Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

Isekai shoukan makikomu ijousha

Chapter 019 - Departure

After Davis disappeared, I lost my spirit possession skill. My performance was broken, so I started the preparations for passing one ring to Tifal and to leave the remote continent.

Well, even if I say preparations, everything which has been stored in the rocky cavern is transferred in the ring I got from Davis. 

Thanks to this ring it wasn't necessary to use my space magic as an item box. And simply because space magic reduced my Mp, it is a really convenient item.

By the way I appraised the ring I got from Davis and it was called [Eternity ring]. I was told that this ring is usable as an item box, but the item name is the name of a marriage ring and I was impatient at heart "Could it be used as an item box?", but everything could be stored with no problem. But still, the Appraisal skill is extremely inconvenient.

In spite of the appraisal skill, if you don't know the exact name of the object such as plants, this skill is useless. Before I stored everything from the rocky cavern, I was afraid that it might exceed the capacity and there was no help for it, however everything was settled once.

After storing the luggage safely while feeling scared, I was ready to leave the remote continent, but there was still a problem.

I don't know the direction to return to the kingdom at all.

Actually, this remote continent is a continent enclosed by the sea. By the way, I have heard that the distance between the remote continent and the other continents and demon territory is quite far. That's why this continent is called remote.

So it is only the sea and the blue sky that can be seen even if I went to the edge of this continent. That's why I was worried where we should go to.

"I don’t know where we should go to at all……It is troublesome to think about it. This direction seems suitable. What do you think Tifal?"

I asked Tifal while pointing to the sea.

"That may be fine"

“……Or, does this way seem to be better?.……Which way would you like to choose Tifa?"

Next I pointed to a different direction.

"That may be fine too"

“……A, ah……Tifa-san? Can you give a proper opinion……”

Though I forced a smile and turned my eyes to Tifa, who is daydreaming while looking at the ring on her right ring finger, that I had passed onto her. She is in a entranced expression. So her answer is "That might be okay"

Actually one hour has nearly passed since she is in this state immediately after I gave her that ring and there is no sign that she will get bored of it at all.

Looking at such Tifal……

“………Well, let's go this way"

I gave it up and decided it without permission.

"Well, the direction where we should go to is finally decided. I will summon my summoning beast quickly and afterwards will we enjoy our air ride?"

I took out my knife which has a good use and is around 20 cm from the knife holder which I wear on my waist. 

"Then, let's leave quickly. 『Summoning beast contracted with me, according to our blood pledge, appear. Your name is Azdi’gh!!』” 

I cut my palm using the knife which I took out. The blood which has come out from the wound is put on the space where nothing is, before I uttered the summoning words slowly to spin the thread.

The moment when I have finished saying it, a crack appears at the space where I put my blood and a dragon of about 30 m  length and its whole body that is dyed in white appeared slowly while raising a loud roar.


"OーOー, after all, because I didn't beat you up properly Azdi’gh, you are acting  violently……”

Azdi’gh is the dragon that I made my summoning beast when I still could use my spirit possession skill. I used up my MP like water when I used spirit possession at the fierce battle against it. I freezed his wings to drag him down from the sky, which gave a great amount of damage to the surrounding from using my ice magic and with the strategy that I hit the flying target with several sufficient strike. I who can't fly in the sky have  bad chemistry with a dragon that can fly and can use a merciless breath many times. He was a powerful opponent and I would have died when thinking of the damage to the vicinity, so it was inevitable for me to attack.

It wasn't only once that I beat him up. I beat him up at any chance. Therefore let's escape without hesitation somewhere with Tifal.  Azdi’gh may run out of control again. I have decided it so.

"Hey, Tifa, don't look at that ring and get on Azdi’gh quickly. Azdi’gh may be cold, but endure it. His scales are secure"

I who got on the back of Azdi’gh, so that I’m not shaken off, made an instant shed with a small roof with my ice magic on the back of Azdi’gh.

For one year, I was at this remote continent and I mainly used ice magic. With the center and something like a window, the quality of the hut was idly high.

I started my instructions towards Azdi’gh in a loud voice, after I confirmed that Tifal was going into the hut slowly while looking at her ring. 

"Azdi’gh!! You may fly anytime!!”

At the said moment, Azdi’gh swung his wings and flew to the sky with us riding on him with the target not known.