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Isekai shoukan makikomu ijousha

Chapter 018 - Spirit Davis

"Hi, after a long time, Iori-san" 

While sitting cross-legged like the last time with a smile floating on his face Davis talked to me. 

"Aa, after a long time, hero-san" 

I smiled without a worry, however Davis’s eyes, only for an instant, greatly opened wide when I said so. 

“Hee......recognizing me as the hero. No, I'm very happy. Still, your atmosphere considerably changed......I wonder. One year ago we two complained for a while before a calm greeting was done, though I think that you said......or have a sense of respect for me now?" 

Davis looks half innocent and half joking, as if he is making fun of me. 

"Whether it's me, even if my atmosphere changed, I wasn't aware......well, I appreciate and respect you. Tifal and I would be dead if there was no spirit possession skill" 

When I answered half joking and half serious, the smile of Davis which teases someone went off. 

“............It is really you. Your character changed too much!? I don't know you anymore. You were a human like toy which I made fun of and it was worth it!! When I observe you now, you certainly became calm and composed. You were able to meet me after a long time, so please me more!! For example『By breaking your bones or screaming painful as price for using spirit possession!!』isn't there something?" 

For some reason desperation really appealed to me. 

 I only wanted to make fun of Davis. 

“Hmm......I don't want that in particular. It's after I fell into that habit, I was selfishly self-contained while having a time at the remote continent. The acute pain on my whole body at the first time would be the excuse to make my body tolerate to future spirit possessions. Don´t put out a conclusion without permission." 

I remember the situation while facing the top several times. Emm, after  answering the question, Davis said. 

"Sheesh......correct answer. If I was hanging around『Was this because your body was too poor? As expected, for the man who was beaten up by a goblin. You´re the weakest!! Pu-kusukusu』I intended to say these words......” 

Davis turned to the bottom and clicks his tongue, before he covers his mouth with his hand to imitate that he is laughing, however it looked very fun. 

“.........Is, is that so. You didn't have to say it. Oh, why don’t we get to the main point than doing such trifling talk? Even if I'm called here, the fact is that you are dead?" 

Looking at him with high tension, I was forcing a smile in order to advance the talk, but the words which were being talked about last time were mentioned. 

"Ah, you remembered. I thought you forgot it certainly. As you say, I already entered Nirvana. However......I don't like feeling downcast. Therefore my plan was out of order though I intended to die while making fun of you at least......” 

He scratched his head, before looking down and looking sorrowful. 

“Iori, why did you make your hair long? By all means, do you think that a cropped person is spoiled by a girl with this?" 

"My hair......there are various kinds of long hair and I like it. There is no deep reason particularly. And when I flirt with a girl, she will be killed by Tifal. Hearing this, I didn't cut my hair" 

I touch my own hair and think about it while talking. 

"Whether that's so......ah, it becomes troublesome and presently I am talking slowly with bad grace. I, who is dead, will leave you soon.  Hey, this is my farewell gift. Receive it” 

As he said so, Davis threw two rings and two swords, which he took out from somewhere, towards me. I who have received the gifts suddenly have a perplexed expression on my face and ask Davis something. 

"A sword......and a ring? Ju, just a minute, Davis. I, I already have a wife.”

“I don't have that intention?” 

“So, this ring......?”

“......Emm......It's different!!......”

“Eh? What is different?" 

Davis uttered an angry voice and denied that these rings are timid. 

No, it is fine, fine. If it is a proposal of marriage to me, I’m never going to talk with other men again!! 

"It would be impossible for me to be this abnormal!! I'm a healthy man whose strike zone are girls between ten years old -  40 years old!!" 

......No, is 10 years old not dangerous? Davis-san. 

"Is, is that so. I'm sorry for this misunderstanding. Then, what is this ring?" 

"The ring can be used as an item box. Would you not give one ring to your wife? A small present from your senpai. A practicable thing might be good in case of  something that passed away anyway? Your envious wife will be pleased at most with this ring. Right? And these swords were my beloved swords. In the past, I was a duel wielding magic swordsman. So please use them instead of me. The silver sword is called Chidori Sakura and the black blade is called Yatagarasu. Because each of the two color patterns and sheaths are black, please pull them out from their sheath and confirm it" 

These swords are really good quality. From the feel of the pattern and the sheath and the weight shows that these weapons are on a different level than those weapons we gained from the high goblins. 

“......I will use them gratefully. Even so......I won't forget you Davis until I die. This white hair is the best evidence that Davis existed. In fact, I have wanted to become strong like Davis, therefore I made my hair long and made my protection gear almost black, so I can imitated your appearance. It is laughable"

After I said so, Davis lifted the edge of his lips and has begun to laugh aloud. 

“......Huhuu, ahaha, ahahahahahahaha!! Was it such a reason to have your hair long? Surely laughable......But I'm a little happy. If I compare it......Okay, it is the feeling that a pupil was born. Ahahahahahahaha!!” 

Davis who said so and laughed seemed really happy. 

"Oh......I seem to be disappearing slowly.......Hey, if I’m reincarnated, will you be my friend?" 

The body of Davis becomes transparent a little.  And he is asking me while having a grin on his face. 

"My friend? Even if you didn't demand it particularly, we'll be friends. It's to the extent I'd like to request it" 

"……Is that so, is that so. Then it is good if we meet next time. 

Because it is impossible for a geek to only have geeks as friends......Right? Then good-bye, Iori-kun" 

After that Davis disappeared and I returned from the black room to the rocky cavern all too soon with the two swords and two rings lying around me. 

During the dim darkness of the night, the swords light up the rocky cavern dazzlingly. 

"Iori? Did  you have a nightmare? Are you alright? ......Hey, Iori, what's the matter!? Tears are flowing down your face!?" 

I seem to have been shedding tears all too soon and Tifal worries immediately. 

"......Hmm? Did I cry? There are no problems in particular, so please don't be so upset. There is something which I want to give you, but will you receive it?"

One of the two rings is gripped, while doing a faint smile while saying so―――― 



Saginomiya Iori, 18 years old

Level 468

Race: Human

HP: 128130/128130

MP: 135487/135487

Strength: 26485

Defense: 14952

Agility: 21456

Magic: 19456

Magic defense: 16452

Luck: 58

Skills: Sword Art, Spirit possession, Body strengthening, Alchemy, Space magic, Ice magic, Seeking life in death, Vampire-ization, Cooking, all language comprehensions, Appraisal, Disguise

Title: Person who is summoned in another world, Person who has a goddess as wife, Person who is loved by spirits



Tifal, 27 years old

Level 248

Race: Vampire

HP: 48562/48562

MP: 8120/8120

Strength: 7215

Defense: 8426

Agility: 8742

Magic: 2640

Magic defense: 3210

Luck: 73

Skill: Axe art, Fencing, Dark magic, Body strengthening, Cooking, Appraisal, Disguise

Title: Vampire clan, former maid of the Imperial castle