Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 163 - Shiny××

What was in the room of the tower of sunrise's third floor......


 was a macho.


「What's that!?」


 The mysterious macho poses without taking notice of us who entered the room.


 And when each pose has been completed―

 his body faintly『shines』.



 I tried to use【Appraisal】and―



│Occupation: Goblin・bodybuilder

│Level: 15

│HP: 1, 730

│MP: 279

│Power: 56 Endurance: 65

│Ability: 23 Magic power: 30


│【Light magic】(Lv2)

│【Body reinforcement magic】(Lv2)

│【Body techniques】(Lv 1)




 This is a goblin?」


 When I was puzzled and surprised,

 the Goblin・bodybuilder,

 turned toward here whilst smiling sweetly.

 He struck a victory pose and shone.


 What on earth is this guy exactly?


 Everyone was also dumbfounded, looking at the guy.



 In the next moment,

 the【Vigilance】magic informed me of『Danger』.



 Before anyone knew it, someone rushed toward Lela.


「Lela! Beside you!!」



 Lela got tackled and had been blown away to the side.





 However, it didn't seem to have dealt that much damage,

 Lela immediately stood up.


「What on earth?」



 Looking at the guy who crashed into Lela with a tackle,

 it was a hobgoblin.

 Since when did it appear?


 No, that's not it! While we were looking at the goblin・bodybuilder, it approached.



 We immediately got ready for battle but......


 while we were doing so,

 the Goblin・bodybuilder struck a pose again and shone.





「Why am I,

 looking at the goblin・bodybuilder??」



 for some reason, I can't take my eyes off of the goblin・bodybuilder.







 Before anyone knew it, Aya had been blown away by the hobgoblin this time.


「A-, Aya! Are you okay!?」

「Y-, Yeah, somehow.」



 What is the meaning of this??

 For some reason, it's impossible to look away from the goblin・bodybuilder.


「It's dangerous, let's fall back for now.」





 We hurriedly left the room,

 and the enemy didn't come after us.



「What's that guy~?

 I don't understand it at all!」

「For some reason, we couldn't take our eyes off of that guy.」


 Aya and Lela have Elena to cast recovery magic on them.



「Perhaps, the goblin・bodybuilder was using some kind of magic, don't you think?」


「Is the goblin・bodybuilder that macho guy?」


「That's right,

 It's probably【Light magic】.」

「【Light magic】!?」


 Hearing the word【Light magic】, Lela snapped it up.



「Can you also do the same thing with【Light magic】, Lela?」

「N!? Me!?」


「You can do it for sure, try it.」

「......I-, I understand.」


 Lela, who seems to be embarrassed......



 struck a sexy pose.



「Uh~, Lela,

 it's not the pose but the magic......」


 Aya chuckled, seeing Lela's pose.


 Lela crouched down from being so embarrassed.


「Lela, only the magic is fine.」

「Say that first!!」


 Lela posed normally this time and began to use magic.


 The magic had been invoked and Lela's body was wrapped in light.


「Oh, Lela, it's a success! I can no longer look away!」

「T-, Truly!?」


 Lela, who seems to be happy, uses the magic many times

 and each time, my eyes are glued to Lela.


 I tried to check Lela's status,

 and【Visual attraction】magic was added to【Light magic】.

 She seemed to be able to freely choose whose visual was to be attracted.



「Uhm, Lela-san. It's fine already.」

「S-, Sorry. J-, Just......」


 Lela seems to be awakened from the joy of being the focus.




 Rebuilding our strategy, we rushed back into the room.


 Aya and Lela ran up to the goblin・bodybuilder at full speed,

 carrying out a pincer attack at the front and the back.


 And, Aya dealt a vital strike from behind―


 the goblin・bodybuilder tumbled down together with a 『Aah!』scream.



 The hobgoblin also appeared from the side as it paused for a short moment,

 it had been frozen in ice by Elena's magic.



「It was scary at first but

 it's an easy victory if we make a strategy properly, isn't it?」

「Aya is right but

 on the other hand, if we don't make a strategy properly,

 even such a weak enemy can be a threat to us.」


「I see,

 in other words, a strategy is important. Oniichan.」

「Something like that.」



 Hilda finished dismantling

 and brought the【Magic stone of faint light +1】and【Earth reinforcement magic stone +1】.


 Oh, something good has appeared this time.




 We continued to advance steadily.


 In the fight against the goblins in each room,

 Lela attracted the attention of the enemy with【Visual attraction】

 and from a defenseless blind spot, Aya and Elena attacked. It was a complete tactical pattern.



 And then, we,




 explored the third floor thoroughly.