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Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari

Chapter 117 - Demon Lord-sama

We defeated the Prince?
When we went back to the central plains―

The demon-human joint troop was battling the Goblin Generals.
Most of the common goblins and hobgoblins were defeated but there were still about 18 Generals left.

「Aya, let’s engage the General from behind.」

Is this fellow not an imouto but actually an otouto?
I, with my otouto… I mean, imouto, struck the General from behind.

Aya seemed to like the ‘previous attack’ and made a series of【Critical strike】with great momentum on the Generals’ rear.1 The pitiful Generals kept on screaming.

Me? I only did normal attacks to the generals’ back with Mithril sword.

The Generals, who were attacked by Aya and me, were successively defeated.
When the last general had been defeated, as expected, Aya’s knife was terrible and has a lot of filth.

「Seiji! You’re alive!」

Rachel-san. who found me, rushed over to my embrace.
Misha-san, Cassandra-san and Hilda also rushed over, giving me a grand welcome.

「I distributed everything.」

Hilda held out to me the emptied bag of candy.
Although you could throw it away, did you keep it carefully?

「Thank you.」

I received the bag of candy,
and patted Hilda’s head.

Hilda pleasantly smiled and went to help other places once again.
Is this how one enjoys working? It’s at least what a person needs.

「Seiji-sama, are you hurt?」

Elena rushed over as well.

「Oh, I’m fine.
Ah, that’s right. I’m returning this, thank you very much.」

I returned the magic rod that I borrowed to Elena.

「Did it help?」
「Oh, several goblins flew thanks to it.」

While having such talk―

The Goblin Prince’s response, who had been left behind without being killed,
suddenly disappeared.

And then, at the place where the Goblin Prince had been,
there’s a response from the Goblin King…….

Did the King killed the Prince?

The King is quickly approaching here.
With a little less than 3, 000 followers around it as well.

「Rachel-san, the goblin king is still coming towards here. Get ready.」
「The Goblin King?  W-, What should we do?」
「I’m going to inform the demonkind,
Rachel-san, please report it to Rondo.」
「I-, I understand.」

Rachel-san ran to report it to Rondo,
while I sought for the demonkind’s leader.

『Ah, Seiji. You’re safe?』
『I’m fine, I’m looking for you.』
『What is it?』
『The Goblin King is approaching.
Get ready.』

「What!? Goblin King!?」
『Yes, there’s also about 3, 000 goblins in tow.』

『I see. Since I’m going to report it to Demon lord-sama, please come together with me as well.』
「N!? Demon lord-sama!? Me too!?』
『Yes, come quickly.』

Led by the demonkind’s leader, I ran toward the Demon Army’s HQ.

『Seiji, are you really a human?』

While running, the leader talked to me.

『I’m considered as one who runs pretty fast amongst the demonkind.
Nevertheless, you, a human, can follow me.』
『Well, I’m also considered as one who runs pretty fast amongst the humans.』
「I-, I see……」

After running for awhile, leader-san and I arrived at the demon army’s HQ.

There was a place enclosed by cloth at the center of the demon army’s HQ.
When we entered, a proud-looking demonkind with a remarkably huge physique sat there.

『Oy, Bunmi. Is that a human?』

The leader’s name seemed to be『Bunmi』.

『Demon lord-sama2, this is a human who can understand our language.』

Is this person the Demon lord!?
It seems to be quite strong.
Even its horn, which shines with black luster, is bigger than the other demon kind……

『Hou, so you can understand our language, huh.
Oy, human. Tell me your name.』

Great, it’s oppressive.
Well, this much is natural since it’s the Demon lord.

『Demon lord-sama, my name is Seiji.』
『Hou, so you’re called Seiji, huh.
You can really understand our language.
So, Bunmi.
Why did you bring this human?』

『Yes, Demon lord-sama. According to him, the Goblin King is coming.』
「What!? Goblin King!?」
Is that true!?』

I was at a little loss but.
Because I can’t be careless too much as well,
with【Tracking】magic, I projected the image of the Goblin King on the spot.

When the Goblin King’s video was suddenly projected, it caused a commotion with the surrounding demonkind.

『This is!? A Human’s magic!』
『Yes, it’s a magic that can check the condition and keep track of the Goblin King. Do you now believe with this?』

The Demon lord thought a bit―

『I understand, I’m going to the fronline as well.』
『The Demon lord-sama will personally go to the frontline?』

『Bunmi, can you defeat the Goblin King?』
「T-, That’s……」
『Then, I’ve no choice but to go.』
『I understand, I’ll go with you as well.』
『Alright, all of you. The whole army will depart to the frontline!』

Like the Demon lord, the people are overflowing with fighting spirit.

Translator notes and reference:

1The ‘previous attack’ refers to the arse piercing attack and, the ‘critical strike’ actually lit. translate to vital spot attack, should I keep it as is or change it to the lit. translation or change it to fatal strike instead?:)↩