! This girl!」」


 Yurie-san attacked as soon as she found Hilda.


「Kyaa! Cute!

 Haa haa......

 w-, won't you take a bath together with o-, oneesan?」


 She rushed toward Hilda and hugged *rubs rubs* her faster than anyone else.


 S, Stupid, I wasn't able to follow her even with my eyes too!?


 Hilda is completely scared.



「Yurie! What are you doing!?」


 Yurie-san got a chop by Mai-san and collapsed.


「I'm sorry that Yurie caused you trouble.」


「S-, Seiji-samaa!」


 Hilda was scared and hid behind me.


「Hilda, though Yurie-san is a bit strange person, it's fine since she's not a bad person.」

「Y-, yes......」


 Yurie-san, who had received recovery magic from Elena, immediately became conscious and began to *rubs rubs* to Elena this time.

 Elena smiled wryly but, oh well, it would be okay to leave it alone.




「By the way, why have you gathered today?」

「That's because of me.」


 Ringo started to talk.



「I've caused various troubles to everyone because of my stalker incident―

 the culprit has been caught, I also finished moving and I want to thank everyone properly,

 thank you very much, everyone.」


 Ringo deeply bowed and said so.


「Especially Seiji-san who got hurt......

 Seiji-san is my savior.

 I'll do anything you like if I can do it.」


 N?  Did you say you are going to do anything I want just now?


「Then, take a bath with me!」


 Yurie-san who cut in on our serious conversation and said something unnecessary had been chopped by Mai-san again.