Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Isekai shoukan makikomu ijousha

Chapter 008 - Hero Side 2

(Midou Kouki’s POV)

Once again, I was wrapped up in a mysterious light, when I noticed, I saw a large hall where a mysterious design was drawn on and I was moved to a room where I wasn't here before and was wide of hindrance. I lay on the floor.


I seemed to be one of the last among the students that regained consciousness, but most students have already regained their consciousness and a certain person is consulting with these students. When a certain person tried to grasp the situation calmly, one person took various actions. What the goddess said didn´t seem to be a lie, because our female classmates are also here.


“Oh, it's Kouki whether you noticed, but this might be the royal castle of the Ragishisu kingdom that that goddess was mentioning. Judging from the atmosphere, that silver-haired child seems to be the princess"


Yuki Sagara who was also a student council member noticed me and talked hurriedly.


Yuki pointed to a silver-haired woman who was standing wavy, while talking with the person who seems to be a knight at the end of the great hall while grinning and saying so.


“Aa, it is surely such a feeling. By the way, Yuki, do you know were Mochizuki-san is? Because Mochizuki-san should have been in the class of Minase-sensei too like us,  I think that she is also summoned here......”


I glared and looked around in a hurry to look for Mochizuki-san who was my aim, a lot of people are standing here and because I can´t find her, I asked Yuki.


"Kouki you are still addicted with Mochizuki-san like before. Don't worry, because Mochizuki-san is here. Look over there. Do you see her?"


There was Kaede. Is she nursing Saginomiya Iori who fainted because of a nosebleed earlier and that's why Yuki turned to the back and pointed at her?

Is her tissue in Iori's nose, because it is packed. That's why I thought so and Kaede who was saying "Io-kun, are you okay. Now, take it easy” and tried to do a chop with her hand against his neck.


Several students who were around Iori shouted "Mochizuki-senpai! That's the wrong folk remedy! You will really give a decisive blow when you do it!!", but such a cry is empty and Kaede gave the decisive blow to Iori with a pretty ”Eii” shout.


The moment when Kaede gave the decisive blow, most of the students have been paying attention"Ha, Nosebleed-kuuuuun!!" there were approximately several students who cried so.


Ah, although there seemed to be no consciousness to pierce, it still stop the person in question.  


“Uoo, seriously Mochizuki-san, she did that folk remedy wrong......doesn't she like Saginomiya. But well although that is my intention, don't think that I actually don't hate seeing that......Look Kouki, that just now was just a little but Saginomiya almost regained his consciousness but after that chop, his consciousness completely sunk.”


Yuki felt pity for Iori while pulling his cheeks.


"It, it is so. The result is that when a girl who is admirable and cute can be forgiven, uh, she is super cute"


I, who has goodwill for Kaede, and all her behaviors would look pretty for me. Look at me, Yuki opened his mouth while being disgusted.


"Ugh.....indeed, Kouki. You are too sweet to Mochizuki. Because the taste is different for each person, the intention I want say isn't particularly for me. I want a young woman who quietly packs a tissue into my nose when I have a nosebleed"


The silver-haired woman who wrapped her body in silver armor nestled toward the edge. When I had the empty talk with Yuki, she had a trifling talk with a knight and several desirable students approached her bottom.


To see the figure of this silver-haired woman which approached and "another beauty in this different world!?" I wanted to ask this, but I hesitate to praise this woman in front of Mochizuki-san, I almost swallowed my words that almost came out my throat.


Well, I only saw two beauties until now.


“Heroes, I thank you for having accepted my summoning. There was one exception too, but I called out to you because most of you seemed to regain their consciousness. My name is Dijea Ragishisu. For the time being I have the title called second princess of Ragishisu kingdom. Even though I'm a princess, it isn't necessary to cower. You don't need to force yourself to give a polite tone. Rather I want you to stop it. Well, some of the obstinate commander who said so have no ears to hear anymore"


Dijea turns her head to the 30-year-old knight captain who was next to her and was wrapped in a knight armor except for his head while saying so and the knight captain "Haa......" answers with a sigh. Dijea smiles "Hahaa", when she smiled for the sigh she turned back and looked at us again.


Her curt tone which is to the extent she doesn't seem to be a good princess of this country. We particularly were waiting next to Dijea quietly for her words issued without being upset.


"Firstly, I intend to talk about the present situation of this country, but we will wait with this point until the man who was taken out by a nose bleed is treated. In the past, I read in the library, that heroes summoned by the hero summoning doesn't seem to know magic. So, is there someone who can heal the nosebleed of this man. Rather than saying with the mouth, I will show it so the understanding  will be quicker probably?”


Dijea steps up to Iori while laughing thinly, and turns her palm to him and cries at the same time ”《Heal》!!”. While Iori is surrounded suddenly by a light, the light went out after several seconds. I don't know what happened in these several seconds, but his body recovered.


Especially Kaede who held Iori with both hands seemed to be surprised "Wow......Magic can be  really used in this won´t be bad to let Io-kun fall in love with me by magic......” she muttered.


......Hmm? Mochizuki-san, didn´t you babble out something dangerous? ......Or was it just my imagination?


"Could you understand with this, how magic could be used? The maid of this man who passed out a while ago, carry him to a place where he can rest"


Soon after Dijea declared so, the blond maid who was near the door of this room steps up to Iori's side quickly, and towards Kaede "Please leave him to me, I will carry him to his room" she said so and also carried Iori.


While several male students saw the scene "I also want to be carried by the maid that Nosebleed-kun has and who is a beauty, too......" was muttered. Although it looks envious because I´m a third party now, when noticing, is it an actual condition for a bed? Although I'm aware, am I envious? Ladies and Gentleman a junior male student. I wanted to say something to the boy who was making an envious look.


"I, I will follow, too!!"

Of course, the self-proclaimed lover of Iori-kun doesn't seem to want to separate from him. She compromises to go with the maid as soon as saying it.


"I´m sorry, but will you entrust him to that maid? I want you to hear my talk first. And if possible can you hear my story, so you can inform this man later? I think that there are no problems because that man already recovered, but after hearing my story, don't you do the act such as visiting? ......Please"


When Dijea lowers her head to Kaede ”......I , I know. I understand, please raise your head!" Kaede says so while rushing and she implores Dijea to raise her head.


The princess of this country lowered her head to a person who introduced herself, which will be uncomfortable for her. Kaede thanked Dijea and says she shall raise her head. Inquiring about consecutive exchanges, judging that there is no problem, after the blond maid nodded to Kaede and Dijea once, she went out of the room while carrying Iori.


Even though the person to whom the princess of one country was summoned as a brave man, to lower the head of one’s head is easy to do good? The knight says "Princess, you mustn't lower your head so easily to such a woman!!"......and when the knight was seen while thinking so, everyone was looking at Dijea, while having an amazed expression on their faces. I who saw this scene had various thoughts.


From the state of the knight, I probably guess, that the princess will be a person who is popular unlike a person that was taking the attitude of arrogance and is haughty on a shield by power.


If I was a citizen of Ragishisu kingdom, I will certainly support princess Dijea.


"Then, first hear it because I will give an outline of the important parts. In this world, other than the Ragishisu kingdom there are also the Ederu kingdom, the Jendo beast country and there are also countries in the demon territory. As for the demon territory understanding, from the name, the race who are called as the demon race lives there. There seems to be many countries in the demon territory, and unfortunately we humans don't know what the insides of the demon territory is at all. However, they are the enemies who you should destroy for us. Lumping all together as the demon territory will be enough. The race called demons are the demon tribe, Vampires, Succubuses, dark elves and demon humans exists many, but when you put all together, other than the beast race, the elves and humans are enemies of the demon race. ......Although, the Jendo beast country just declared neutrality to the demon territory and to us humans, so there is no support from them.......”


Dijea is angry, but she keeps talking while putting feelings such as sadness among her words.


"Therefore, if Ragishisu kingdom and Ederu kingdom don´t combine their strength, although you can say that it is useless with the stupid king from Ederu,『He married the first princess of Ragishisu kingdom and we would be a firm unity』to the habit of saying, one month after the marriage [We became busy with defense and aren’t able to cooperate. I am sorry] he handed this letter which he wrote to a messenger to bring it to us......Although there wasn't an attack from the demon race, and are they really busy with defense? Don't you think he underestimates Ragishisu!! That shitty pig!! When the demon race is destroyed, I'll cut off his head first..........ah, ahem...I beg your pardon, the story wandered. The present situation is like this. And I used the hero summoning because we humans are numerical inferior. Is there something you want to hear before long??"


When Dijea´s anger to the king of Ederu kingdom erupted in the middle of the conversation, the sword which hung on her waist was removed and was stuck into the floor with full force.


Most of us who saw that shrinked. There was no questions from us, but Minase-sensei who was the only adult asked, because he has been interested the most among us.


"......I must ask you this. Princess-san, can my students and I return to our original world?"


Minase-sensei seemed dubious. While frowning, he questioned so and was waiting for Dijea´s answer by which every person had various expressions.


"This isn't the right place where it can be said so I'm sorry, but I think that you can return because it was written in the book in accord with the library that former heroes returned. But I don't understand the return method.........sorry"


Dijea seems to burst into tears even now and she apologizes while looking feeble. I think she feels sorry for summoning us.


Have most people already given it up that they could not return, because there were many among us who had a delighted expression.


"......Do you not want to hear it already? If not, I will push forward the story......"


She takes the confirmation from us carefully, and before she begins to push forward the story again.


“First everyone shall pray for his or her status. And tell me who is the person with the hero title? Because I don´t have the appraisal skill, I don't know who is the person with the hero title. Well, as for the method of inspecting status there is a convenient plate that shows the status of a person who dropped his or her blood on it, but I didn't think that my summoning will succeed so I didn't bring it here now. I am going to hand it over to everyone later. Please check your status and see it respectively"


After Dijea said so, we all began to check our status.


Midou Kouki 

18 years old

Level 1 

Race: Human

HP: 500/500

MP: 500/500

Strength: 500

Defense: 500

Agility: 500

Magic: 500

Magic Defense: 500

Luck: 50


Skills: Light magic, Fire magic, Water magic, Wind magic, Swordplay, Appraisal, All language comprehensions


Titles: Person who is summoned in a different world, Person who is called Hero


(......Oioi, I´m a hero.........No, wait a moment. When thinking positively, a hero should be a highlighted fairly. To say so. Mochizuki looks often at the place where the unreliable Saginomiya is and Mochizuki-san is disappointed. And I who keeps playing an active part, fell in love with Mochizuki-san.......but I don't know if something will develop between us. I also think it's a little too convenient...with it. Besides with my hero authority I can eliminate Saginomiya by my hand without being noticed by Mochizuki. Saginomiya is a parasite which sticks to Mochizuki-san. I have to peel him off immediately.......)


If such thing is considered, it's Dijea who says "Please tell me your name and who has the hero title!" and I kneeled down. First of all, as a matter of courtesy,  I tell her that I'm the hero after I say my name.


"It is so!! My name is Kouki, your hero!! Please rely on me!"


Dijea takes Kouki´s right hand with her right hand while floating a smile on her whole face and gives an handshake.


(After all this princess is great and pretty.......dangerous, I seem to fall in love.......No No, for me Mochizuki-san is the person in my heart.......that is so. Harem. I'm a hero and I may be able to make a harem. Uh, yes. Let's do that)


When Dijea finishes her short conversation with me “Listen up everyone!!” she shout and attracts attention of everyone.


"Because Kouki was identified as hero, at first I inform you. People having a question about numerical value of their status is found often. By ordinary humans and expert soldiers the status is the same and except luck the status is around 100. And I will talk about your future!! I will have you participate in the training of the knight chivalry to acquire the ability for minimum self-defense in future. If you go out on your own, you won´t be able make it and die a wasteful death. And when you improved your abilities, you can improve your abilities more at the dungeon. And I am going to give each one of you a room, which is your private room, and a butler or maid"


At the same time as Dijea finishes talking, the room door opened.


With the maid who took Saginomiya with her, a tall man who was wearing our school uniform was led by the hand of the maid and entered.


Is this because it was the maid who took Saginomiya with her or is it because of the man who is wearing our school uniform that the majority of us who heard the story of Dijea ran up to the place where the housemaid and the man where.


(Who is any chance is this man, Saginomiya-san!? In that case it will also explain that his size is about Saginomiya´s size who wore a uniform. Did Saginomiya have such a seems that I will have a hard time making Mochizuki-san fall in love with me. That reminds me, with the skill appraisal, do I look at the status of Saginomiya...)


While I crease the middle of my forehead, I said in a low voice"《Appraisal》!!" .


(Aa, shit. Because Saginomiya moved, the maid is appraised.......wh............what!? Camouflage!? She is a vampire!? This may be dangerous......first I should tell it Dijea-san......)


I who thought so rush up to Dijea while being seized with irritation,


"Dijea-san, the blond maid who came in a short while ago has been appraised by mistake and I saw that she is a vampire camouflaged as maid in her status......”


I informed Dijea about what I saw a short while ago and Dijea opens her big eyes widely,


“Naa!? Is it true!? .........A pest has been in this imperial castle. Kouki, well done. Thats an outstanding job. You must get rid of this pest as soon as possible if you understand what I mean"


At the same time as Dijea says so, a blond-haired maid with a high-pitched voice which says "We are a couple" and the schoolgirl who was around talked with a shrill voice, which Dijea heard.  


"Kouki, correction. The pest......there are two of them"

The eyes of Dijea who muttered so were filled with insanity while twisting the corners of her mouth in a evil way.