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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 150 - Seriously!??

「It's an unknown ceiling.」


 One has to say this line when one stays in a hospital, right?

 I wanted to say it once.



 On that day,

 I contacted the company,

 received a thorough examination,

 and there was a police interview, it was very busy.


 According to the police's story,

 that man regained consciousness and seemed to have rampaged again.

 In fact, it was also found out that he seemed to have killed many people in the past.


 Well, let's leave the rest to the police.




 I finally got home in the evening.




 I've been hugged by Elena as soon as I returned.

 I'm healed.


「Nii-chan, welcome back.」

「Welcome back, Seiji-sama.」


「I'm home.」


 Iyaa, it's a joy of supreme bliss to be greeted by a girl.


「Your mouth is extending, oniichan.」

「Shut up!」



「I'll cook you dinner today, Seiji-sama.」

「Thank you, Elena.」


「I'll help too, Elena-san.」

「I'll also help.」



 After a while,

 3 dishes were lined up before me.


 The first is filled with『Love』,

 while the other one is a beautiful piece of『Art』,

 while the last one is......


 The dish filled with『Love』had a gentle taste,

 while the beautiful『Art』dish, had a balanced, beautiful taste.

 The last dish...... let's leave it alone.


「Mou!  Why aren't you eating mine, oniichan!!」


 Well, it looks suspicious at a glance.


「Obviously, it's made by you. Did you put something strange in it?」


「Because you had two very cute girls cook you a dish, if you didn't eat the strange one as well, it wouldn't be balanced.」

「What is strange about it!?」

「It's delicious.~」


「You, is this really edible?」

「It's safe, probably.」



 My stomach is filled with love, art and nausea―



 The 4 of us, together, celebrated our safety.




 The next day, whilst being seen off by Elena,

 Aya and Ringo went to junior college and vocational school,

 and I went to the company.


 When I arrived at the company, I was surrounded by the department people and was bombarded with questions.

 Somehow or another, it seemed to have become quite a big news.


 I'm also now a celebrity!

 I've been incessantly invited to combined parties!

 Or so I thought, but it didn't seem to be so......



 The barrage of questions settled down for the time being and I've began to work but,

 typing on keyboard with one hand was harder than I thought.


 Can't the electrical signal that occurs when the keyboard has been tapped be reproduced?


 I tried doing it a bit but it was impossible.

 【Lightning magic】had excessively strong electric power, it wasn't able to control a weak electricity.


 Shit, if it's only possible, I can connect my brain directly to the computer like a certain anime and do a lot of things.



 After a while, when I was getting used to one-handed typing on keyboard, producing a good sound, the Director called out to me.


「W-, What skillful fingers.」


「Ah, Director. Is there something you want me to do?」

「The President is calling you with regards to 'that' matter.」

「I understand.」


 Of course, 'that' matter would be the stimulant potions.



 When I arrived at the President's office,


「You seemed to have been involved in some major incident or something, are you alright?」

「Ah, yes. I can't use my left hand for a while but working seems to be alright.」

「In any case, it was good that it didn't become a serious matter.」

「Thank you.」


 It's embarrassing when such a thing has been said directly from the President.


「By the way, 'that' matter about medicine,

 I'm thinking of stopping it now.」


「N?  Did you have any trouble?」

「No, it's the reverse.」



「During this GW, I had quite a lot of it but,

 the medicine had been exhausted midway.


 What to do, I was at a loss but then......


 I was like, what!

 I'm fine even without drinking the medicine,

 my『youthfulness』has returned!


 When I think about this,

 is this the effect of the continuous drinking of 'that' medicine?

 No, I can't think of anything other than that!


 I can't thank you enough.」


「Is that so?

 I'm happy that you've recovered your health.



「Thank you.」



 I shook hands with the President and the Director.

 I handed over 3【Stimulant potion +3】in the end and left the President's office.


 They've said that they will transfer the last payment later.


 Unexpectedly, the potion had such an effect......

 was it because its quality was『+3』?



 When I checked my bank account at a later date, 5 million yen had been transferred.