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Isekai shoukan makikomu ijousha

Chapter 004 - Template event…has ended!

“It’s a ceiling I don’t know…..”

I half-murmured secretly while having an expression of absent-mindedness on my face, I come to my senses in a hurry and think over things like the present situation in my head.


No, wait, wait, wait. Certainly the worn-out goddess……no, after I met Rifia, I get a feeling that all classmates including me had been summoned by the beautiful silver-haired goddess to this banquet hall?

……Possibly, have I been carried to the sickroom because I had a nosebleed from the picture I got from Rifia and I was rendered unconscious……?

Someone who was transferred by the hero summons says “Don’t joke!” or “Let me go home!” At first, then cry out the conventional words, afterwards a self-styled good-looking man who seems to have the quality of a hero gathers everybody up, the princess who might be the beautiful woman of the country that summoned you “Hero, please save this country from the Maou. Please!! (Pretending to cry)” after she uttered the feeling words, they’re taken over by agreeing readily. Such a standard event like that always happen ……

I missed such a valuable event because of the nosebleed……or……!? No, wait a moment, the possibility shouldn’t be thrown away yet. At the end of the hall, there was one of the beds. Yes, it is this. I also think only just slightly it’s unreasonable, but there should be this possibility.

With a gleam of hope in my heart, my body which is laying on the bed to rest is raised and I looked around the vicinity restlessly. It was a tasteless private room and there wasn’t a hindrance other than a bed and a closet approximately 5 tatami mats that was reflected in the view.

It was a small mercy that I was wearing glasses. I heave a sigh of relief while being relieved in my heart when it was good not to lose them when I fainted. These glasses I almost began to use it, and into which burst in the second year. It was being a necessary existence so that I didn’t calm down anymore when they were taken off.


“It’s a lie rightttttt!?”

I understood with my head, but my feelings didn’t catch up with it, I grieved though I made a sorrowful look. Some feelings did clear up by having cried out and I gradually regain presence of my mind.

……A, No……did I understand it? About the fact by which I have missed the template event because I collapsed because of nosebleed and fainted away.

A, no, It wasn’t a reason particularly no matter what!! Use as a simulated experience in light novel!!……Gusuu…

Soon after having raised a loud voice the door of the room is opened by great force, whether someone waited near the door and a woman who was supposedly a maid entered.

“Is anything the matter!!”

Her blond twin tails which melted and poured pure gold and her blue eyes which remind me of the sea. I think she isn’t even 30 years old, there are color and scent peculiar to an adult woman faintly nevertheless.

Speaking frankly, the maid was a super beautiful woman.

“………A, it is all right. I’m confused for a moment……aha, ahaha……”

I made a victory pose unconsciously by having looked at the maid who was a beautiful woman, my mouth was very pitiable oppositely with the movement of my hand.

……No, if it is time my many years of lonely life caused by the commuchou end. Then definitely I don’t have time for this, right?

“Was it so. I have to take care of you Saginomiya Iori, I´m Tifal. Because Saginomiya-sama was resting,excuse me but I heard your name from the other heroes”

Each movement of hers was refined by a polite tone. And her maid clothes and formal bow was very beautiful. This woman is a real maid. I met a maid over a screen several times in the two dimension, but this is the first time that I see it in three dimension.

“………Can you stop calling me Saginomiya-sama? If it’s possible call me by my first name but if not at least I want you to let the -sama away. Something like that is somewhat…… unpleasant ……”

I turn my head fully while smiling a wry smile though the thought words are put out of my mouth with the tone that was slightly awkward although I thought about these lines. This is the limit of communication disorder……

“………Then it is Saginomiya-san. I will call you so”

The maid had a super good understanding.

“………That saved me a lot. You were talking about heroes before, I want you to tell me the situation currently as of now as much as possible. Because it seems to be related to the contents of my activities in the future”

So that I give a good impression to the pretty maid, after my frightening expression, while the middle finger of the right hand corrects the glasses which have slipped out, I tried speaking.

“Well, speaking briefly, as for the peoples who are summoned as a hero here in this castle……Before Saginomiya-san woke up, you were carried to this room, so you may not know but now, this room where you are is one room from many guest rooms of Ragishisu Kingdom’s royal palace. Everyone from you summoned people have one room per person from the guest rooms and all of you got a maid or butler who takes care of you, to acquire battle experience by training, after having improved ability, you will kill the demons and the Maou……that’s the planned schedule”

She explained it with an indifferent tone. As for my behavior, looking around wasn´t noticed.

“U, uuh, like a general light novel……no I mean, I feel like expecting it. Anyway destroy the Maou. Then there is one leader like existence who says something like choosing a leader with rock, paper, scissor right. Do you know the fool who did that speech´s name?

“Working hard……ahem, still at the time when Saginomiya-san was carried to this room, although I don’t understand such a story because the princess didn’t do that, the leader-like existence is probably Midou Kouju. He was the only one who had the hero title”

Tifal for an instant, after showing a worrying behavior, answers plainly. But, there didn’t seem to be what she was troubled with only by the maid, there was one another worried person――it is me. Although I make a difficult face, my eyes twinkle clearly a lot more than usual ……too much.

………………Kouju Midou is who. Daaammmnn it. Kaede is the only one person that I know the name of directly. Even if the name was heard, I couldn’t know!! ……Well, only for this, there is no help for it. After all the fuss over there after I go to worship the hero on the surface.

Oh well, other than that is the maid stronger than me? Like The battle maid I heard sometimes!! ……No, maybe it wasn’t heard……well no, I think that it’s fun to try using appraisal with much effort. By saying so………Appraisal!!


Tifal 26 years old

Level 34 Race: Human (Disguise) [Vampire]

HP: 1200/1200

MP: 400/400

Strength: 750 

Defense: 1000

Agility: 1200

Magic: 420

Magic Defense: 560

Luck: 73

Skills: Axe Arts, Dark Magic, Body Strengthening, Cooking, Appraisal, Disguise

Title: Vampire clan, Maid of the Imperial castle


That act started a change of mood in me and further burdened my mind. I have unpleasant sweat dripping on my forehead.

This maid was disguising herself. Disguise. This ,somewhat……no, isn´t she greatly dangerous? Mainly to me. For the time being do I ask her. The safe possibility might be…….

“Tifal-san this country……how should I put it what kind of race can rival humans, is there one?


Trembling with fear and with such an expression, I asked Tifal.

“It was insufficient explanation. The human enemy is the demon race……Mainly the ogre tribe and succubus, various races such as vampires became enemies too”

I asked because I had nothing to lose, although damage didn´t come to the mind so much because I asked it by feeling, I lost my vigor a little and sank.

The vampire is bad bad. If Tifal-san deso something like using a vampirization skill then I’m “OUT” aren’t I !! ……When should I run away from this castle.

Haa……it is a waste of time even when I think with my insufficient head in various ways. Tifal-san said……Ah, who’s that. Mi…Mido…u!! Midou Kouju. While I remember the name and am here, it’s an escape from reality after his face is checked.

I’ll say my body feels bad or something and I want to be secluded in bed for some days. And I didn’t appraise Tifal-san. Yes, it is so. With that everything is solved. If something was said then just say it’s because I don’t have chocolate, if there’s no chocolate then the secret might leak out you know (TLC: I’m not sure if ショーコ mean chocolate and バレ mean leak out so it might be incorrect )

I who decided my future plan quickly just asked her with the choice seeming to be able to put into action at once.

“Tifal-san, eehmm,where are the heroes……do you know it? I want you to guide me there if you know it……”

Uoooo、and no words comes out. I, when I´m a good-looking man the maid may drop roller……the world is unfair……haa……

“Probably I think that it is the room used for the summoning. It isn’t so far from here, I’ll guide you”

Tifal consented with a smiling face like a business smile while showing it.

Because I would have her lead me to the place used for the summoning, where the heroes were, I stood up slowly from the bed and left the guest room.