Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Isekai shoukan makikomu ijousha

Chapter 007 - Hero Side 1

(Midou Kouki POV)

Time goes back――――
I was wrapped up in mysterious light suddenly, until I noticed I was in a strange white room. When I looked around, I saw him, there was Yuki Sagara from the student council and who was from Minase-sensei´s class like me. Perhaps, I think that all students from that classroom excluding the girls from our class will be involved in the transfer a little while ago.

The person who is here was stunned without an exception of the other person. It might be also so, that all humans would be confused or not when they are suddenly confronted with an unexpected event and their head doesn’t work neatly. I am also so.

The sudden unexpected event is grasped accurately and if there is a person who can still do a calm judgement, then that person isn’t ordinary. Well, such people may become great men who leave their name in history.

It was a certain schoolboy’s words that broke the situation of perplexity and silence.

“Where is he, here!? I, I was in the classroom until a while ago……”

The male student who mentioned a reasonable question……was certainly Endou Yuuta. I visited the student council as a representative of my class several times, so I memorize his name. The question Yuuta mentioned has started the conversation, other students issue the words that they thought of such a question in sequence, it becomes noisy.

A lot of students mention various words and lost their reason and became in a confusional state and the next pipe was time for it.

“As for the present situation, I will tell you all I know so be quiet, please”

When looking around, the voice of a female person who shouldn’t be here rang in the whole room strangely.

I intend to look for the owner of the voice and when I turned around, I saw a silver-haired beauty wearing a blue dress and her figure was symmetric and beautiful which lets me stop breathing for a few seconds while she gives off a mysterious aura.

Is this a dream? A man will think so before thinking about it.

The insisting presence of her twin hills……is poison for my eyes……

Other students should have the same opinion than me, I silently looked at the woman who appeared suddenly,……No, I was fascinated.

“Huhuu, Thank you, everybody. First of all……it is so that……as for all of you, are summoned as heroes by the princess of Ragishisu kingdom. So in your sense it is a different world…… And now in this space of the summoning process, you all exist in this situation. Of course powerless commoner summoned has no use. Therefore I visit this space of the summoning process, you all benefit from the goddess……and get skills. So far did you all understand everything?

Other students at first become quiet with time whether they were going to grasp the situation. The moment when silence ruled this place, the goddess has begun to talk in a calm tone while smiling. If, if the person in the presence was a Ossan with aging odor all students might yell and disperse.

When the woman who introduced herself as an existing goddess in front of us stops the talk at once, From the students who could understand the fact that she talked with us, one after another complains and various shouts of joy are raised.

“Ha!? Bullshit!? That’s fine even if it’s a bad joke, so return me quickly!!”

“Eh!? Are you serious!! Amazing I, I hope to get a cheat skill so I can make a harem!! (Kneeling down on the ground)”

“I have a date with a woman at 5:30, so return me quickly!!”

“Am, am I really in a different world here!? An, animal ears……elves……animal ears……elves…… my time has come――(º∀º)――!!”

Everyone is out of control, I wanted to say something, but instead I heard such words.

Hmm? A while ago wasn’t there a guy who said “She……”? An Otaku is fine but a Riajuu is dame ! His happiness is poison to others, quickly go explode!

Although might just be my thought, but I have a better appearance than the average people. In the past although girls have confessed several times, I wasn’t able to be in a love relationship with other school girls since I fell in love with Kaede Mochizuki at first sight.

Of course I confessed to Mochizuki-san. But she said “I’m sorry, I like Iori-kun” and I died an honorable death wonderfully. Such a gloomy type, why is he good enough……is he threatening her!? That fellow is idly tall……but there isn’t a possibility……that such a cute girl is threatened by him……I can´t forgive Saginomiya Iori.

Eh? When saying so, Saginomiya isn’t here…that’s good.
“Ah, be quiet!! Please, be quiet!”

The moment when the goddess raised a cry which rings strangely with a big volume and the students regain the presence of their mind suddenly for some reason, and silence rules this place again.

Because the goddess was talking about it just in case, it’ll be possible to make a person calm. I was convinced selfishly by myself.

“Although I understood that there are a lot of things to say, but first let me do my work to give skills to you all. Then the talk starts. Well, I’m being surrounded by a lot of people, so please tell me your names. When I don’t know the name, your skill isn’t given……it is inconvenient……well, that’s so!!”

The goddess compromises to the place where a male student who is the nearest to her at the same time as she has finished talking. Afterwards, she was hearing the names one by one. It was an already great surreal scene.

“Your name?”

Before I know it, the goddess steps up near me whether it became my time now, and she asked me for my name while having a gentle smile that seemed to be popular with men.

I mean she was a beautiful woman like a model of a magazine and was veiled when I saw her near me. Although I just got pleasure from seeing her face, I felt like profiting for some reason.

“My name is Midou Kouki. Excuse me, weren’t the school girls from our class also summoned to the different world?”

Now is my opportunity to ask about the thing that’s bothered me the most while knit my eyebrows in suspicious.

Of course, the reason that I asked is Mochizuki-san…cough, this is because I was anxious about a schoolgirl as student council president.

From the mouth of the students who were around “I thought of that as well certainly” I heard the voice here and there too. I wondered, what the other students thought……so I made an appeal with my eyes.

“Schoolgirls? Ah, those children. They get the explanation resembling the thing I said by another goddess and I think that they get their skills too. Well, you should be summoned to the same place at the same time later, so you were seperated now, that’s why worries are useless. Yes, I have finished giving you your skills”

The moment when she said school girl, I have a feeling that the face of the goddess grimaced only for an instant, but that will be an imagination.

When she finishes giving me my skills, she goes away from me and she steps towards Minase-sensei who hasn’t gotten his skill yet.

“You are the last. Your name?”

The goddess asks for his name like other students, when Minase-sensei saw her he asked the goddess a question, while having a bitter face.

“Minase Masayoshi……goddess-san. Can’t you transfer me and my students back to our original place?”

Everyone is waiting for the goddess who was asked an important question which all summoned people want to know to answer, before she covered her eyes with her left hand suddenly and has begun to cry while sniffing.

“………Me too, everyone from the different world……gusuu……I really want to return you, but I don´t have such powers……gusuu……it’s as far as I think I’m cowardly……I’d like to grant the wish from you guys as a goddess……but I am so powerless……uuu……”

She collapses from her knees while leaking a sob. Her mysterious auras from a while ago perish, Minase-sensei who looked at the goddess who had become a weak girl was going to cheer her up desperately while being awfully upset.

“It’s bad!! It wasn’t my intention that you will start crying particularly. Goddess-san isn´t bad in anything!! There is no necessity to worry at all!! So please stop crying!!”

The goddess who broke down in tears is seen and it’s most including Minase-sensei……No, all members said “Goddess-san (state) isn’t bad!!”. By the way, I became the same like everyone and was crying, too. Love is justice. It doesn’t change even if I’m going to the different world!!

“Everyone, is gentle……it was good that I could be concerned with the summoning of gentle people like everyone……because we goddesses usually have little chance to be related with humans……this time, mentioning the gentleness of many people……gusuu…it is possible……I am a happy person……”

Rubbing her right eye with her right hand roughly, the goddess who burst into tears stands up slowly while having a bright smile.

“Then……because my duty was over, I send you all to the other world. When there is a chance, let’s talk more at that time.……Then good luck!!”

Her eye wasn’t swollen at all for some reason, at the same time as the goddess finishes saying so, we were wrapped in a mysterious light.
After Kouju and others were pumped into the different world, they disappeared from the completely white room with the goddess.

“Huu, this time as well. It was easy. Huhuu, as expected the tranquility broke down”

In the left hand of the goddess who muttered small [Eye drops which can be applied easily with one hand] she held a flask of eyedrops.……