Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 152 - Hilda

 We went to the Nippo town that Rondo governs.


 It's because Rondo wishes to meet us.

 I wonder what on earth does he want to talk about?




 although I've been invited by Rondo, can I meet him?」


 Oh, it's Seiji-dono. We've been expecting you.」


 It seems that the mansion's gatekeeper is well-informed, letting me pass through smoothly.



「Oh, it's good that you've come, Seiji, Elena-sama,



 Is this fellow still aiming at Aya?


「So, what do you want to talk about?」


「Oh, it's not me who has something to discuss,

 but the magician unit.」

「Magician unit?

 That reminds me, they are Rondo's subordinates.

 So, where are they?」


「Misha is in the mansion.

 She's probably in the housemaids' anteroom.

 Cassandra is in Shinju town.

 Rachel-san should be at the construction site of new『Village』, situated on the west of this Nippo town.

 Are you going to see them?」


「Everyone is acting separately, huh......

 By the way, what about Hilda?」

「Hilda? Oh, that slave.

 I think that everyone of the magician unit may know?」


 Hilda has such treatment, huh......

 Well, it can't be helped.




 We went to the housemaid's anteroom to meet Misha.


「Excuse me, is Misha-san here?」

「Oh, Seiji. You've come.」


 There was Misha-san dressed in maid clothes.


「Iyaa, I've been indebted to you.

 You've proposed to the King to reward us.

 Thanks to you, I'm also like an aristocrat now.」

「Aristocrat? Did you become an aristocrat?」


「Well, it's but a lowest『Quasi-aristocrat』.」


 But, though you're an aristocrat, you're a maid?」


「Ufu.❤ It's my request since I want to take care of Rondo-sama.」

「You've become a maid because of that......?」


「And, one day, Rondo-sama will get bewitched by these bewitching maid clothes!」


 Misha-san's maid clothes were worthy of the term, bewitching. It had a daring, open chest design.



「By the way, did you have something to discuss with me?」

「Ah, that's right. We have something to discuss with you about Hilda,

 will you go to where Rachel is?」


「Rachel-san is in the western village of Nippo town,

 is Hilda there with her?」

「Oh, yes.」


「I see, I'm going then.」


 We headed toward the western village of Nippo town.




 It had become troublesome way,

 after running with【Lightning flash】alone,

 I returned to pick Aya and Elena up

 and headed toward the western village of Nippo town

 using【Teleportation】once again.


「Excuse me, I'm here to see Rachel. Where is she?」


 This is the construction site? I asked a construction worker and since he said that she's in a temporary tent, I decided to go.


「Are you here, Rachel-san?」

「Oh!? I thought who it is, if it isn't newbie...no, it's Seiji, isn't it? You've already come, you're fast, huh.」


「By the way, where's Hilda?」

「Ah, she's working at the back.

 Hey! Hilda! Come here.」


「Y-, Yes!」


 A voice can be heard from the inner part of the tent and Hilda appeared.


 When Hilda saw my face, a joyful expression flashed from her face for an instant.


「Rachel-sama, did call me?」

「Yes, we're going to discuss something a little, stay here with us too.」



 When Hilda went beside Rachel, Rachel started to talk.



「To be honest, there's a matter about Hilda which proved to be troubling. I need your help, Seiji.」


 A troubling matter about Hilda? What could it be?

 Hilda has an apologetic expression.


「We, the 3 people of the magician unit, had been assessed for playing an active role in the war and were rewarded.」



「Yes, I received a peerage of a lower class aristocrat while Misha and Cassandra received a peerage of quasi-aristocrat.」



「Thank you.

 Because of that, we can't stay as adventurers now that we became aristocrats.

 I, as the new village chief,

 Misha as a maid,

 and Cassandra as the『Special envoy』of the newly established trade with the demonkind.」

「Those are great responsibilities.」


 Though Misha's job as a maid seemed to be carefree.


「That's right.

 That's why I've been troubled about Hilda.」


 Hilda's body jerked.



「Hilda is a slave bought by the money the 3 of us contributed. There's no problem as long as the three of us are acting together but now, we are acting separately.

 I'm taking care of her for the time being but,

 it's unfair for me to employ Hilda alone.

 We can just simply sell her to the slave traders and divide the gold into 3 parts but......

 apparently, it doesn't seem probable either.」




「Hilda distributed the candy during the war, right?」



「The demonkind's soldiers wanted to thank her for that,

 if it become known to them that she has been sold to the slave traders, it may become problematic.」


「Then, what are you going to do?」


「That's where you come in, Seiji.」




「Will you take Hilda?」