Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 153 - Transfer

 It can't be helped. Well, I will manage somehow.


 As I crouched down and patted Hilda's head―


「Will you come with me, Hilda?」

「Y-, Yes!」


 Hilda made a slightly joyful expression.



「Alright, Seiji. Let's perform the slave transfer.」

「How is it done?」


「What? You don't know?

 The two of us will have to send magic power from the front and back of the slave collar respectively.

 I'll have the back and you will have the front, Seiji.」

「I understand.」



 I touched the front part of Hilda's collar and sent magic power at Rachel-san's signal.

 Then, Hilda's collar started to shine,

 Hilda began to fidget whilst staring at me.

 Is it the effect of some magic?


 Then, the light gradually became stronger.

 When the light became remarkably strong, it burst and vanished.

 At the same time as the light burst, Hilda's body shook with *shiver shiver*.



 Hilda's breathing was a little disordered,

 suddenly, she clung around my waist.


「I-, I'm sorry.」


 It seems her legs staggered, throwing her off balance.


「Are you okay?」

「Y-, yes.」


 Somehow,『Slave transfer』smells like a horrible crime but is it alright?

 Well, whatever.



「With this, Hilda has become Seiji's.

 Ah, that's right. This is a knife for dismantling monsters that Hilda used, consider this as a parting gift.」


 I received a knife from Rachel-san―


「Take this, Hilda.」



 When Hilda received the knife from me,

 she hang the knife on her waist strap protectively.



「My business is only this, send my regards to Misha and Cassandra if you see them.

 Well then, since I'm busy, quickly go.」


 Rachel-san suddenly talked fast

 and rapidly turned around, ending the conversation.


「Stay well.」


 Rachel-san muttered something under her breath,

 and quickly went to the tent's inner part.


 I wonder what happened suddenly?





 We left Rachel-san's tent,

 and after walking a little, we had come to a forest's bower.


「Hilda, hold my hand because I'm going to use magic right now.」

「Y-, yes.」


 The four of us take each other's hand and formed a circle. We moved to Shinji town using【Teleportation】.





 Hilda, who was surprised at being suddenly transferred to another location, had her eyes wide open.


「Hilda, don't tell others about this magic, do you understand?」



 Hilda, whilst holding her own mouth, nodded vigorously.

 You don't need to be tensed that much.




 There are hardly any soldiers left in Shinju town,

 instead, a lot of merchants can be seen.


 We, after inquiring someone in the city the location of the special trade envoy's office, visited Cassandra.



「Oh, Seiji. And, Hilda!」

「Hello, Cassandra-san.」


「Have you already met Rachel? Seiji, you're fast.」


 No need to say fast or something like that.


「But, a trade envoy?

 Cassandra-san is knowledgeable not only in magic but also in trade, huh.」

「No, not at all.」


「N!? But you're a special trade envoy, right?」

「I'm just going along with it.」


「Why are you still doing it?」

「They said that it's better for a non-human to be here.」


 As Cassandra-san said so, *piko piko* her cat ears moved.


 I don't understand the things such as trade and diplomacy well,

 is that how it is~?



「That reminds me, Seiji.」

「What is it?」


「Don't you have a【Magic stone of temporary language acquisition】?」

「N?  I have.」


「You have!? Really?

 Give it to me!」

「I won't! That's beecause I will be in trouble if I don't have it!」


「I-, I see......」


「Why do you need a【Magic stone of temporary language acquisition】?」

「I'm going to use it when I go to the demonkind's town but I don't have enough of it.」


 That's right, I forgot that they can't communicate with the demonkind through language.

 The magic stone shop in Ikebu may have it, let's go there later.



「I have another question for you, Seiji.」

「What is it?」


「During the fight with the goblins, there was a demonkind who protected me.」



「Do you know the name of that person?」

「Oh, I certainly know the name of that person.~


「『Bunmi』, huh. Thanks.」


「Why are you asking about his name?」

「I'm going to thank him while I'm trading in the demonkind's town.」


 Eee, Cassandra-san is quite dutiful, huh.~



「By the way, when are you going to depart to Demonkind's town?」

「The day after tomorrow.」


「It's very fast, huh.」

「Not really, we have been preparing a little sometime ago.」


「Well then, I'm going to deliver the【Magic stone of temporary language acquisition】if I find some by then.」

「Thanks, you've saved me some trouble.」


 I shook hands with Cassandra-san

 and moved to the next location.