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Isekai shoukan makikomu ijousha

Chapter 020 - This is a goblin

Several hours passed, since Tifal and I began to be carried by Azdi’gh.

By air travel we……


suffered considerably. 

Actually, I yearned to travel on a dragon's back a little. Riding on a dragon's back cross-legged is something out of an manga and being in the situation that I be able to enjoy air travel while letting my hair flutter. That is an absolutely romance for men!! I thought so.

Actually until I really rode one.

Okay, when Azdi’gh flapped his wings, I'm shaken up and down and I think that I go bald from the wind pressure with time if I let my hair flutter. I would also have been shaken off after several seconds when I sit cross-legged. I thought that it was good to make a hut, but at the same time, I thought that it is useless because of the shaking, so that I felt complicated when I wondered about it.

Feeling like something inside a mixer forcibly, riding a dragon for nearly several hours I'm attacked by a spiteful impulse. It is a punishment game called air travel.

I now understand how ingredients feel, when they enter a mixer for the first time today. I always thrust them into the mixer. I'm sorry Carrot-san……uppu……I'm feeling bad……

Tifal and I developed nausea against air travel and a fierce battle has approached. Of course because the flight may be slowed down by Azdi’gh if I requested it

“Gi……Giboji is bad……A…Azdi`ghh……fly slower from now on……OEeeeee……”

but it hadn't improved at all.

My weak voice wasn’t carried through at all. But, while I became weaker and very negative as I shed tears, I muttered "Azdi’gh takes the opportunity to clear himself from his pent-up anger absolutely ……I should have let this fellow eat more delicious meat……uu……” 

Confronting with this situation, will I be separated soon from Tifa at this life? Though I make an expression of agonizing, the words which I murmured.……let me sometimes threw up.

It was Tifal and me who suffered seriously from the air travel and anything in our stomach disappeared from vomiting it and our consciousness seems to be drifting away soon, but then from the window of the hut, excluding the sea……land could be seen. 

I can't say if my eyes have a hallucination named desire because I want to escape from air travel, but thinking that it is probably a forest.

I who noticed it quickly, talked about the scenery that i saw to Tifal who has eyes like of a dead fish.

“……Ti, Tifa……you said by using a ship it will take two years to go to another continent but with Azdi’gh it seem to take only several hours…... ……It was not funny at all, this vomiting air trip……ah, I still feel sick though there should be nothing left in my stomach……uppu……”

Soon after having thought that at last I could take my ease, I was attacked by nausea not knowing how many times it was anymore I hold my mouth with my hand.

"I, Iori……does the name changed to GERO because of the air travel ……Should the word have been prohibited when vomiting? If GERO says, it's GERO really.……OEeeeee……”

Both of us threw up while turning pale. We arrived at an unknown continent after a short time.


We arrived at a continent we don't know at all and after having broken the hut which I made with ice magic, I severed my connection with Azdi’gh with the same method as I summoned him……he had returned to the place which cannot be imagined at all.

Afterwards, we didn't have any energy to walk, so we snuggled up and sat down on a big tree nearby and took a rest.

Of course although we don't have a place  to take a rest now like on the remote continent without sleeping carelessly, I was making some minimum precaution before taking a nap while facing each other, as Tifal was leaning her head on my shoulder.

Probably because we have left the remote continent at midnight, the sun moves right above us when Tifal fell asleep. It was an ideal day for a nap.

Even when Tifal began to lie down, there was nothing in particular that happened. When about two hours passed, she awakes while opening her eyelids that seems to be heavy and has begun to cook lunch using the meat of the demons contained inside her ring while humming.

I stop being caution of the neighborhood at the same time as I confirm that Tifal has risen up, as I begun to wrestle with sleep 

When the meal was completed, Tifal woke me up while shaking my body. We should have eaten the dish which she cooked while having a pleasant chat with one another, but green demons appeared  at the bottom and were lured here by the smell of the meal.



Those are goblins.

They are obviously goblins. They are small goblins smelling strongly after small fishes and are around 1m tall not  like those 2m muscular macho man goblins from the remote continent. They don't have a large sword or spear, but have a club neatly.

This, this is it. These goblins are the goblins who I searched for. Davis called those muscular macho mens goblins, however looking at these goblins I couldn't find any similarities.

Staring at the small goblins, I wiped tears from my face which I did with my hand which ate the dish. I hung words whether Tifal which I saw worried about me who bursted into tears suddenly.

"For a moment,  are you okay Iori!? Did trash come into your view? Or… it about these guys?"

Tifal turned her eyes to the goblin who approached.

“……Yes……it is that, that. That's a goblin!! I want that goblin!! It's impossible to see that and not to be moved!! I……I,since coming to this world, and moving around like a fool buzzingly all the time for one year against those pseudo goblin, I have made myself convinced that they are real goblins……That is, I'm touched to tears as……well, because it's special, I'll appraise them.《Appraisal》!!”




Level 7 Race: Goblin

HP: 17/17

MP: 0/0

Strength: 21

Defense: 9

Agility: 3

Magic: 0

Magic defense: 4

Luck: 19

Skill: None

Title: None


"This!! It's this!! This is a goblin!! Even a beginner has the strength to defeat it properly……uwa……2 digits of HP……and without any skills……they are easy to knock down……Those muscular macho man goblins against which I was fighting had skills and 5 digits of HP……Seriously, what was that………Tifa and I are subduing these  first goblins now"

The present from Davis hung on my right waist and I stepped slowly to the place where the goblins were while putting my hands on Chidori Sakura and Yatagarasu.