Rebirth Online World

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Isekai shoukan makikomu ijousha

Chapter 021 - Goblin subjugation…I was not able to do it

I step towards the goblin who approached, but I couldn't do the long-cherished first goblin  subjugation.

The reason was easy,  because Tifal was here. Because the meal with only us two was disturbed, she seemed to be considerably angered. 

"Why did they disturb my meal with Lori who eats only three times a day. To compensate, they have no other choice but to die, right? Therefore……I will kill them quickly!!"

Tifal took a large sword out from her ring while saying so. Unlike one year ago, Tifal changed her profitable axe to a large sword, which was for cutting off the heads of the goblins, so she tried to kill them one after another.

“Ah, Tifa? Let me also kill one……”

I who saw the dead goblin bodies who were killed by Tifal´s sword, judged that it would be bad to make Tifal get angry now, so I asked her modestly. so that I wouldn’t offend her.  

"All right, Lori. These demons who obstructed Lori and my meal need to die as compensation, huhuu”

While saying so, Tifal doesn't take her sword down and kept on killing the goblins whose number decreased very much.

“……Please hear what I am saying Tifa……”

I dropped my shoulder while floating a disturbed expression. 

“Story? Okay. I will hear your story as long as you want after I have eliminated them" 

Tifal smiled with a bright smile on her face……However it was already very bright. 

“…………Is that so” 

My first goblin subjugation ended by all of them getting killed by Tifal´s sword. Dozens of dead goblins lie around in the area and a bad smell that assailed the nose spread.

At the time, Tifal was killing these goblins, our dish was eaten by other demons. She was about to move to murder these demons who ate our dish without permission, but by me saying "Let's find a inn quickly", we have begun to walk properly to look for a town, after passing through a forest. 

I didn't decide a direction in particular either and we walked properly with Tifa sticking to my arm, while she pressed her chest against my arm too.

This act was also done this whole year. Every time it was done, my face became deep red and I pushed Tifal away compulsorily, but as expected, I am used to it now. 

When we walked through the forest for several minutes, we sometimes talked to each other, until a metallic sound and a voice of a person reached my ears from a place a little away.

Guessing from the voice……it was a human.

At the time I was living at the remote continent, I had fallen into the habit for always using my body strengthening and vampirization skill unconsciously.

As for me using these skills dozens of times, it improved my hearing, so that I can hear conversation of people who are far away clearly.

"Tifa, there are humans in a place a little away from here. I think they are probably fighting against demons.  Don't we go there?" 

“……Humans, hey……I hate them……umm……” 

Though Tifal whose meal was wasted by demons a while ago stuck to me and had a good mood now, but the moment when she heard "humans", her expression became grim while she narrowed her eyes.

“Emm……I'm also a human……Nevertheless I only want to know the direction to a town from them. We only talk a little……Is that okay?"

“Lori is a human? What joke is that? Lori is an unusual vampire who can camouflage his race to a human. You dont know? ……Well, it's better to walk alone with Iori properly just like this, but I'd also like to stay in an inn in a town after a long time, therefore I will endure it somehow and let's go ask them"

……I seem to have changed my race to an vampire all too soon.

“………It is so. Im a vampire, a vampire. Then, let's go……” 

Tifal wasn’t joking and she asserted me as a vampire seriously. It was only at that place when I called myself a vampire by reading in a singsong manner but I who recognized that it was useless whatever I said, I made my race to a vampire.

When I looked hard and saw the outbreak source of the metallic sound, I saw humans fighting demons. As for the number of people there were four in total. Two of the humans might be magicians and the other two were Knights, but judging from their appearance, nobody seemed to be a healer.

The demons…...Orcs? I was able to confirm two orcs, who took the position to carry out a pincer attack against the human’s party.

As it is seen, I think that they resemble those high goblin……However their color wasn’t green.

There were no strategies for Tifal and I as the vanguard!! I think that we were a well-balanced and good party instead of that human party. 

Moreover, the quiet leader-like red-haired girl with a short cut hairstyle that fought as the vanguard gave instructions.

As long as it is so, I wanted to hunt demons together while obeying instructions in a party that shared various of roles since I came to this fantasy world. Aa……it is enviable.

Tifal watched the battle against the orcs with me while walking slowly, while the equipment of those four that received an attack, with time, whether the orcs were strong, has broken, and besides, fatigue oozed out on their faces and their limits approached.

Facing each other, the orcs seemed to be stronger and were playing around already.

Aaah, that was new leather armor and all that time no healer healed them………

"Ah, Tifa? Because those humans seems to be in danger, shouldn’t we hurry?"

A dangerous situation happened for the party. I thought so and spoke to Tifa,

"Would it be okay, after that woman died?"

but a frightening answer came back. 

“……Huh? Did you just say that this woman shall die? Probably as a matter they will be annihilated if she dies? I mean why should that woman die?" 

For an instant, I wasn't able to understand what Tifal said, because I wasn't able to hear it quite well, so I asked her again.

“When I was in the pinch, you appeared breezily, a good-looking man who helped me. Hey, it is likely that this woman will fall in love with you. So the woman needs to die first. Understood?"

“Oioi, it contains too much relative revision. Well……it is so, when you were in a pinch, I appeared by chance, but now an ordinary man who is together with such an beautiful woman. Look, don't you want to hear this safely?"

When I paraphrased it so, Tifal heard it and lifted up her pink lips after she reacted to the word “beautiful” and she gave her permission. 

The word beautiful woman is my true intention and Tifal was overjoyed after I said she is a beautiful woman. Easy, Tifal is too soft.

Safely, I who got permission from Tifal went to help that strange party.