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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 147 - Eccentric behavior

When I woke up next morning―
my cold had become considerably better.

「You’re still a little hot.
Please sleep quietly again today.」

Due to Elena checking my temperature by sticking our foreheads together, I think my temperature had gone up temporarily.

After that, Elena fed me breakfast by『blowing on it to cool it down』and I decided to rest quietly in bed.

After a while, since Aya and Ringo-san were about to go out, Aya came to say hello.

「Well then, see you later.」
「Yeah, please be perfectly careful since the opponent is a dangerous guy.」
「I understand.」

「Even if he approaches, don’t think of fighting to knock him down, okay?」
「Ehhhh, why?」

「You don’t understand, do you!?
The most important thing is to protect Ringo-san.」
「T-, That’s right.」

「Ah, come to think of it, I’ve forgot something.」

I put a tracking beacon on Aya.

Since I’ve already used up all of the 8 tracking beacon,
I used the beacon attached to Azos, who didn’t need to be tracked.

「N?  Did you cast some kind of magic on me?」
「Yes, it’s【tracking】magic.」

「Huh? Didn’t I have【Tracking】magic on me the whole time?」
「You didn’t have it on you recently.」

「I’ve always thought that oniichan had been peeping on me all the time.」
「I can’t possibly do such a thing.」

「Not even peeping on me in the bath?」
「I can’t possibly peep at my imouto’s bathing scene.」

「Then, you have been peeping at Elena’s bathing scenes.」
「I haven’t been peeping on anyone.」

「Is it that surprising?」

「Why hasn’t my pervert oniichan been peeping on anyone?」
「I’m not a pervert!
Besides, for privacy, the magic was blocked so I wasn’t able to peep.」

「Eh, so it has such technical specification.~」

「Other than such a thing, just go out immediately.」
「Ah, yes. Well then, I’m off.」

After the unproductive discussion,
Aya and Ringo-san left.

Well, I should get back to work stalking the stalker.

But, when I checked the stalker’s situation,
the guy hadn’t moved yet.

The guy was still sleeping and a large number of empty beer cans scattered around the futon.
He was probably drinking in frustration yesterday.

Elena finished tidying up the breakfast and came over to nurse me.

「Seiji-sama, how is Ringo-san’s situation?」
「It seems she’s dropping by her house for a moment before shopping.」

I projected the video of the beacon attached to Aya for Elena to see.

It seems the house the stalker man was checking out yesterday was Ringo-san’s house after all.

There were so many drawing tools at Ringo-san’s house,
and nothing but stylish furniture and the like.

After a while, it seems she finished her errand,
and Aya and Ringo-san left the house.

At the same time, there was a movement coming from the stalker man.

Surprisingly, he took out a syringe and began to inject a drug to himself.

「What happened, Seiji-sama?」

I showed the video of the stalker man to Elena.

「What is this person doing to himself?」
「It seems he had become addicted to drugs.」

「Addicted to drugs? How?」
「This drug is a terrible medicine which makes you want more once you use it.」

「So there’s such a thing, huh……」

Watching it for a while, the man began to dance whilst undressing and raising a strange voice.


I immediately prevented the video from being seen by Elena.

「What happened?」
「It’s a hideous, unbearable sight.
It’s better for Elena not to see it.」
「Y-, yes.」

But, that was just the beginning.

The man rampaged through the room while making an ecstatic expression.

I felt nauseous looking at the too-painful-to-watch scene.
I stopped watching the video.

「You look pale, Seiji-sama.」
「No, it’s nothing. Because I didn’t expect to be shown something hateful like that……」

The SAN1 value/level has fallen remarkably.

Under such circumstances, won’t the neighbors file a report?

After a while, Aya and Ringo-san arrived at the handmade accessories shop.
The shop was a great shop where only handmade accessories related stuff was put up from the building’s first floor to fifth floor.

Aya was surprised at the excessive number of stuff,
getting along with Ringo-san, the two people were enjoying the shopping.

After a while, there was a movement but it was coming from the stalker man this time.
Looking at the map, it seems he had gone out.

When I cautiously checked the video―

The stalker man with a dangerous look was traveling on a train.
Looking at the direction, it would probably be towards Ringo-san’s house.

「It seems that guy has started to move, Elena.」
「Does Seiji-sama intend to fight?」

「Yes, I’ll probably do so.」
「B-, But, you’re sick.」

「But still, I need to go so that Aya won’t have to fight.」

「What? It’s just a cold, I won’t die.」

「P-, Please wait.
I’ll try to cure your illness.」

「Cure? Can you do such a thing?」

If I’m not mistaken, the magic that Elena had acquired
was【Illness mitigation】, there shouldn’t be an【Illness cure】.

「I’ll try!」

Elena laid me on the bed,
sticking her forehead around my stomach area, she began to control some kind of magic power.

After a while, *haaa haaa* Elena’s breathing on my stomach had become disordered.

「Elena, are you alright?」
「I’m sorry, Seiji-sama.
I’ve found the disease but they are numerous and small so I haven’t managed to get rid of them completely.」

「Elena, isn’t there something inside my body that fights against the disease?」
「Inside Seiji-sama’s body?
I’ll try to find it.」

Elena controlled the magic power further.

「Ah!  There it is!!
There is something fighting the disease.」

「Yes, those fellows. They are antibodies.」

「Listen, Elena.
Instead of directly getting rid of the disease, distribute the power to those fellows and fight the disease together.」
「I understand. I’ll try!」

Elena raised the magic power even more,
then, my body had started to gradually heat up.

I surrendered myself and didn’t resist the heat.

The heat moves, spreading throughout my body……

it bursts, becoming light.

It seemed to have consumed a considerable amount of magic power,
with「haaa haaa」, Elena’s breathing had become disordered.

「S-, Seiji-sama, how is it?」

When I appraised myself, the disease had been completely cured.

「It seems to be completely cured. Thank you, Elena.」
「G-, Good……」

「Elena, are you alright?」
「I-, I’m fine.
Just, a little, tired.」

「I’m sorry. Because of me, you overexerted yourself, Elena.」
「N-, No.」

I held the exhausted Elena in princess carry,
carrying her to her bed in Aya’s room and laid her down.

「Leave the rest to me and rest at ease.」
「Yes. Please do your best, Seiji-sama.」
「Yes, leave it to me.」

Elena began to snore with *zzzz zzzz*.

Translator notes and reference:

1I have no idea what this is.↩