Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Isekai shoukan makikomu ijousha

Chapter 006 - Cruel Tifa

After the event in the empty room, while I was led by the hand by Tifal, we go towards the place where my classmates + ɑ are.

On the way, although the body strengthening loses the effect without permission after the fixed time passes, Vampire-ization doesn’t lose its effect for some reason and I was looking doubtful about that fact.

It will be troublesome if the skill wouldn’t released without my consciousness eh, thus while I thought such a thing I released my vampire-ization but, as I accidentally look over Tifal she is shrewdly turned her eyes back from red eyes to her blue eyes. I thought that maybe it’s good if she can call out to me and said “Is it okay for you to keep the vampire-ization?” you know, I grumbled inside my heart.

“Tifa, I want to ask you a favor……will you hear it?”

For the sake to ask Tifal for a favor, I used one of 108 art that I cultivated in my long parent and child meeting life, I lowered my eyes and floated a really dispirited aura.

“Hmm? For Iori, anything……although it isn’t possible to say it, if it is something that I can do and not something that’s too much then I will listen one or two of your favor okay?”

Tifal made a face that look, what happened? As she return these words while looking back over her shoulder.

Fuuh , it seems the beginning is

“Ah, well……it is hard to say it but, can you keep the relationship between me and you secret for now?”

I smile wryly while scratching my cheek.

“…………Are you dissatisfied with me for that? Or, when you are seen with me, is it inconvenient?”

Tifal asked about it with a grimace.

“No, No it is different!! Tifa is considerably a beautiful woman after all, or rather it’s to the extent that I think maybe it is me who is the one who didn’t suited for Tifal you know. What I want to say is …… R, right after I was summoned to the relationship like this right now with Tifa who is a maid ….. my classmates will press me under the pretext of the hero position. Or so it seems, also because of that matter there’s also a possibility that it’ll strangely incur his majesty or such displeasure too right? Th, that’s why you know “

(It is an impromptu excuse, but this excuse even if I do say so myself,thinking that it is wonderful. Especially the thing about incurring his majesty’s displeasure is very good. Whether I think that if Kaede found out my relationship with Tifa I can’t stop my quiver.. In the past when I went to go to shopping together with a certain girl for the school festival, it seems that when seen from the side we look like flirting, and thus by chance? We run into Kaede, and thus the memory of her that day who said “Io kun? Who is that woman?” while the Smartphone in her right hand made a Crack and snap sound, I will never forget about that day kay …I was scared seriously. Eh? Now that I think clearly about it I wonder why Kaede is angry even though I didn’t even go out with Kaede ……eh, why? ……Oh, well. I didn’t quite understand it well, but I was restricted over preparing when that happens)

Is she perhaps had something to thought in my opinion as get a bit fascinated by my own words. Tifal has begun to be troubled while raising her eyebrow.

“……Huu-h, displeasure eh……well, you have a point. Certainly If I’m a king then if I know we are in a relationship like right now in only few hours then maybe I’ll have see it with strange eyes right. Ah, but for the hero with the position as their pretext. I think they will never thought about it you know? After all I think if you search for it then there will be a lot of people who wanted to flirt with the heroes right, it will be over if I said that it’s a love at first sight at Iori’s appearance after all”

Tifal smiles while murmured “Though I will never do something like flirt over humans even if I am dead” in whisper with the small voice to the extent that it seems I didn’t understand whether she made me hear about it or not.

Eh? I am, I´m a human right? Just a little time ago I was summoned as a human hero right !?

“Oh, because there is such reason, I’m sorry but please Tifa”

While saying that, I clap both my hands together and earnestly bow my head down.

“Umm, although I feel like I didn’t quite understand a bit but.……I will try my best”

“Wai, just trying you best wouldn’t do it right. At least for one month, keep it a secret for one month……”

“Yes, you can count on me, of course, I will try my best. Ah, it is that room. Let’s go quickly?”

Tifa points at a door which is around 20m ahead, she changed into trot as she go toward it while lead me by hand.Tifa at that time did have a really good smile. A really really good smile.

“Tifa-san? Did you just change the subject on purpose right!? Hey!?………Ah I don’t know anymore, what will be will be ……”

We arrived in front of the door which is looked like made bit more splendor compared the other room, where my classmates + ɑ are, I step inside with together with Tifal.

The room is very large, probably around 1,000 people able enter.

Because of me and Tifal opened the door, some of the student who were realized we were entering the room trotting over here.

“Ah, Maid-san thank you for your help with Nosebleed-kun!! So are he is alright? Nosebleed-kun”

The one who begin to talked us talked to us was a lively girl with shortcut hair a cute face with the height around 150cm. She isn´t from the student council, so she must be my classmate.

Certainly her name is ……… as I try to recall it for several seconds but it can’t be remembered about it. Unfortunately only the name Kaede Mochizuki is memorized in my head.

She isn’t a bastard I will ask her name when I remembered about it.

Or rather I’m = Nosebleed-kun right.Though I expected it!! And such thus I secretly decided that I insert a retort(Tsukkomi) and thus I become a busy man.……in my mind. I´m a typical commshou.

“Yes, he seems to be fine and I think he is okay. I think there’s no need to worry about him you know”

Tifal response with her prided business smile.

After all, Nosebleed-kun is standing next to Maid-san you know. The classmate who is seems lively, where is your eyes look at?

“Well, let’s leave Nosebleed-kun´s incident aside……Maid-san!! What kind of relation do you have with the ikemen who is next to you!? Seeing your hands connected naturally and your relationship seems to be good……is he perhaps Maid-san’s this!?”

The classmate which seems lively who get her tension suddenly high asked the relationship between me and Tifal while raised her pinky finger. As she tried to ask about my relationship out of Tifal “I’m also curious about it” or such voice can be heard here and there.

Hey Hey, wait a moment. I really did spent nearly 2 years in the same school as you guys right? Perhaps you guys totally didn’t remember this something like my face who is a loner eh, cruel, it’s too cruel!

Or rather she said that let’s set about nosebleed-kun aside but actually the topic still didn’t drift away from about me okay?

At the moment Tifal is about to start to answer “That is you know ….. “, Kaede who realize that me is already returned run go towards over to my place while shouted.


I notice Kaede who came towards me while shouting, although I felt a bit wasteful but I separated my hand with Tifal in panic.

The moment when I separated from Tifal, Kaede jumped at me.The classmates which were near me, “Eh? is this by any chance a battlefield (Shuraba)?” or “Io-kimi? Ah if seen closely he wear our school uniform……eh? Is it a lie right!?” or such as there are several people who blurt out various things. (TLC : Shuraba can mean battlefield also the time when there’s problem regarding triangle love …. Like when the MC is found having an affair with another woman or such)

“Io-kimi, the fact that you’re here it means that you are alright right? Ah, at last you cut your hair!! And you also take off those nerdy glasses!! After all Io-kun with his hairstyle from the past without wearing anything is the best!! And…………what kind of relation does Maid-san who tied her hand with you happily until a while ago has? You mustn’t lie okay? You must tell me what are happening without any mistake word by word okay, Io-kun? “

The eyes of Kaede who had been pressed me lost its light a little. Eh? What happened, Kaede. Isn’t your atmosphere different from usual?

As I kept thought about what should I do Tifal send a lifeboat to me.

“Concerning that, I will explain it”

With her business smile……or rather with a little wicked smile she opened her mouth and then Kaede sight turn toward Tifal. At that time, I raise a cheer in my heart towards my fresh wife.

Is she protecting me!! You’re reliable you know, Tifa!!

“……Hee……So Maid-san is the one who will explain about it? Well, since I think it’s okay even if it Io-kun or Maid-san as long there’s someone who will tell me about it thus I think it’s alright if Maid-san is the one who wanted to tell me about it …. Then , please tell me “

As Kaede finishes talking, most of our classmates and people from the student council gather around us, gathered their attention over us.

Fuuh , I made arrangements with Tifa just in case something like this might happen you know. Yossha tell them tell them Tifa-san!!! Crush the joke illusion that these guys thought about.

“Let me see……roughly said it, various things happened and thus we are married now”

Gofuu (The sound of me vomited blood)

While Tifal put both hands on her cheeks, she answered while looked shyly about it.

And then the people who were around me and Tifal were frozen.

Heavy air and silence dominated over this place.

………………Damn it, it is over……you totally didn’t do that do your best you know.………

“Aa………aren’t we perhaps become the third wheel………that……I still think it is still alright for around 30 minutes……okay?”

In the air which froze, somebody babbled out such a thing.

Hey hey, who is the guy who babbled it out. Should we have a nice little chat in the place where there’s no one there eh.Or rather, what is the thing that going to be alright? Hey, try saying it again. You, I will remember your face!! That face!!

Tifal which heard such a voice

“No, don’t mind about it …30 minutes wouldn’t be enough after all……fufufu”

Though Tifal answered her while looking down, because I was near Tifal, I saw it. This fellow is laughed. She enjoys the present situation……she is a devil, there’s devil over here.

Kaede was hearing such exchange with a shocked expression. And then I was driven by impatience.

This is bad, I had to explain it or else……

“Ka, Kaede, this situation is deeper than the Mariana Trench you know …”

Thus I tried to explain about it but.

“I am disappointed from you, Io-kimi. Dressing plainly was still better in case of these kind of things. ………You womanizer”

After Kaede declared so, *PAAAAAaaaann* I received a serious right hand slap as it sounds through the large hall,

……I, did I do something wrong? I lost consciousness while thinking so.