Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 155 - Cat-ear hood

Inside the room―

 were Lyle Gewalt and




「You are-!」「You are-!」


「What are you doing in a place like this?」「Why are you in a place such as this?」


 The two people's words were heard from the left and right simultaneously.



「Azide-dono, do you know Seiji?」

「Indeed, Lyle Gewalt-sama.」


 Were these two acquainted with each other?



 Cassandra-san, without reading the mood,

 took a step forward and began to explain.


「Boss, it seems Seiji can prepare the【magic stone of temporary language acquisition】.」


 When I look towards Lyle Gewalt to see what kind of reaction he will make……

 the answer came from the one beside him.


「Is that so!? That saved us the trouble.」



「N!? When you said boss,

 It's not Lyle Gewalt but Azide-san?」



「Actually, I was chosen as the leader of the special trade envoy this time, Seiji.」


 Wasn't Azide-san a traveling merchant?」



 Lyle Gewalt was the one who explained this time.


「What are you talking about? Azide-dono is the guild leader of the royal capital's merchant guild. You didn't know?」

「Ee! Guild leader!?」


 Come to think of it, it wasn't the guild leader who showed up when I sold the salt in the royal capital's merchant guild but the vice leader.

 Azide-san was the boss of that person, huh.



「Then, why are you here, Lyle Gewalt?」


 Cassandra-san and Azide-san were surprised

 at me calling Lyle Gewalt without honorifics.


「I, as substitute for Azos who had been executed,

 worked as the acting feudal lord of this town.」

「Azos had already been executed, huh.」


 Well, forming a liaison with the orcs, furthermore, imprisoning small children and hurting them to make them follow, it serves him right.



「Putting that aside, is it true that you can prepare the【magic stone of temporary language acquisition】, Seiji-san?」


「Yes, I can prepare them.

 How many do you need?」


「First, let me appraise them.」

「I understand. Well then, let me make one as a test.」

「M-, Make!?」



 I set up the【magic stone of temporary language acquisition】and【magic stone of nullpo】

 to the【magic stone replication tool】that I got from Kiseri-san before and poured magic power into it.

 The【Magic stone of temporary language acquisition】was made and given to Azide-san.


「I thought Seiji-san was a merchant but you can even make magic stones, huh.

 Well then, allow me to use【Appraisal】.」


 Azide-san began to chant an incantation.




 Azide-san can use【Appraisal】magic, huh.

 As expected of a merchant guild's guild leader.


「I-, Impossible,【magic stone of temporary language acquisition +2】!!?

 Such a thing, impossible!

 Who are you, Seiji-san?」

「I'm no one.」



「That person is the『Hero』.」






 Oy idiot!

 I've been exposed by Lyle Gewalt.



 Not only Azide-san and Cassandra-san are surprised,

 but also Hilda.



「What do you mean by Seiji is the『Hero』, Lyly Gewalt-sama!?」

「That person is the hero whom His Highness summoned from the other world.」


「Oi! Don't expose it without permission!」



「I see, the food called『Curry』that you treated me before was an another world cuisine.」

「Seiji, you, was a hero!?」

「S-, Seiji-sama, a hero!?」


 Azide-san is convinced,

 while Cassandra-san and Hilda keep on being surprised.



「Ah, that's enough!

 I was just brought here without my consent!

 Don't call me hero!」



 After that, it was an uproar for a while.




 I somehow managed to calm the place down―


「Let's get back to the matter of the【magic stone of temporary language acquisition】, what will you do?」


「Ah, that's right. I forgot.

 If its quality is『+2』, I think 3 is enough.」



 I made a total of 3【magic stone of temporary language acquisition +2】and gave them to Azide-san.



「Thank you.

 The trade will go smoothly with this.

 Then, the price......

 how about 100, 000 Aurum apiece,

 a total of 300, 000 Aurum?」

「That much? You need not to be immoderate.」


「Iyaa, you can't haggle about the price, Hero.」

「I said stop calling me hero.

 But, isn't an expenditure of 300, 000 Aurum huge for a trade that just started?」


「No, the【magic stone of temporary language acquisition +2】is absolutely necessary since it has changed the success rate of the trade in a big way.」



「Well then, please keep the 300, 000 Aurum for me, Azide-san.」


「What do you mean by that?」

「Please make a profit off the 300, 000 Aurum on the trade and let it grow. I will give half of the profit to Azide-san afterwards.」


「That's an interesting deal.

 But, what would you do if it suffered a loss?」

「At that time, please shoulder half of the loss.」

「I understand! I'll be sure to make a profit!」


 Azide-san and I shook each other's hand firmly.




 We finished our negotiation with Azide-san and returned to Cassandra-san's room.


「It was unbelievable that Seiji was a hero.」

「I told you, that's not it.」


「Let's leave it at that.」

「Thank you very much.」



「Ah, that's right. I'll give this to you.」


 Cassandra-san gave me......

 a red colored, cat-ear hood.


「This is?」

「I bought it but I can't use it anymore since it's small on me now.」


「Thank you very much.」


 I put the cat-ear hood on Hilda.

 Hilda had her eyes wide open.


「Why are you putting it on Hilda?」

「Is it no good?」

「No, it's fine.」


 Well, Hilda will at least look good with this at this place.


「C'mon, Hilda. Thank Cassandra-san.」

「T-, Thank you very much.」


 Hilda dressed in cat-ear hood

 was cute and bowed to Cassandra-san.


 Cassandra-san, who showed a gentle smile for a moment,

 suddenly turned around for some reason.



「Since it's done, go now quickly.」


 We've been driven away by Cassandra-san who was still facing the back.