Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 164 - Hidden room

When I've confirmed the map of the third floor,

 all the places are filled up.


 And yet, there are no stairs.



 The strangest thing is the goblin general.

 Although I can confirm that there's a goblin general on the map,

 it's in a place surrounded by walls and impossible to go to.


 Is there also a hidden door?



「Didn't we pass here a little while ago, oniichan?」

「Umu, there seems to be a hidden room ahead but I don't know how to get there.」

「「「Hidden room?」」」


「Alright, let's look for the entrance of the hidden room everyone!」




 We weren't able to find it......


「I give up~.

 Since the boss, goblin general is in here,

 there's no doubt that there are stairs to the fourth floor~.」

「Shall we break the wall?」

「Stop it already.」


 Aya, without listening to me,

 touched the mud-like wall and invoked【Earth magic】.




「Uwa! The magic has been repelled!」

「It has become impossible to cheat, huh.」



 If we have only searched this place and there's no entrance,

 considering the possibility―


「It's seems to be from the bottom.」

「From the bottom?」


「I mean, the stairs that lead to the fourth floor is probably on the second floor?」

「No way.」



「This is the basis.」


 I projected the magic【Map】for everyone to see.


「Is this also a magic!? So there's such a magic too.」


 Lela was especially surprised.



「This is the map of the third floor

 and we're currently here in this place.

 The hidden room is just nearby,

 and the point/dot that can be seen in there

 is the reaction of the goblin general.」


「Even such a thing can be seen.

 That's good~.」



「And this is the map of the second floor.」


「Huh? Oniichan,

 on the second floor, there's a portion that isn't visible.」


「It's a place we haven't gone to.

 And now, isn't it in the same location as the place

 where we can't go in the map of the third floor a short time ago?」



「From there through the boss room of the third floor,

 I think we might be able to go to the fourth floor.」

「I see~. It's highly likely.」



「Alright then, let's go back to the second floor.

 Let's hold hands everybody.」


 Aya, Elena and Hilda immediately held hands together but

 Lela had a blank look.


「Come on, what are you doing? Hold hands.」

「What are you doing?」


 After I confirmed that Elena and Hilda took Lela's hand,

 I invoked【Teleportation】.







 Lela exclaimed.


 The atmosphere suddenly became chilly on the second floor.



「W-, What happened just now?

 The surroundings suddenly changed!?」


 Haven't I shown it to you before?」


「T-, That!?

 So this is the magic that makes you suddenly disappear.」


 Did you by any chance think that only my form had been disappearing?

 Well, whatever.



「Well then, just like earlier,

 let's look for the entrance of the hidden room everyone!」




 We weren't able to find it again......




 Perhaps, we're going to enter from the first floor?」


 Is there also a place we haven't gone to on the first floor?」

「Oh, that's right.」




 We used【Teleportation】again to the first floor.

 The atmosphere changed into earthy smell.



「Well then, again, again,

 let's look for the entrance of the hidden room~!」

「......」「「「Y-, Yes.」」」



 We weren't able to find it again......




「Oniichan, maybe......

 there's still an even more lower part, isn't there?」



「There is,『perhaps』from the beginning but......

 As I've thought, it's there after all, huh......」




 We used【Teleporation】again.


「Oniichan, where's this?

 Since the smell hasn't changed, it's still the first floor?」


「This is the place we've been when we first entered this tower―

 the『forked road』.」

「Ah, over there!

 We turned right in here at the beginning, right?」



 We head straight through the『Forked road』,

 and arrived at a huge room.



 And, in the center of the room―


is a big『pitfall?』with a gaping wide mouth.