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Isekai shoukan makikomu ijousha

Chapter 024 - Jet-black Gilbert

I entered the blacksmith in a hurry, while a loud voice had been raised suddenly. I looked at the face of the salesman who wears a blue apron on his rough figure and I'm so surprised to see one of my classmates that I opened my eyes widely and called out to him while he was surprised at me who entered the blacksmith's. 

"Wh, what's wrong!?" Classmate 

“Ah no......there is nothing.......I´m sorry, for speaking loudly......You do not need to mind Tifa either. It is all right...” Iori 

Not to mention my classmate, I was surprised at Tifal who clings to my arm as ever, so I apologized in a hurry. 

(It's not like there’s nothing right!! Ah why......emm......I cant remember his name......well the only thing I remember is that that man in front of me is my classmate. I mean, aren't Kaede and the others together with that silver haired princess to eliminate the demon race? ......Oh no, I hear it from the extent not doubted for a moment) 

When I who thought so try to step up to my male classmate, Tifal suddenly  reminds me and handed me 8 gold coins. 

“Hmm? ......Gold coins? ......Aa, that reminds me I don't have any money......I will return it to you sometime properly" Iori 

I receive Tifal`s gold coins and put it away in my black coat. 

“Huhuu, you should return it with your love tonight" Tifal 

Tifal bloomed while strengthening her embrace on my arm a little. My classmate who heard such a conversation 

“Hey hey, she's hot, my gray-haired elder brother.I haven’t seen your face before. Did you just come to this town? I'm Gilbert and I´m working in this blacksmith. Visitors call me jet-black Gilbert. For what did you come to look in my blacksmith today?" Gilbert 

My classmate thrusted his chin on his hand, which lied on the counter, while sitting down on a chair. He must be in thought. Tifal and I smirk alternately, before he beings to talk. 

(.........Heeee!? If I am not mistaken, wasn't this classmate a loner like me? When he talked next to me, he told me his name!? His tone changed too much!! And what is jet-black Gilbert? Is it a name? Too painful!!) 

Although I fed it in my heart many times, my heart is normal and I replied after I murmured small bit and made myself cool down. 

"Gi, Gilbert is your name......emm, I want to buy a knife......” Iori 

I took out a knife from one of my two knife holders that were worn on my waist, while talking and putting it on the counter.  

"Jet black!! It is jet black Gilbert!! Houhouhou, a knife!! A knife!! Okay, okay. Emm, I have 20 knives here. Well, what kind of knife do you want? Is it for material hunting? Or is it for battles? Ah, is it for cooking......even if you have a wife who is such a beauty. Doesn't Oniisan use it!! Ahhaahaahaaha!!” Gilbert 

Self-named Gilbert roared with laughter while taking out a knife which he pulled out from under the counter and displaying it generally. 

Self-named Gilbert called Tifal a beautiful madam and as soon as he said so, "This blacksmith's is not bad" she praised him. 

Tifa’s praising is vulnerable as ever. 

............Emm......I'm serious, who? This person? This unreasonable communication is high......You must attach jet black to his name. 

“Ah emm, I want a strong knife for battles.Naa, jet black Gilbert. You're considerably well experienced. How many years have passed since you began to work at this blacksmith?" Iori 

I asked Gilbert casually while answering lightly. 

"A strong one for battles......if it's so, the material will be mithril. It is expensive, but is it alright? Hmm? ......There you go......I begin to work at this place for almost half a year!!" Gilbert 

Self-proclaimed Gilbert fetched several knives from the depth of his shop while saying so and displayed it on the counter. The knife which I brought was clearly different from the knives that were put properly in this shop. 

"The knives which I just displayed here are made of mithril and forged in this blacksmith. One mithril knife cost 3 to 4 gold coin. 3!! Oh, do you know such a thing. Aahaahaahaa!!” Gilbert 

Self-proclaimed Gilbert takes the sheaths off from the few knives he brought to show the bare knife blade. 

I took out the 8 gold coins I got from Tifal and put them on the counter, before I began to talk. 

“......Ah, here with this......Can I have this? ......You began to work here half a year ago......By the way, what were you doing before working at this blacksmith?" Iori 

When I found two knives, who seems to be good, I chose them and pointed at them, while still asking questions that aren't related to the knife at all and kept on continuing. 

"8 gold a proper price. Hou, in front of the blacksmith? Well, it's that......a complaint may enter a little, but do you still want to hear it?" Gilbert 

Gilbert put the knives that I chose in their sheaths and passed them to me.  He also asked me while having a complicated expression on his face. 

"Hmm, thank you. Yes, it's entirely okay. Please tell me"

I received the knives and put them away to the knife holders. 

"Well......I was training to become a soldier at some place......but I only have the alchemy and smithing skill. My classmates trained together with me in a certain place......Ahemm, for the knight who was a friend I was despised and called good-for-nothing......Did I exert myself to some degree? It was painful, but I also did practice with a sword and did I do well like any alchemists? I thought so and hit the handle to the ground, while trying the『Training!!』. But everything didn't go well!! Those fellows were serious for what!! Getting the swing because their face is slightly good or those feces upper-class students!! Everyone got too much in the swing because they had a pro-battle skill by chance!! Therefore only just a little? Just a little. Borrowing money with the intention of revenge silently, I spent money to come to this town secretly and I felt like working in this blacksmith" Gilbert

Gilbert shouted on the way and nearly cried, but because whether he declared the thing he wanted to say finally he changed to a carefree cheerful expression. 

(In other words, self-named jet-black Gilbert doesn't have a pro-battle skill and because he was disliked and was called useless, he left everyone, and he went out of the castle secretly. About the money......Did he steal it? Obtaining gold like that, works here......Self-styled jet-black Gilbert was different from me, but was also serious......) 

“......Jet-black Gilbert was serious, too" Iori

"Too? ......Well,what is it, I feel like having cleared up my mind by telling someone my story. Thank you very much, my gray-haired elder brother" 

Finally self-styled Gilbert demands a handshake and I exchanged it firmly. Tifal still sticks to me and sees that we shake hands without hearing the story of Gilbert at all because she looked at the wide end that was in the blacksmith, eh? eh? What is there? I´m perplexed.  

"If I need something, I will come here again......and well do you know the location of the guild? I just came to this town......” Iori

“Yes, come and go casually, my gray-haired elder brother. Hmm? The guild is the largest building at this town. You will know it when you see it" Gilbert 

"I see, Thank you, jet black Gilbert" Iori 

I took Tifal while inclining my neck and made the blacksmith aback at the same time as finishing my sentence.