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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 156 - Lela’s dinner

 End of Vol. 10: Hilda, Chapter 156: Lela’s dinner

We went to the high class inn in Ikebu town to meet Lela.

 I wonder if Lela is still here.


 The guard soldier let us through after seeing it was us,

 and we went to Lela's room.



「S-, Seiji! Good, you've come.

 Elena-sama and Aya too.

 And, another person?

 S-, Slave!?」


「Yes, this child is Hilda.」


 When I patted Hilda's head and introduced her;

 Lela suddenly became displeased and began yelling.


「Who let a slave into this room!?

 Get it out!」


 Is a slave treated coldly here?

 Well, whatever.


「Then, we're going.」


 As I said so and was about to leave the room―


「N!? W-, Wait!」

「N?  Isn't Hilda pitiful for being the only one getting shunned?

 I also don't have any business with Lela in particular.」


「T-, that's......」


 Lela's eyes became watery.


「What's wrong, Lela!?

 Why are you crying?」

「I'm not crying!」


「So? May Hilda stay here?」

「I-, If Seiji goes that far,

 S-, She may......」


 Hilda, who is in question, looked extremely awkward.

 Sorry, Hilda.



「So, I came here because I heard from Lyle Gewalt that there might be something troubling occurred but was there any?」

「Well, to speak frankly, there's a shortage of magic stone.」


「Is the shortage of magic stone due to the war?」


 Branford, the previous family head of this town,

 raised funds by selling a large amount of magic stones in preparation for the war but,

 apparently, he even sold the magic stones that were supposed to be used to defend this town. It has become insufficient.」


「Are the magic stones taken from the mines and dungeons?」


「The magic stones produced in a mine will be able to manage somehow or another but,

 the magic stones that can only be taken in a dungeon are completely insufficient.

 I'm now looking for adventurers to go to the dungeon and get magic stones in this town.」


「Is the dungeon, the『tower of sunrise』?」

「Ah, that's right.」


「I'll also try to go tomorrow.

 Would Aya, Elena and Hilda like to go as well?」

「Yes.」「Good.」「I'll go with you.」


「I-, Is that so, you're going to go there, huh.」



「Well, today is already late,

 shall we stay at Aria-san's place?」


「N!? Who is Aria!?」

「Uh, she's sister-san from the church.」



「We will have to stay somewhere but are we being selfish?」


「You should stay here!」


「May Hilda stay at this inn as well?」


 ......F-, Fine, it seems to be decided already.」


 A little while ago, you hate her for entering the room but

 what kind of turn of events is this?


「Is that so, we will be staying here then.」




 Since we came just in time for dinner,

 everyone was going to have dinner together but......


「Why is Hilda alone in another room?」

「N?  After all, isn't that child a slave?」


 That sort of treatment, huh......


「Should I have gone to Aria-san's place after all~?」


 When I muttered so casually―


「N! Wait a moment!」


 Lela, with amazing energy, prepared Hilda's seat.

 Was Lela this obliging?



 The dinner was over and a room was assigned to each of us.

 The room assignment was, Aya and Hilda shared a room,

 except them, everyone had been assigned a room each.


 Well, to flirt with a slave girl,

  didn't particularly come to mind at all, okay?



 I felt a little worried that something might happened and visited Aya and Hilda's room.


「Sorry for bothering you guys.」


 Aya let Hilda sat on the carpet and combed her hair.


「What's the matter, oniichan? Creeping at night into a woman's bedroom?」


「In what world will you find an oniichan creeping at night into his imouto's bedroom?」

「Well, what did you come here to do?」


 What kind of treatment is this I am getting on Aya?

 Oh well.



「Didn't you eat so little a while ago, Hilda?

 Then, are you not hungry?」

「Uh, that, I was nervous......」


「Well, it's only natural to get nervous if it's that kind of atmosphere, isn't that right?」


 Aya patted Hilda's head.


「I-, I'm sorry.」

「You don't need to apologize. Aya and I are both commoners like you, Hilda.」


「N!? Even though you're the Hero, you're a commoner?」

「I'm not a Hero, Hilda.」

「I-, I'm sorry.」


 Hilda keeps apologizing.



「That means, let's eat a cup of noodles.」

「Oh, that's good~.」

「What's a『cup noodles』?」


 Elena has been called as well and we held a 4-man cup noodles party.



 I took the multicolored cup noodles and kettle out from the inventory.

 I put water into the kettle using【Water magic】and boiled the water with【Heating element】magic.


「I-, Is that Fire magic?」

「It's different, this is Lightning magic.」

「L-, Lightning!?」


 Hilda is a friend and must be informed of our secrets.


 We each chose a cup noodle we would like to eat and poured hot water.

 Hilda didn't seem to know which was which but chose the smallest one.


 Hilda, the smallest one is the world famous, best-selling product throughout the world. By the way, I like it very much too.



 After waiting for 3 minutes, I handed fork to Hilda while Aya, Elena and I used chopsticks. The four of us ate peacefully.


「I-, It's delicious!!」


 That's right, that's right.

 It's the best-selling cup noodles throughout the world after all.



 When the four of us were eating peacefully, Lela came to visit.


「Aya, are you here? Seiji is not in his room, do you know where he went?」

「Oniichan is here.」

「W-, What!?」


 Lela slammed the door open and came inside.


「Yo, Lela. What's the matter? Do you need something?」


 Lela was dressed in negligee for some reason.

 What do you came here for dressed like that?


「S-, Seiji, what are you doing here?」

「Iyaa, I've got a little hungry.」


「Did the dish not suite your taste by any chance?」


「That's not the reason. We prefer meals that matched adventurers more than such dinner since we are adventurers.」



「Is that so, adventurer, huh......」


 Lela had been lost in thought for some reason.


 What did you really come here to do?