Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 160 - Tower of sunrise’s second floor

 We started the exploration of the second floor.


 Aya is in the lead,

 followed by Lela, Elena, Hilda and me.


 We moved forward through the passage, entered the first room

 and were attacked by two foxes.


 Both of them sprung to Aya,

 one of the monsters was killed by Aya instantaneously

 while the other one was repelled by Lela's shield and was thrown off balance.


「Here it goes!」


 Then, Elena's Ice magic burst,

 the fox, which had been thrown off balance, was pierced through in the belly by the Ice magic and could no longer move.



「Instant killing, huh.」

「Well, they are weak, aren't they?」


「Well, it's still the second floor.」


 Actually, as much as they don't come with an overwhelming number, it's an easier win than the great rats.


 We waited for Hilda to cut the fox's tail off and moved to the next room.



 In the next room, three foxes appeared.


 While Aya keeps dodging the attacks of the three foxes,

 Lela hits them with her shield, blowing them off one at a time

 and Elena's Ice magic finishes them off.


 At the same time as Elena's magic finished off two of them, Aya also killed the last one as well,



「Let's attack head on!」


 Aya is in high tension.




 We didn't see any enemies in the third room.


「Tsk, end, huh.」


 Aya was going to go back but

 I knew that there was an enemy.


「Idiot, it's there!」



 Faster than Aya looking back, the enemy sprung at Aya.




 Producing a dull sound,

 the enemy's attack

 was blocked by Lela's shield.


「Thanks, Lela.」


 Being thanked by Aya, Lela bloomed with a smile.



 The mysterious enemy kicked Lela's shield,

 after rotating around in the air once, it landed.

 It quickly tried to flee into the darkness and was about to succeed―


 it has been slashed by Aya from behind and died.



 The fallen enemy was a black fox.


「Since the black ones seems to be good at hiding, be careful, Aya.」

「U-, Un.」


 It seems for Aya, enemies who hides is like a weak point.



 The magic stone that Hilda had retrieved by dismantling

 was a【Darkness reinforcement magic stone】.




 In the next room, with two common foxes,

 a dark brown fox with a body one size larger was there.



「That one seems to be strong!」


 While Lela and Elena killing 1 of the common ones,


 Aya had already managed to cut the other one off in the act of rapid slash

 and further attacked the dark brown fox as well using the same momentum.



 However, the dark brown fox withstands Aya's blow

 and has managed to somehow take an attack posture.


 Oh, not bad!


 Immediately after, it quickly sunk down at Aya's second attack.



「It was a little strong.」


 Aya has an overjoyed expression.



 The magic stone that Hilda took out was the【Earth reinforcement magic stone】.

 Good ones doesn't appear easily, huh.




 Then, we cleared some of the rooms

 and it was then when we entered the seventh room.



「Ah, beautiful.」


 When we turned toward the middle of the room at Aya's words,

 there was a fox shining in gold, intimidating us.


「Be careful, Aya.」

「I know.」


 Aya approached it carelessly and attacked but―

 the golden fox suddenly accelerated and dodged Aya's attack.


「Uwa, this guy is quick!」


 Aya is trying to attack it many times but

 the golden fox suddenly accelerates each time and dodges the attack.



「Aya, need help?」

「You must not interfere, oniichan.」


 Well, it's still a weak enemy, it will be alright.



 As the golden fox's speed was fast, Lela and Elena wasn't able to participate in the fight.


 The one-on-one tag of Aya and the golden fox continued for a while,

 the golden fox's breath was finally on the verge of giving out and the speed of its rapid acceleration also fell.


「It's the chance!」


 Aya caught up with the golden fox's rapid acceleration, violently thrusting her knife from behind and killing it with a single blow.




 Well, Aya doesn't seem to be using magic yet,

 she is just having a warm-up.



 Hilda finished the dismantling and brought the magic stone.

 The magic stone was【magic stone of biribiri】.


 It's a pity, I have this in large quantities.




 Like that, when we continued to explore some of the rooms,

 we found a big room connected with several dozen of places.


 The stairs to the upper floor are visible at the depths of the room.



 However, at the depths of the room,

 a gigantic white fox was waiting.