Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Isekai shoukan makikomu ijousha

Chapter 009 - Married Couple (Temporary)

 Kaede slapped my cheeks with all her might, although I lost consciousness. Soon after the silver-haired and silver-eyed Dijea who wrapped her body in armor and wore heels approaches my bottom, I regained my consciousness immediately.

"Eh? I, Kaede please let me try to explain What's after that......ah, aren't you the silver haired goddess from some time ago?"

After looking around left and right, the moment when I noticed the existence of Dijea which was in front of me, my thought was unconsciously spoken out.

It were my first words after I regained my consciousness.

"Silver-haired goddess? I don't understand it well, but I am Dijea Ragishisu.You finally regained your consciousness and I am sorry, but I want to talk to you personally because you weren´t here at the beginning. Because it's an important talk and so that other people won’t listen I think we should talk in another room. It’s a room that’s not so far from here. Please follow me......aa, the Maid over there come with us too"

Dijea advances the talk one-sidedly. Tifal and I incidentally feel to understand the meaning from the way she talks, because she said that, we shall follow her......No, she gave an order. Although I felt a little bit odd by her having said that Tifal shall follow too to the important talk, but anyway there were also no reasons to decline, so I decided to follow her separately.

Right before Dijea goes out of the room, "Knight leader!! I leave this room for a little while. Call my double!!" a loud cry was raised towards the knight leader who is standing away a little and to call the person she mentioned. The knight leader "Certainly" raised his voice, before Dijea left the room when she confirms that he approved it, while Tifal and I follow her.

The name of the country was included in Dijea´s name, so I conclude that she is the princess of this country or a great person from this county, "Humu, judging from your clothes, you are a princess knight. I have thought that the summon system was natural for a commission to be done by a neat and clean princess, but a princess knight with a blunt tone......isn´t thought about, uh-huh" and I muttered so while looking at the back of Dijea who walked in front of me.

After walking for about 5 minutes, Dijea said "It is this room" and she opened the door of that room which isn't different from the other rooms before and she entered the room with me and Tifal quickly.

This room with Tifal and me inside isn't a big room like the large hall from a while ago, because it was the size of a classroom at my school. However I still think it's wide enough.

Some strange geometrical pattern were on the wall, drawn on the floor, and other places like the ceiling.

When it's confirmed that Tifal entered the strange room with me, Dijea also sets foot in this room.

The moment when Dijea separated her hand from the door, the door closes without permission and her palm was turned to Tifal at the same time as making the sound of a slam.

“『Light, tie this person of the darkness with several ten thousands of chains!!《Restraint lux, Bind》!!』”

“......Tsu!? This magic......dammi-!!"

Does Tifal know the magic that Dijea used? Soon after the magic was activated, Tifal tried to resist, but she was restricted in an instant by the brilliant many chains which came out from somewhere.

"After all, you are a demon......I am sorry that this Imperial castle had a demon, it's really regrettable"

She is disappointed with the bottom of her heart. Dijea said these words towards Tifal, but her face is the contrary to her words......No, she had a crooked smile.

"Heey!! Dijea Ragishisu!! Didn't you want to talk!? What do you want to do with Tifal!? That's not what you said!!"

Dijea used magic and I am perplexed at restricting of Tifal with light shining chains suddenly, but immediately my anger erupt and I shout out.

"Talk? Well, it's so, this woman is a demon for me and I wanted to talk to you. Oh, well......did you say Tifal? That demon. This room, is a special room where the power of light magic increases 100 times and resistance is useless. In the past, it seemed to be a room which a magician who was in the Royal castle made for time killing and it might be useful. I can get rid of one witty demon thanks to this room. Rather you must thank me!! This is the first time I´m thankful to a dead person!! Ahahahahahahahaha!!"

Tifal tried to escape from the chain in order to resist "Naa!?!" and she let her eyes blink while thinking of a surprised expression while uttering a startling cry.

"There are no choices other than dying for a demon and there are no things I'd like to hear at all. Some stupid aristocrats will interrogate, but I want to murder a demon as soon as possible. I can't think that it'll be an interrogation to talk with an demon. The talk deviated a little, that man, you have a choice with wanting to hear it. I am very kind to the same race, but there is also an exception. That's why it is a question. You are a couple with this pitiful demon that is tied up by my chain now, since some time ago. I heard it or did I mishear it? Ah, you should better not think to save this demon and killed me? I´m this country best swordsman. Does the neck just fall wastefully from you who have been just summoned?"

Dijea looked through my thought, and so my action is limited, because the plan I wanted to use was babbled out from the mouth next to me.

And the crooked smile that was shown to Tifal turned towards me, before she asked me a question while lifting the edge of her lips.

"......A couple......well, we a couple. Umm......but do we look like a couple (temporary)?"

Dijea who heard my words held her sides and bursted into laughter. However, Tifal opens her eyes oppositely a little greatly, so I was surprised a little. Probably she is different, therefore it is likely that she has thought about the answer that denied the relation with her.

I met Tifal only several hours ago. If it is self-attempt to save one's own neck as an escaping human, he will deny normally, but even if he is denied his relation, he wouldn't blame Tifal either.

My answer is different from the expectation that such people thought of. It is no wonder that I am surprised.

"Hu, Huhuhu, Ahahahahaha!! This demon and you are a couple (temporary)? Huhuhuu, your answer is interesting. Besides, even if it's temporary, it is a relation with a demon that is acknowledged by you of aversion to the demon in front of you? You will usually deny it. Aa, I laugh, I laugh. Usually, to the person who pleased me even a little a reward is given, but it is useless because of your relation with this demon. But, let's hear your answer particularly once again. Are you in a relationship with this demon?"

She asked it once again while collecting little tears in her eyes.  
"Don't make me say it many times. We are a, it is temporary. More than that, take off the chain which is tying up Tifa quickly"

To see Dijea showing a slight excitement, I return an answer whether it became troublesome while making it languid.

"......Haa, you are a hopeless fool. Why do you protect such a harmful insect? Abandon her quickly. Only death awaits! You met her several hours ago.........It is already fine, I who gave you a chance was stupid"

Dijea understood that I wouldn’t abandon Tifal even if she made a death threat and she judged that it is useless even if she talks further to continue the talk.

"You, and the demon are a couple? Of course then, do you know the race of this demon there? What is her race? If you don´t answer quickly, I will cut off one of her arms. Now answer"

Dijea asked me while pulling her sword which hung on her waist out of its sheath and holds it against her stomach.

"Tsu!? .........She is a vampire..."

The moment when I understood that Dijea´s sword was real, I answered in a hurry while making an astonished face.

"I see! I see! A vampire! Then, the plan from which her neck is cut off is rejected. It is an unpleasant pest which reproduces even if a vampire loses its neck......the method to erase this pest as soon as possible quickly from my hand......well, it is this room which was produced with much effort. Let's effectively use this room"

After having done the gesture that Dijea put her right hand on her chin, at the moment when she heard the race of Tifal and after she glanced at Tifal who is restricted by the chains which was made with magic, Dijea shows a malicious smile that rose unlike her crooked smile until a while ago whether she hit on something, before she returns the glance to me.

"In this room, I can let a person transfer to a particular place unless I don´t have good results with light magic. You who were just summoned won´t know it, but that vampire will know it. The remote continent. The underworld where only strong demons who are stronger than the demons from the demon territory exist. Of course, humans don't exist there. When you are transferred to the remote continent, you will be demon's feed, and be eaten which will be your end. I think I'll transfer this vampire to that place.......What will you do? Well, it is your choice here. Do you become demon's food with this vampire together!? Or do you get rid of this vampire and choose your life!? Now choose, man who was summoned!!"

Dijea lifts the edge of her lips and asked me while having a nihilistic smile.

"...Aa, well.........well then, I choose to be transferred with Tifal to the remote continent"

As for me, did the troublesomeness exceed the limit, because I greatly opened my mouth and yawned and answered while scratching my head.

"Then it will be so! Then it will be so! The remote continent is a pronoun of fear! It's stupid to go to such an underworld only for this vampire, because it's impossible to choose.......ha? What you say just now”

Dijea would be considerably surprised at my answer. The sword she was holding in her hand until just now is dropped and she asks me again while having an dumfounded expression.

"Don't ask me again and again......even if I´m transfered or even if I am murdered, the answer doesn't change. I will continue only doing the choice that there is with Tifa. Oh, even if I only temporarily escape here the aftertaste will be bad......we are a couple for the time being (temporary) and sharing the same fate......would you like to see it?"

I was disgusted at Dijea who asked back many times, while talking weary, I finally gave off words while acting like a fool.

“............Haa......the reality shouldn´t be the one that the one doesn't go really well. You are transferred to the remote continent while being betrayed because that vampire was considerably devoted to you, so that you are infatuated with that vampire and is floating despair. I wanted that vampire to become the bait of the demons mercilessly. It is impossible even if I say something......It's about time now. This pendant in this room, is the system which transfer to the remote continent automatically when given a period of time. Huhuu”

Dijea takes the pendant which I wore around my neck and shows it off to us with a laugh. As soon as I´ve heard it, I´ve tried to take it away from Dijea hurriedly while kicking the floor and yelling “It´s a lie, right?”.

"It's regrettable, because it is already time. You didn't abandon the vampire in this room for me and your relationship with the vampire becomes serious, so you are just transferred to the remote continent, while I imagined the scenario when you become the bait of a demon while you is good, because this vampire has you as a stupid companion. Huhuhuu, Ahahahahahahahaha!! You two lovers will become demon's feed together!! Such an ending isn't bad too!! Ahahahahahaha!!"

To the pendant of Dijea, the moment when she extended her hand to this place a little, she wraps me and Tifal up in light and we disappeared from the room where a geometric design was drawn on.

After Tifal and I disappeared, Dijea was alone in this room for a long time and then a high-pitched laughter sounded......