Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Isekai shoukan makikomu ijousha

Chapter 005 - In just several hours after I got to the different world I had a bride♪

Several minutes after we left the parlor, the one that showed up right after we came out from that place is a bizarrely long corridor and we kept walking in completely silence

A small…..however compared with the parlor a little while ago, the place I am led to is somewhat like a much larger storage room and now I am standing right in front of that door.

While she is guiding me, I was nervous about whether I should start a conversation. Since that time when I made to go to a beauty parlor because of some girl gossip, it became a trauma.

That is why I was super thankful for the silence. Someone with a communication disorder loves silence you know. And for me who is a loner and is awkward, there isn’t another thing that I’m more thankful for than silence.

“Uhh,……Tifal-san? No matter how I see it you got the room wrong right? Why to such an empty room?”

I asked it while knitting my eyebrows looking confused.

As it will feel awkward for me to just receive a point blank answer, thus I working hard to give her my style of business smile.

Perhaps, now I made some considerably ugly face right.

“No, it’s okay you know? This room is the right room. Then, Saginomiya-san too let’s enter together!!”

While Tifal-san has a smile on her whole face, she took my right hand and guided me whose expression was covered with sorrow because of her slightly forcefulness to the inside of that empty room. And thus the moment I finished entering that room



Tifal locked the door, with an iron chain-like thing that she took from somewhere, she twines it around the door that it looks like it will not easily open.

I was astonished from that performance. Indeed craftsman work. An artisan will be surprised too you know.

Perhaps so that I completely can’t run away, she with a face that looks like the thing which happened some time ago didn’t happen at all, grips my hand hard and guides me to the middle of the room. Or rather should I say that I was dragged in. Even me who is in confusion while my hand is grasped am still able to think over various thing.

Or rather Tifal-san, my hand is really hurting you know. Your destructive power is no joke you know, how many kilos is it I wonder.

“Fuuh, if it’s around here then it’s gonna be alright…perhaps. Saginomiya-san I will ask you just in case……a lie or the truth, will be understood immediately, so when possible don’t lie please? Fufufu~, A little time after Saginomiya-san went out of the room, you used appraisal a little…did you do it? So how did my status turn out? Especially my race. Or perhaps my race, or maybe my race?”

Tifal closed up to me with a laugh. A lovely smile was blooming there.

But, her eyes took on a fixed stare, I felt a shudder. And if it was judged from a bystander’s point of view, my expression was pale. It’s exactly like the situation where a frog is being stared by a snake.

And thus I thought.

………………A……is today the anniversary of my death?

I think about a way out while dripping greasy sweat while my body burns in irritation.

Sheeeeeeeeeeeet !! I shouldn’t have used appraisal!! There was a saying that “Curiosity killed the cat.”, but it was true. Predecessors’ words were important.

You must calm down first, me . Above all it is important to grasp the situation. I’m a human, there should be nothing that’s impossible for me! Someone said that human possibilities were infinite!! ……or so I think.

The dim lighting and there’s particularly no furniture, a tasteless room. Tifal-san who-s super-emitting thirst for blood. A locked door with a chain twined around it

…….. a, I got checkmated right? This is.

What should I do, what should I do. Should I show her the jumping dogeza in sincerity which 80 percent of Japanese company slaves are able to do? (The source is my businessman father) No, it will be a bad move. Probably I think that my neck will be cut, right? I can’t think of a good plan……

“Saginomiya-san? Could you answer quickly? If you don’t have a mind to answer, your neck……will fly you know? fufufu”

No good(kansai ben). Tifal-san´s eyes are serious. My head will fly, seriously. And what’s with that “Fufufu”. I’ll use my brain to the max while having this waterfall of cold sweat to think of a way out of this situation, orra. Aah, I don’t care anymore, I’ll just do it !!

“Aa, it’s so!! I used appraisal on you and I know you are a vampire!! What about it? Probably because I have learned about it, I’m afraid? O? O?”

……I make a blunder. I made it like I am provoking her with this. But, it’s my principle that I don’t look back to the inconvenient past. Well, I’ll continue to face forward!! Now Tifal-san, how will you respond!?

“Fufufu, Do you understand your current situation? The foolishness of a poor hero who isn’t even able to properly use his power is peerless eh. As your wish I WILL KILL YOU. Fufufuu”

With a nihilistic smile Tifal took out an axe with it’s length about 1 meter long from inside of her maid clothes. I who saw it am driven by uneasiness, I looked around again whether there wasn´t a thing which was usable in the area while thinking about a way out.

And then tension is built up in air.

……E!? That axe, it wouldn’t be able to fit in her maid clothes right? Or rather Tifal’s character is crumbling right? This is really bad. But!! I’m not a softhearted person which will let myself get killed easily.

At least until I’m able to massage those pair of hills that are not too small and not to big which are stuffed with dreams……

Not that. What a dangerous, dangerous worldly desire~

“Wa, wait, we can come to an understanding if we talk ……not that!! If this is what you wanted to then!!《Body strengthening》!! Although my first time……I will manage it somehow. Uh.《Vampire-ization》!!”

I correct my words in panic while starting to recite the aria quickly.

Da, dangero~us , we will come to an understanding if we talk, isn’t that one of those “get killed” lines right ! !

Since I corrected it then it’s safe, safe.

At the moment when I shout, my body is wrapped in something transparent from the body strengthening. And my cuspids grow a little from vampire-ization and both eyes change it’s color to red from black. These eyes also make someone remember fresh blood.

(200 MP are consumed by vampire-ization and body strengthening. It is necessary to confirm about the mp consumption in the future)

Is it perhaps because of me, who is able to use my skill successfully, Tifal is examining the situation because of me who’s flustered and nervousness fading out, but she who was supposed to emitting thirst for blood is making a surprised expression and fell into a panic.

“Ee? Ee? Eee!? Are you a vampire!? In spite of being a hero!? Furthermore you able to use skills normally !?The you who has just been summoned!? Eee!? What should I do? What should I do……”

Tifal got really confused because of me for using vampire-ization and the skill body strengthening. Her eyes were swimming grandly too, if this too was an act then she was truly a first class actress.

“Yep, it must be her strategy to make me careless right. Let’s use all MP by saying a sense for a sense.『 Ice, become my blade!!《Ice sword zero flower》!!』”

(Hohou, I felt thankful that for some reason if it’s ice magic then that magic skill chant floated inside my head. But this ice sword, even though it has an exaggerated name to think that it will disappear in a settled amount of time. Well, I think that skill is useful eh to know such a thing too. Well, if it didn’t disappear then there would be no use for a blacksmith right ……well, I don’t really care, you have a bad opponent eh!! Tifal!! Prepare yo oo…o…oo??)

Even though I prepare myself while holding the ice sword which I made by magic, trying to kill Tifal who was overbearing until some time ago and putting my right foot behind, she who is the perpetrator which mainly tried to kill me is prostrating and muttering “I’m sorry, I am sorry” repeatedly like a curse.


Is it perhaps that I can’t really process the scene in front of me, I raised an unusual wild voice and exposed a foolish face.

A, so the kneeling culture also exists in this world eh.


“Uh,……Saginomiya-san I’m really sorry!! I’ll receive any kind punishment so please order me to do anything!!”

Tifal is like my father, she is able to perform beautiful kneeling that will make people raise their voice of admiration like, Ooo.. Even with these amateur eyes of mine I can understand ……that she was an expert at kneeling down on the ground. (TLC: I think there’s some video where people perform various kind of dogeza, sliding dogeza, pyramid dogeza, headspin dogeza .. )

“Ah, I, I understand, so please raise your head …. kay?”

According to Tifal who has become suddenly silent, that for the vampires killing each other from the same race is considered as taboo or something like that. And then there’s a rumor that the kingdom will soon start to summon heroes, so in the vampire clan Tifal who is the youngest elected to become a spy as a maid, and then when she thought that her identity as vampire was exposed by me and tried to get rid of me, but there’s the fact that I was a vampire too so she knelt down on the ground to apologize. That seems to be all her movements from the time she left the vampire village until now.

A little while before she did her kneeling Tifal put her axe smoothly inside her maid clothes. Probably this, I wonder whether it is different world seven wonders.

“……Tifal-san’s way of talking normally is like that time when you were trying to kill me right? The punishment……well, please use the same tone like the one you always do, the one you used a little while ago……how about it? After talking with that informal tone then politely, if we speak like that in death match the itchy feeling is unbearable you know?”

As I said so I part my hand from the ice sword that was made by magic. In an instant, the ice sword completely broke into pieces and scattered.

“……But our relation is that between a servant and their master. Such a gracious thing……No, if I do “that”……”

I who picked the remark of Tifal up immediately understood and also made my eyes blink.

……Ha? Servant and master!? Aren’t we maid and guest!? ……Probably there is no help for it even if I mind it. And what do you mean by that.

Tifal seems troubled about something while putting her right hand on her chin. And then after some time passed she floats a carefree smile like she’s getting possessed by a spirit and and then she approached to under me with calm step.

“I’m gonna be rude a little okay?”

Tifal shoves her right hand in the pocket of her maid clothes and takes out a pair of scissors, she kindly grasp my bangs which completely covers my eyes with her left hand “I’ll cut it okay~” and while saying it, snip snip snip she cut it.

Even scissors are able to come out from her maid clothes eh. It’s quite an omnipotent thing right.

And, I never said that it’s okay to cut it right!! So you ignored my will!? You ignored it right!?

There’s no way I said it, as I grumbled even if it’s in my heart before I noticed my bangs got cut until it reached around my eyebrows. As I thought to complain to her as she cut my bangs straight, but it was unexpectedly good.

I wonder if because Tifal can’t become a beautician.

Tifal put the hair which she cut into her maid clothes secretly as it was something really precious.

Oi, Tifal-san. What do you want do with my hair. Although you put it in secretly, I noticed you know!? You wouldn’t use it for a straw doll right !? You mustn’t okay? You mustn’t ever do it okay?

“Fufufuu, with this now I can clearly see your eyes. Your beautiful red eyes………they are obviously the eyes of a vampire. There is no doubt. With this all of my problems are at an end “

Soon after Tifal confirmed my eyes with the posture that looks like she peeked into my face, her cheeks blush, then she had an expression of ecstasy on her face. Are my eyes so good looking? And as I thought like that I inclined my head a little thus she gave her final touch. With such atmosphere she took my favorite plain fashion eyeglasses.


Crushing them with her hand.To the extent that I can’t understand the model anymore. And she threw it away behind her without regret.

“………Heeeee!? Those are my very very important quiet fashion goods you know!! Ah, you crushed it to the extent I can’t understand the model anymore!!」

Me who became ‘bla~nk’ picked up that perhaps the remnants of my eyeglasses which the model can’t be detected anymore and at the same time my expression turned a bit vacant.

“Fufufuu, Saginomiya-sama, please calm down. This so to speak is still the preparation stage of the ceremony. It has not started yet you know?”

“No, it is not a laughing matter alright!? And ceremony!? I do not understand what you want to do at all!!”

I had completely changed my class to retort character. And, I held the doubt in the current situation that I was able to be talked to normally.

Eh? Didn’t my communication disorder not active!? Perhaps this is something like I graduated from my communication disorder!?

“Apart from that Saginomiya-sama, do you know that it’s also possible to suck blood between vampires? Though of course if it’s not that man with the blood of a woman and woman with the blood of a woman then they won’t drink it “

“By the way……just forget it………hmm? If it’s okay for vampires to drink another vampire’s blood then there’s no need for vampires to especially drink human blood right…..”

Because I babbled out strange things to Tifal , she knit her eyebrow looking puzzled.

“Aa, it was lack of explanation eh. So to speak sucking blood of vampire’s blood is like eating a snack. And then perhaps it’s alright to say that human blood is the main dish and to recover magic power. And since blood for vampires is also their magic then it’s an indispensable thing for us. Even though we are the same family, it’s not like you can suck as much as you want you know”

“Aa, I see I see. I understand, I understand. Then, why do you talk to me about something like that?”

“E……emm……um……my blood……do you not want to drink it? I’d also like to have the experience of being sucked once. That is what I was thinking!”

Tifal has a deep red face for some reason and she declares it while fidgeting. What is embarrassing? As far as I heard this conversation I can’t find any factor which can make me embarrassed though. And thus I completely wasn’t able to understand it.

“By the way, is the vampire’s blood good? Though I never thought that a vampire sucked the blood of another vampire”

“Of course, it is delicious…………it seem to be so? Well well, please ingest quickly! Now! Now!”

Tifal-san brings her beautiful and white nape close to my face while breathing roughly. The mysterious color and scent which float faintly make the wall of my reason collapse from the root.

The peculiar nice smell of a woman is~……Tifal-san is sexy, my head became dizzy you know.

“……Hmm, I understood it. If it is delicious, I want to suck it……well then、because I will suck the blood of Tifal-san, meanwhile, Tifal-san can suck my blood okay. There would be no problems with the magic with this right?”

When I say so, Tifal face becomes so deep red that I thought “Are you gonna faint?” but even so she answer “I……I understand!” And thus both of us buried our faces in each other’s necks while sticking in our fangs.

In the room which nobody was around except the two if us, as both of us didn’t voice any sound made the noise of us sucking blood, and strange sexy voice of Tifal resounded in that room. Not to mention the harshness of the fight with my reason which is same as a thin paper.

I mean Tifal-san is leaking a voice on purpose right!? I mean I got pulled into the flow and somehow ended up sucking and being sucked on. Then it means me with that cute blonde blue eyed are ……no, before we sucked each other, her eyes turned red right. I am in the position of burying my face in the neck of a pretty girl right now………a, now that I’m conscious about it I felt my heart throb……thus I remember that Tifal-san who brought out an axe and suddenly I came back to my senses. Leaving that aside let’s drink this unexpectedly delicious bloo~d.



Several minutes later

“……Fufufuu, because we didn’t have a relationship between a servant and master anymore with this, I can speak in a usual tone to you right? Even though becoming your servant wasn’t bad too, but as expected this relationship is ……”

Is it because after the blood-sucking act, Tifal’s face became bright red and is really sexy. I’m scared what if she becomes an adult. For a cherry boy like me then it’ll be instant kill you know.

“Hmm? I know that it’s good that we can talk with normal tone you know. But, why are you embarrassed? Is there some strange meaning for sucking blood!? Lo, look over her oi! Why did you frankly avert your face!? Hey!”

When I try to match my eyes with Tifal, she looked away immediately. And, is it perhaps for hiding her embarrassment, she repeatedly coughs.

“……Eh? Isn’t it a wedding ceremony for a man and woman suck each other’s blood, or perhaps it’s the expression of love for a married couple ”

Tifal answered it as a matter of course, with the eyes that said to my question what a obvious thing you ask about. And thus the sweat started to drip from my forehead.

Eh? It’s a lie right!? Though for me to rapidly have relationship, with a member of the opposite sex after I`m summoned to a different world, am I okay? I wouldn’t get stabbed like in a soap opera development right?

“Oioioi, marriage………why didn’t you tell me that sucking blood between vampires = getting married……and then why did you do the marriage with me?”

I am, opening my mouth while sighing.

“Fufufuu, as for me your figure, character, and your beautiful eyes I fell in love with it. That’s the only reason for vampire to get married you know? Also, may I call you Iori from now on? We are already married after all, I don’t want us to address each other with family names. Ah, I want you to call me Tifa kay~♪”

Although Tifal one-sidedly advanced the talk with her smoothness, there was only one point I wanted to retort.

She fell in love with my appearance? Tifal-san seems to have a considerably odd taste eh.

“…A, aa. Sorry for somehow not being attentive about it……”

I float a bitter smile immediately when I have the feeling that I made a mistake and apologize. Or such as I was demonstrating the act which has already become a habit after becoming a loner.

Ah,…. No good, this is communication disorder eh. I almost can’t speak anything……oi、is it because I´m a virgin? Did somebody say that? Noisy!! (TLC: in other word he just flustered and can’t speak anything)

……Eh? Why am I apologizing? I was just the victim right? Me.

“Thank you Iori ♪ ……Aa, this twin tail is bothersome perhaps I shall take down my hair. Since I heard that humans liked this troublesome hairstyle, I did it unwillingly you know. Is it okay right?”

Tifal took down her hair while saying that to me. And thus there’s the super loner me who’s doing retort for the –th time inside my heart.

Hey, is there any meaning for you to ask me about it? Didn’t you take down your hair before you asked?

“…… There’s particularly no problem even if your hair is long, besides,if it’s Tifal then any hairstyle must be lovely”

More or less, I succeeded in finishing speaking even if it’s just the summary of my words.

The degree of difficulty is high eh for a communication disorder to call her with nickname

Ah, my communication disorder still wasn’t cured yet~.( I think , kansai ben(?) )

“Th, thank you……a, aa!! Shall we go to the heroes soon? I will guide you properly this time……right?”

Tifal who blushes because she got praised casually suddenly turns her face away, perhaps for hiding her embarrassment, she takes my hand and mutters quickly “W, Well! Let’s go- ! ! “ thus she guided me to where the other heroes were gathered.

For her to take my hand while averting her eyes, she sure is skilled eh.

For me who’s never had any interaction with opposite sex until coming to this different world, for me to have a thought that if there’s such a day isn’t it good is maybe because I’m a virgin? No, such a feeling is common, it is common. There was one man who muttered as if persuading himself.

And I thought suddenly.

……Eh? I have a feeling that I made a mistake of the choice of my words again……I wonder if there’s reset button in reality?.