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Chapter 017 - Yandere´s Warning

Author note: Remote continent......omission


Tl note: WARNING you will see the true form of an YANDERE now


One year passed since I was transferred to this remote continent――――――

The majority of this year, Tifal and I were living our life using the rocky cavern which was a wolf's nest before as our foothold. Because we hunted demons which were basically our food, we leave the cave for the outside and I learned by trial and error, that Tifal was making something like a dish and furniture at the rocky cavern. 

However, because there is a lot of room to be safe even if we hunt while time passed and I defend Tifal, I bring her with me to the outside to hunt and our level raised steadily. So now to go hunting together is our daily life. 

Sometimes we meet demons who have strength that is not ordinary, but with spirit possession and a trap even we survived somehow until now while also sometimes escaping. 

The pain that can be called price for using spirit possession since the second time is only an intense headache and doesn’t produce body or bone pain anymore. However, I'm not sure about that because I heard only from Davis that it is only a headache, so I feel lost. 

Whether it's because I thought it was dangerous or because my hair was completely dyed pure white, I hesitated to use it. I didn’t dare to cut my black hair, therefore it is so long that it's reaching my waist. 

The bangs are different from the time when I was on earth, because it has been cut by Tifal regularly. 

The other day, when I cut my forelock by myself, "Please don't take my pleasure away!!" Tifal said angrily and I was preached for a long time. 

Since when is cutting my hair a pleasure for Tifal?

On the first day of us being transferred to the remote continent about the summoning technique Tifal proposed, I was informed that a great deal of mp is consumed and it is impossible for Tifal and her three familiars alone, because the amount of mp is to low. 

To move to an continent where people live, I made a contract with a certain dragon that I beat bumpily. 

The wound of my contracted dragon has been completely cured, so shall I leave this continent soon with Tifal?  Saying 

"I decided to live alone with Iori in this faraway continent. There are no cases that I'm in trouble particularly, so there is no need to leave" 

It was usually refused. 

Well, I am not surely troubled with life either. Nine out of ten plants, fruits or herbs are poisonous, in faraway continents these are inedible objects, but these days I can distinguish between them and only meat meals vanished. 

Appraisal should be used for plants here. Without having used appraisal and knowing the target’s name, everything was eaten as poison tasting. As you can think it was a hard time often and this enters my top 30 of worst memories. 

Both of us possess the cooking skill, therefore we were able to eat delicious dishes every day. A river flows through the rocky cavern which we used as base and we could use as bath. That's why the hygiene side wasn’t a problem in particular. 

After I suggested "Could clothes be made with alchemy?", I created splendid clothes. I wear a black long coat on my body and a black open shirt below it. I also wear silver shoulder pads, black boots made from leather and leather black long pants. 

My clothes look so simple, but everything is made of dragon’s scales and leather which are quality material, so they were high goods. 

As for most of the things necessary for life, we who were all self-sufficient aren’t in trouble at all. If I say daringly about weapons? 

Because it wasn't possible for me to use my alchemy to create weapons, whether it's made with magic temporarily, I used the large quantity of weapons from the high goblins which we obtained on the first day. 

That's why I live such a life and because I am not troubled with it, I don’t go out of here. That is Tifal’s opinion which I can’t answer. 

However, because I have the feeling that I came to this different world to go to a guild etc. By all means with this feeling I entreat Tifal to give me a proper reason for going out of the remote continent, however she didn't nod. 

There are no clothes for Tifal that assumes that she can settle down here, so her housemaid clothes from the first day was changed to a dark red leather armor. Though she also wears a gray breechcloth, this breechcloth is made from the prepared overcoat for me at the first day. 

Equipments with a better performance record than the gray overcoat were completed one after another after I found out that clothes can be made with alchemy and when I was about to dispose that tattered gray overcoat, it was snatched by Tifal who muttered "Make my breechcloth with this!! Is it the overcoat Iori used for a long time? It is impossible to throw it away......Iori can be felt more with this.......huhuu”. 

I had the feeling that I heard a dangerous remark and decided to ignore it. However I made the breechcloth for Tifal who felt happy. 

What is after that? 

Tifal’s love for me seem dangerous. 

I am almost literally eaten on the remote continent by a demon, hands and feet are cut off or I nearly starve to death. I was close to death many times. I think I would be dead on the second day had I not have the  vampire-ization skill. I was able to do my best, because we are only two. I'm here in this way, because I'm not alone now. 

I don't want to live on this remote continent, when we don't help each other. It can also be said that it can’t be helped, about the thing about Tifal. It could be said that I was depending on Tifal a lot... 

It’s not to Tifal’s level, but I was depending on her a lot. 

There might not be more than three hour where Tifal doesn't touch me recently. If I move, she ties our hands or when I fold my arm she forces her chest on my arm and that at the same time. Of course we are clinging together at the time when we go to bed. 

Just like love birds when viewed from the side. 

Telling Tifal, that I intend to leave the remote continent, to the various incoherent reasons that it was mentioned immediately since thinking of one after another. Though it persisted absolutely not going out, Enthusiasm's being transmitted while I didn't withdraw, Or were you disgusted, It never goes out, I issued excepting words. 

"Iori, why do you try to go out of the remote continent?? I am not troubled with life either and I love Iori more than anyone else. Or does Iori hate the life with me already? After Iori goes out of here and goes to Ragishisu kingdom or the demon territory, I think that you will be terribly popular......No, you're certainly popular. Well, you are so strong, cool and gentle. For me, when there is a female having her eyes at Iori, I will kill that female surely......therefore, I don't want to go out of here, because it is only us. Do you understand it?" 

Spending about one year in this continent, though I who was slender before became muscular, my popular elements surely increased. 

"I don't hate the life with you......Also, a relative revises badly, Tifa. You are absolutely's to the extent that I'm more worried whether Tifa doesn't court. To get out of here......okay, it is our honeymoon. How about doing our honeymoon??" 

I show a slight self-mockery and laugh while being amazed to hear Tifal’s words, at the same time, listens and honeymoon trip to somewhere. 

"So.........hmm? Do you court me? All right, because there is no man who is better than Iori......Well, we may leave here if you love me without changing now......Even when we go out from here, please for me ,never make a harem, okay? Well, I will squeeze everything out of Iori so that other women can't care for you.......Honeymoon......Honeymoon......uhuhu...... uhuhuhuhu......” 

(TLC Note : wait is this going down the H-road ? ԅ(≖‿≖ ;ԅ) )

Tifal has a dry laughter hahaha, the moment she is squeezing my cheek.  

Just like that, she acts everyday so. 

Recently to show the love for each other, we were able to express it with words for the first time, there are also no situations which decreased her attacking and squeezing. 

Was the word honeymoon good? Tifal probably seems convinced to go out of the remote continent. 

..........Tifa? Didn’t you recommend a harem on the first day? Or? Did I misheard? 

At the night, when we would leave this remote continent, I was called to the black room after an interval of approximately one year. 

"Hey, Davis long time no see"