Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Isekai shoukan makikomu ijousha

Chapter 003 - Present of Rifia

After I was surrounded by a mysterious light the second time, I regained consciousness of my sight and something was before me……

――――――It was the true goddess.

Her silver wavy hair extends a little longer than her shoulders. Her clear silver eyes aren’t too big and her chest isn’t small either.

Especially, the silver armor the goddess is wearing……the woman put on the knight armor and could be called female knight. I who had seen the woman in the presence that originated a divine aura was clapping my hands together and worshiping it while unawarely vomiting the abuse of Rifia a little while ago in my mind. However I’ll engrave it in my memory instead of closing my eyes. Indeed the day to worship it with my naked eyes has arrived……oh, God. It was here, a true goddess.

Well is it a goddess with an unknown name for that goddess seriously? I want to lick the dirt off her nails.

Where in the world, are goddesses like her in……Ah, it was in this world. But how cute she had been when she was “Dere” (lovey dovey)!

Because her “Dere” was cute, I’ll call her “Deredere” goddess from now on. It was good, she will have been promoted from gaudy.

Only around the place where we are, when I look around the banquet hall where a strange pattern was drawn on the floor, all the others haven´t regained consciousness yet other than me, everyone laid on the floor.

There are no signs by which the silver haired goddess noticed me regaining consciousness at all, she talked with a human who was supposedly a knight in the state of turning its back on us in the edge of room.

The profile which sometimes appears for an instant is unbearable.

Judging the situation from the circumstances, normally I wouldn’t have woken up yet.

In short,the me who was taken charge of by Deredere goddess is an irregular.

It’s the long-awaited different world, so time is money, but somehow I have no word.

The “deredere” goddess gave me a new skill in the time of parting……I also think she was saying so, so shall I check it now to kill some time.



Saginomiya Iori 17 years old

Level 1 Race: Human

HP: 100/100

MP: 500/500

Strength: 100

Defense: 100

Agility: 100

Magic: 100

Magic defense: 1000

Luck: 10


Skills: Sword Arts, Spirit Possession, Body Strengthening, Alchemy, Space Magic, Ice Magic, Seeking life in death, Vampireization, Cooking, All Language Comprehension, Appraisal, Disguise,

Title: Person summoned from a different world, Person who has a goddess as wife, Person who is loved by spirits


The titles which I don’t understand were increased and I who confirmed the status make a stiff face. I think it’s a mistake, I rub eyes many times, but the letter such as the holography which only I can see exists contrary to my wish. I was dandy, even when the glasses I kept in my chest pocket are worn, the seen letters don’t change.

Wait a moment, I understand that my skills increased. It is revealed that my title is changed to a person summoned from a different world slightly.

But…………person having a goddess as wife, would be strange!!

By any chance, because she knew this title, that “deredere” goddess somehow said something like “My dear husband”right ?!? It’s a lie right………the other side completely accepted me, withdrawal……is it impossible? ……No, should I go?

Oh, the “deredere” goddess isn’t here. ……Okay, it was just decided. From today my motto is ”If I can think even tomorrow, I don’t think today!!”. It is a splendid motto even if I do say so myself……or? Is this the same as an escaping from reality? Oh, well.

While being fascinated by the words that came up, I try to use magic that I have never used yet.

Please pull yourself together……such as an item box used by characters in novel with parallel world system, space magic substitution…. It exists?

I imaged furniture or an free empty room. Then, there was a crack that you might call a dimensional crack when you compared it to the space of my right hand.

That!? This is a success?

There was a crack in the space, it was floating in the air ahead by feeling like an image when the hand is timidly put in the space that is as big as a hand.

Oo~!! That? In this world it is super easy……haa!! Possibly, I’ve become the chi-remu of the next world (TLC : chi-remu = cheat + harem => chearem )? Am I gonna be spoiled with a lot of girls?……A Harem was impossible with the commuchou (TLC : like anti-social ).

Secretly, the ambition that I remembered was scattered in an instant , is it my item box? A suspicious envelope somehow got in there. I who thought doubtfully try to take it in my hand, but I have stopped my hand for some reason in the place a little away.

I don’t know who put it inside, but if this envelope was dangerous, my dangerous inference sensor would sound a siren hard at full blast. Carefulness is my selling point, I’m withdrawing from the crack in order to avoid the arm which was being extended to the envelope slowly. Now everything is settled. I thought of a wholesale dealer who didn´t wholesale everything.

In the envelope “Read, if you don’t want that the image in the scenery folder in your PC will be scattered” the thing that has been described has been seen.

…………Ha!? Hey hey hey, why do you know the folder name that contains the treasure pictures I have collected for two years…………eh, are you serious? When such a thing is done, do I shut myself up again?

……Do I surrender, because of such a threat? ……Yes, I ordinarily yield. It’s good huh, my tofu mentality.

My partner for the time being……okay, it is this goddess. God is assigned to the name shrewdly and enables the impossible……it is the expectation which it is possible to think that perhaps. No, even if that fellow is junk and ignores it unexpectedly……oh, well. I will follow it quietly this time.

The thing I fear the most is that if Kaede knows it and would kill me then. That fellow, is dangerous and to avoid her with an image of that place origin……therefore because the time when this leaks out will be scary, so it is my insurance. Therefore it can’t be helped……It can’t be helped so let’s do it.

I am a half, I opened the letter which is folded four times while sprinkling something like autosuggestion to myself and confirmed the contents.

“Well, what………”


My dear husband,

Reading this letter, you arrived at the different world safely and managed to use space magic. Indeed, my husband!! I’d like to share the joy together, it is for about approximately one month until I can meet my husband……therefore, our honeymoon will be later.

With the help of an acquaintance, I shall change to a neat woman to show you in 1 month, so don’t worry.

Look forward and wait♪

From your only Rifia


……………Gofuu (blood vomiting)

“……Wait, wait, wait. From the letter, I guess, the gaudy goddess character will be thrown away perfectly and she is a neat goddess then. I mean? A lot of energy……and it’s dicey……I don’t feel that I can escape anymore……where did I make a mistake of choice? ………All these action were mistakes since the moment I was surrounded by light till now. It was full of mistakes”

After I shout with a low voice so as not to enter the ear of the silver haired goddess who is near me, the moment I tried to put the letter in the item box one picture fell out from the envelope lightly. In the picture…….

She took off all the accessories which she attached in various ways, she is a european with beautiful shiny raven-black hair that extended to her waist, a too perfect neat and clean beautiful girl in medium clothes came out. Her dark makeup becomes thin, speaking frankly, she was my type seriously. When she was gaudy, she wore too much heavy make-up and even how or where you look at, she looked like a panda. To become a beautiful girl with thin makeup like this……Her original face is already good.

The moment when the picture was reflected in my eyes, I pick it up carefully so as not to bend it, after the photograph and the letter were importantly slowly put away together in the item box, I muttered.

“……Rifi……it is my defeat……in the treasure of my lifetime has a……Bushaaa (nosebleed)”

I have a nosebleed, and nearly make a blood pool again, then I lost consciousness.