Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 167 - Activity plan meeting

We finished eating dinner. I made 2【Magic stone of temporary language +2】and gave them to Aya and Hilda.


「Is it fine for me to have this too, oniichan?」

「When we go to the other world, it's very hard to start a trade.

 Besides, everyone need it when we go overseas.」


「I want to travel overseas!」

「We will, soon.」


 Aya immediately became excited.

 We shouldn't have talked about going overseas......





 I connected a notebook PC to the TV in the living room and started to run a software for presentation.


「Well then, from here on,

 we're going to hold a『activity plan meeting』!」


 The characters『Activity plan meeting』was displayed in the TV with a whump.

 Aya applauded but Elena and Hilda were dumbfounded.



 The meeting proceeded smoothly and what we had been decided on were as follows:


1. Visit the mana crystals of every place and acquire magic.

2. Level up by working as adventurers.

3. Try to craft potions.


 From the objectives we had been decided before, only the『War resolution』had been disappeared.



 While we were having a discussion, Hilda was extremely drowsy.


「Hilda, are you okay? You seem to be quite sleepy.」

「I-, I'm alright!」


 You don't seem to be alright at all.


「If you're sleepy, why don't you go ahead and go to bed?」

「I-, I'm really okay.」


 Currently, it's 21:00 at night.

 It's no wonder since everyone is already asleep a long tine ago in that world.

 It may also be because she had a full stomach from dinner, making her sleepy.

 I'll carry her to the bed if she can't put up with the drowsiness.



 The meeting proceeds further.


 It had been decided that Elena and Hilda will study in order to acquire『magic』.

 Now that they could read books, they might be able to make progress quite easily with their study.

 Since Aya brought the textbooks she had used around the time when she was in elementary and junior high school, we decided to use it as teaching materials.


 Our activities as『adventurers』were going to be carried out with the capturing of the tower of sunrise as focus.

 We have to buy waders first.


 Since the『potioncraft』has to make curse dispelling potions in large quantities, it's important to secure the materials.

 It needs【Holy water】and【Purple nettle】.

 We need to decide whether to look for a place where the【purple nettle】is being sold around each town or to pick it up ourselves.

 We also need to decide whether to ask Lela to make【holy water】or acquire【Light magic】ourselves since it needs【Light magic】to make.



 Up to this point―

 Hilda had fallen asleep .


「She had fallen asleep, huh.」

「It's understandable~.」


「Now, where to lay her down? Is it fine in Aya's bed?」

「Un, it's fine. I already laid another futon next to Elena-chan's to sleep.」


「Then, help me since I'll carry Hilda.」



 I had Hilda, who was asleep, in princess carry and carried her to Aya's bed.




「Now then, Hilda had been put to sleep,

 let's talk about Hilda's circumstances but......」

「What do you plan to do with Hilda-chan, oniichan?」


「First, I want to release her from slavery.」

「Un, that's right.」「Eh!?」


 Aya has approved but Elena is surprised.


「Is there any problem, Elena?」

「Well, I think it's impossible to free a slave.」

「N?  Is that so?」


「I haven't heard something like a slave being released before,

 I don't know how you can release her either.」


 A slave has such treatment, huh......

 I'll try to ask even the king, the perpetrator who was going to make me a slave. He might know something.



「At any rate, in order for Hilda to become independent, teach her and have her acquire a lot of magic.

 Then, it might also be a good thing to have her learn how to read, write and calculate.」

「I understand, Seiji-sama.

 I'll teach Hilda. Please leave it to me.」


「Right, Elena.

 I ask you to teach her about fire in particular.」

「Okay, I understand.」




 When I woke up in my room the next morning,

 someone was in the side of the bed.


 Who is it?


「If it isn't Hilda, what's wrong?」


「Mo-, mo-, mo.」[1]

「Peaches?[2] Is something wrong with peaches?」


「I'm very sorry!」


 Hilda prostrated before me and broke into tears.


「Wait, Hilda. What's wrong?」


 When I look closely, Hilda's clothes are strange.

 Something is not right.


 When I observe slowly and carefully―



 Hilda's lower body part was stark naked......


「Hilda! Why are you dressed like that!?」


「Zorry, zorry.」


 However, Hilda kept apologizing while crying.


「Though I don't know why are you apologizing, wear some clothes quickly!」


 I tried to help Hilda to sit up in a hurry,

 at that moment......



「Oniichan, what are you making noise for in the morning?」


 Aya came into my room without knocking......


 I was helping Hilda, who had her lower body part stark naked and crying, to sit up and had a momentary power failure.



「Ni-, ni-, ni-, niichan!

 W-, w-, w-, what are you doing!!!?」


 The next moment, Aya's flying kick,

 sank into my face.






 When I came to, I was in the living room.


「Seiji-sama. Good, you've woken up.」


 I, whilst lying on Elena's lap, had Elena cast recovery magic.


「Huh? What on earth happened to me?」


「I-, I-, I'm sorry.」


 Hilda prostrates again.


「Can someone explain what's happening?」

「I'm sorry for the sudden kick a short time ago, oniichan.

 I'll explain.」


 According to Aya's explanation, Hilda seems to have『wet the bed』.


 She had fallen asleep without going to the toilet before going to bed. She woke up, wanting to go to the toilet but she didn't know where it was. She wanted to ask somebody but both Aya and Elena was asleep, based on the situation, it seemed that she persevered and went back to sleep.


「I didn't teach you how to use the toilet. Sorry, I didn't notice.」


「Oniichan, I'll teach Hilda how to use the things inside the house.」

「Oh, I'll leave it you.

 Hilda, you don't need to be depressed that much too.

 Everybody makes mistake.」


「T-, Thank you very much.」


 Hilda is still prostrating.


「Don't worry about it.

 Even Aya wet her bed until upper grades of primary school.」



 I lost consciousness again after receiving Aya's flying kick.

[1] She’s trying to say ‘申し訳ありません‘(Moushiwake arimasen).

[2] Momo = peach.